Developer Update | Overwatch Anniversary 2018 | Overwatch (EU)

What is up, Overwatch Community? This is Jeff from the Overwatch team. We are here to celebrate Overwatch’s second anniversary, which is coming up very soon. In fact, the anniversary event is going to start on May 22nd. It is super exciting for us, we now have 40 million players, which is amazing. and this is a great opportunity for us, the Overwatch team, to celebrate you all and all the amazing things you’ve done for the game, all the awesome content you’ve created for the game. So, we have a lot special stuff planned for
this event. The first thing that I’m excited to talk about is a brand-new free-for-all deathmatch map, called Petra. Petra is beautiful. There is some really fun gameplay elements to it as well. For example, there is a mega-healthpack in the very center of the map in an area that becomes increasingly dangerous as the match goes on. We think you’ll find that very fun. There’s parts of the map where are great for open, long-range heroes, there’s parts of the map that are great for short ranged heroes. There’s a lot of diversity and we think you’ll find it super super fun. The other exciting thing that will be coming as part of the anniversary event is our first ever free-for-all competitive deathmatch season that you’ll get to partake in. So, this is chance for you to really show the Overwatch community what your skill is and what your skill is all about. So, for this mini competitive season, it will take place on both the Chateau map and the Petra map. It will be an all out contest to see who the best players are in Overwatch free-for-all competitive deathmatch. So that should be exciting. Now there’s a lot of other exciting stuff happening as well. There’s going to be a brand-new anniversary lootbox that is incredibly special this time. And the reason it’s so special is because not only will you get a guaranteed anniversary item out of this lootbox, but there will be the opportunity for you to get any item from any of our seasonal events that’s ever happened before. So, you know, this is the opportunity if you never got that Summer Games skin, you really want Nihon Genji and you didn’t get it before, you might actually get it in your anniversary lootbox, in addition to an anniversary item. So we think that’s going to be really amazing and really change things up. Along with that, you’ll be able to unlock all of the seasonal items from all of the previous seasonal events that were unlockable during the anniversary event. So, hopefully you’ll really enjoy that. To go with the theme of celebrating what a great year it has been and actually what a great two years its been for Overwatch, we will also be bringing back a bunch of your favorite select brawls to the arcade from previous seasonal events. So, for example, you can play Junkenstien, Junkenstien’s Endless, Mei’s Snowball Offensive, Lucio Ball, Uprising, Retribution, the all-heroes versions of those as well, and more. They will be cycling each day it will be a previous seasonal event, which we think will be really great.There’s some really great cosmetic items too. I know you all love hearing about those. There’s eight legendary skins and we think their really impressive, they are for some of our favorite heroes. One in particular, because you always like a hint, there is a certain dapper-looking gentleman that you’ve very much asked us to
see what he would look like in formal wear. He will be coming to this anniversary event. All in all, we think its going to be a fantastic celebration. Mostly we want this event to feel like our way of saying thank you to you, the community, for creating an incredible two years with us. We look forward to not only celebrating this anniversary event, but all the things that are going to come afterwards. So thank you very much.

66 thoughts on “Developer Update | Overwatch Anniversary 2018 | Overwatch (EU)

  1. This is seriously one of the best updates I've seen! New map, new comp type SEASON and amazing cosmetic drops! Such an uplifting and enthusiastic video 🙂

  2. Anniversary event allows you to get all the event skins?…
    Black Lotus Widow come to papa!

  3. All the cosmetic stuff is cool but can we get a look at the the regular competitive mode? Brigitte needs a nerf, hanzo needs quick look over, ult is gained way too quickly and storm bow is quite brutal.

    PS. Matchmaking has been quite poor since S4. Would love to see a role selection, It's really tiresome to queue into a game with 5dps mains or 5 support mains, doesn't make the game enjoyable. Also the avoid feature is useful but 2 is such a small number, you use that up in one game.

  4. Finally.So this is actually good cuz some players play rarely ant they thing that Overwatch is dying rn but this all brawls and all items will back it in the life.

  5. People still play OverWatch in 2018 OmegaLUL

    Delete your rubbish Comp Ranking System before more people uninstall your game like myself and TimTheTatMan have already done lmfao!

  6. It’s a bit too early to do this buuuuuuuutttt here’s a prediction for summer games 2018: a butterfly Pharah skin

    I need it.

  7. So if we can get cosmetics from previous events in the anniversary lootboxes, does that mean that the actual chances of getting the stuff from this new event are way smaller? Oh no…

  8. buuuut. are you going to actually balance the game? instead of letting some stupidly overpowered press one button to win characters just run wild

  9. All fine and dandy but what about duplicate ratio? Every time I open 15 boxes the doubles become more frequent of stuff you already own and receiving 10 to 25 credit ain't cool .

  10. Jeff sets the tone for the community…and helps make this a community…just by being enthusiastic, imperfect and real. Thank you, Jeff.

  11. Wait guys it is 22nd may and when I went to overwatch I didn't get anything. I started playing overwatch in December will It effect anything?

  12. Please don't allow boxes to include items from other seasons in the future. If I have the winter Genji Skin. I want no one to be able to get it till winter. That it what makes it special. If you allow people to get it throughout the year, these items become less special.

  13. Yeah I love you jeff but you put it longer than we expected! I really loved it and I have almost been playing for a year cause I joined at december and now its like june or the summer games even I just need to play halloween and I'd play for a year! c:

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