Developer Update | October 2018 Update | Overwatch (EU)

Welcome, everyone,
to today’s Developer Update. Super-exciting news.
We’re talking about BlizzCon today. Now, I know it’s a little bit early
and we’re not quite to BlizzCon yet, but we have a very special feature
coming just for BlizzCon that we want to tell you about
as early as possible, and that feature is called
the Overwatch World Cup Viewer. So, the Overwatch World Cup Viewer obviously is going to be a way
for you to watch the Overwatch World Cup in a way that you’ve never seen before. But let me go into some detail
on how that’s going to work. Prior to BlizzCon, we are going to put up
a special beta version of the feature, because we need to test this
more than anything else. And that beta version of
the Overwatch World Cup Viewer will be available to you
only in the client, which unfortunately means
that the beta of this will only be available for our PC players. Now, what will the Overwatch
World Cup Viewer enable you to do? You can watch all of the matches in real time, as they’re happening live, from a spectator point of view, just like our professional
esports observers do. Which means
you can move the cameras around, you can watch from first-person,
you can watch from third-person, you can use a free cam to move around the levels and watch the exciting
Overwatch World Cup matches from any view that you deem awesome. Of course, for those of you who don’t have
access to the Overwatch World Cup Viewer, you can also watch the Overwatch World Cup on all of the streams
that will be normally available to you. You can go to
the Overwatch World Cup website to see exactly where
those are going to be. But there’s more to
the Overwatch World Cup Viewer than just watching the matches live. And one of my favorite things about
the Viewer and the way that it works is it also enables you to watch
the replays of every match that will be played during the semifinals and finals at BlizzCon. So you can go back
and you can watch from any angle all of the exciting plays that happened. You’ll also have control over things
like the camera speed. So if you want to watch in 1/4 time and watch in very, very slow-motion to really understand how the pros were
doing all of those moves, you can do that. You can also speed things up, you can jump around in the timeline. We’ve enabled some other features
with the World Cup Viewer as well, like that top-down map view, where you get the little icons on each of the heroes that shows you if they’re stunned,
if they’re casting an ability, shows you where their health is at and their ultimate status. You can turn that on as well. We think it’s a really fun feature, and most of all… A lot of you are probably wondering, “I love Overwatch.
I might not be super into esports. I want to check out World Cup. But why is this feature interesting to me if I’m not going to watch World Cup?” Well, by testing the beta version of the Overwatch World Cup Viewer, it allows us to work on the technology that will one day allow us to bring
these features to all of Overwatch – both PC and console – in not only an esports setting, but for all of us as individuals. Can you imagine going and watching
one of your own matches later, but being able to put the camera
wherever you want in that replay view? We think that would be pretty amazing. So, to summarize,
the Overwatch World Cup Viewer kind of gives us two big features that we can test out
for future Overwatch, eventually. The first one is the ability
to have up to millions of people watch Overwatch in a live setting directly through the game client, and the second feature is a replay feature that allows you to re-watch matches
that have already happened. Early on,
this will only be for the World Cup, and will require a special version
of Overwatch only available on PC, but at a later date,
we’re trying to use this beta to enable the technology to reach
every single one of our Overwatch players, so we think that’s really exciting. Now, some other BlizzCon news that I think is important to mention, and this is just in terms of
setting expectations for you all. I know that a lot of you tend to get
in your mind what we’ve done in the past, and so you anticipate what we’re
going to do at BlizzCon this year. And I’ve read a lot of this
on social media, where you predict
what’s going to be announced or not announced at BlizzCon. I want to be explicitly clear that we’re not announcing a new map
this year at BlizzCon. In the past we’ve announced Oasis and we’ve announced Blizzard World. Both were announced at BlizzCon. To be honest, we felt like
they got a little bit lost in the shuffle, both during the timing
of announcing at BlizzCon, and also the time
at which we released them. They didn’t have as big of an impact
as we really wanted, and we feel like a new map
is something very, very special. So, we are definitely working on
new map content. We know that’s something that you all love and you all request often, so don’t think that by us
not announcing something at BlizzCon, it does not mean
that there’s no work going on. We’re definitely working on
new map content. You’re just not going to have any
new map content announced at BlizzCon. That does not mean that there won’t be
amazing announcements at BlizzCon. We think the content we have for BlizzCon
is going to be awesome, and I wish I could share it
with all of you right now. But you’ll have to wait
until early November. Make sure to tune in. Just a couple of other housekeeping notes
on what’s going on in Overwatch right now. We are making some balance changes. The balance changes
are for what we call Patch 1.30. That patch is going to… In essence,
I’m not going to go into all the details, but expect buffs for Roadhog, Reaper, Symmetra and Mercy. And I know that both Roadhog
and Mercy are discussed probably more than
some of the other heroes. Mercy will be getting a buff
specifically to Valkyrie that we’re experimenting with, and we think should be
pretty awesome for her and be a welcome change to the hero. And with Roadhog, there’s a lot going on. We want to improve
how the Hook feels for Roadhog, and also work on
some of the shotgun consistency. There will be more details coming out. I know you probably have
a lot of questions hearing that. But we will be releasing
detailed patch notes on what those changes are, and, as always,
we’ll include developer comments to explain our point of view
of why we’re making the changes. Whether or not the changes will make it
all the way to Live is yet to be seen. Of course,
we’ll be monitoring both PTR feedback and playing on the PTR ourselves to see if those changes are good or not. Anyway, thanks for hearing us out. We really hope as many of you as possible help us to test
the Overwatch World Cup Viewer. We’ve been working very hard on it, and it’s very promising technology
for the future of Overwatch and the future of cool features to come. Thanks for everything, and we hope you
enjoy BlizzCon as much as we’re going to.

50 thoughts on “Developer Update | October 2018 Update | Overwatch (EU)

  1. So nothing that matters for console players then. (Least for the first half of the video.)

    I like the sound of a Reaper buff though, over 400 wins with him.

  2. This is actually huge. It means the esports viewers can have the games personalised to how they want! If you’re a flex support player and you want to see Jjonak’s POV only you can do that! If you want to see how Carpe does Carpe things you can do that! And even slow it down! This is actually huge for OWWC & OWL!

  3. Yes, we can imagine the ability to watch replays of FPS games. It was a fwature since Quake 1 circa 1996. You should be ashamed not to have it on release.

  4. This video was unnecessarily long and 80% of it was "hey, OWLEAGUE… YEAH, OWLEAGUE. Oh and replay system" god damn it. Please don't make pop-ups for this garbo every time I log in. And don't make it take up 20% of the main menu screen…..

  5. In addition in the Overwatch World Cup Viewer you should have toggles for different language official commentators audio streams.
    This way i can listen to the commentator talk about the ruining game, and spectate the game in sync with the commentator.

  6. Pretty awesome being used to describe anything about Mercy 2.0 is laughable at best.
    Jeff you're beating around the bush, we want a rework

  7. It's about time honestly. Watching high MMR games live through the client is quite needed for a competitive game like Overwatch.

  8. screw blizcon give us comp Fixes
    + i smell desperation
    dump mmr on comp and fix the damn thing allready
    this is looking like firefall all over again

  9. the reason why I've stopped playing overwatch (and many friends with me) is that there are no useful real time stats in game so, if I lead a team, I have no clue about how they are performing and that kills any competitive game for me (and for many, no doubt about it, I've seen some rants around). Having the replays is a welcomed feature and might help in that regard but it's annoying that you make it sound like earthshaking technology.

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