Developer Update | Popular Community Topics #2 (EN subtitles)

Hey everyone, this is
Jeff from the Overwatch team. Excited to be here to talk to you
guys a little bit about ranked play. Now I want to set expectations
correctly because I don’t have a firm design to put
forth to you guys. I know that you have a lot of
thoughts, a lot of investments in what ranked play
might be for Overwatch. Obviously, you and I both study
other games and we think about which games we really engage with
and what sort of ranked or competitive systems mean a lot
to us or we get the most out of. I know that you’re very educated
about how these systems work and I don’t have the specific
design for Overwatch yet because that’s what we’re
exploring internally right now. But I thought it would
be useful for us to talk a little about goals and
philosophy with the system. It’s been really interesting because
I think a lot of us approach ranked or competitive play
from a different mindset. There’s some who come at it as
highly-competitive, almost pro-gamer, esport, “who is
the best in the world at this game out of all the people who playing it”
while there are others of us who just want a more serious
place to play the game. Like, I’m going to play Overwatch
and I’m going to start this match and we’re not going to all pick
six Widowmakers just for fun. We’re all really invested and it’s a
Little bit more serious than “Quick Play.” And I think there is a different mindset
of player who is kind of in between. Somebody’s whose looking for
some sense of progression moving up through the ranks. “The more I play this competitive
or ranked mode the more I get a sense of my skill
improvement over time.” So these are all really tricky things
to balance because they all kind of come in different ways and
we can’t necessarily please everybody and speak to every competitive
player with the same system. So we’re going to try to
come up with something that speaks to as
many of you as possible. And for those of you who the
system doesn’t speak to we hope that you
understand what we were doing and what’s cool about it and maybe
your type of competitive play is available somewhere in
the Overwatch ecosystem. These systems can be kind of tricky
because a lot of players would like us just to stack rank the entire playerbase
and “show me where I’m at” and I often compare this to
pro sports, for example baseball. There’s Major League Baseball where
the top players in the world play and it’s very hard to
have a league like that. Have it be balanced, have
there be fairness between the teams, have it be a surprise who
wins the World Series every year. Now imagine if for baseball you
had to take everyone down from a t-ball player to the best
baseball player in the world and design a system where they are all competition
in the same competitive environment. In some ways, that’s kind of what video
games are faced with a lot of times. We’ll try to come up with a system that
is really fun for as many people as possible. We’ll try not to shave off either end, neither
the lower skill end nor the high skill end. We’ll try to give you some
sense of progression through the system as well,
we’ll try to do our best. We’re also wrestling heavily with
what should the queue look like. And what I mean by “what
should the queue look like” is this something you go into
competitively with a full team of six. Overwatch is a team game.
It’s about 6v6 competition. If you want to talk about the best
or the highest level of competition you’re playing
with five other people. There’s just no way
around that. But we understand that not
all of us have five people that we play with regularly
enough and some of us want that competitive feel in
a smaller queue size. So whether or not I want
to play with my buddy or two or three buddies or
even join the queue by myself. We’re exploring whether or
not these systems will work for the ranked system
we come up with. We’re going to do our best.
But it gets very tricky. I’ll share with you because
you’ve been so insightful and I think the discussions in
the community have been really sensitive towards game design.
So I think you will get this. One of the things that is really tricky
is the more we enable you to enter the queue on your own
and have to put you with other people the more you’re going to react
negatively to the matchmaker. No matter how good the matchmaker
is there’s going to be that match where you lost and you feel
it was because of your teammates. And like I said, it
is a team game. There are going to be times when
you lose because of your teammates and we’re all a lot better off with it
when we form the party ourselves and we knew, “oh god I kind
of invited my little brother and he’s not that great but he
really wanted to play with us” versus the matchmaker
puts somebody in with you who causes the
match to go wrong. The other thing we want
to keep an eye on is if we put you into a match with
other people that you don’t know and don’t feel comfortable with, some
players have a tendency to react negativity towards one another
if things aren’t going well. This is a big concern for us we’d
rather have you be angry at the game, Blizzard,
Overwatch or me personally rather than be angry at
one another as players. We really want it to be a fun community
where you like playing together, make lifelong friends hopefully playing
Overwatch and don’t turn on each other. So these are things we’re keeping
an eye on, I can’t guarantee we’re going to design the perfect
system that eliminates all of this but I kind of want to get out
in front of it and let you know that the more we open
up the queue size, the more
it’s going to open up some other issues. That there aren’t necessarily
clean solves for. This kind of segues little bit into another
topic that I’ve seen a lot of interest in and that’s how we’re
doing matchmaking. I’m really proud of our matchmaking
engineer, he’s absolutely brilliant and I’m really excited
that I get to work with him. He’s done amazing things for Blizzard
and our previous games but it’s a very tricky problem
for him to deal with. There’s a lot of moving parts to
matchmaking in Overwatch that don’t necessarily always
exist in other games. We have hero switching
which we think is one of the coolest parts of Overwatch but that means you’re
not equally good on all of your heroes. We have this
“Career Profile” part of the system and you can see which heroes
you’re doing well on and which heroes you’re
kind of struggling with. And the matchmaker doesn’t know who
you are going to pick at any point during the match.
So that’s one thing interesting. I think Overwatch is best played
with friends and we don’t want you to discriminate against your friends list
on who’s good and who’s not, we want you to invite your friends
because you want to play together. But that means that
sometimes you’re not always going to get matchmade perfectly
because you have somebody really good and maybe
somebody not as good. On the team, we had a case
where we had someone complain that they got matched against one of
the top players in the beta, a pro-gamer and they said,
“why would the matchmaker put me in a game with that pro-gamer”
and we studied all the variables that led to that moment happening
and what happened was that pro-gamer had been waiting for a
certain time and it was rather long. You know, we don’t want players waiting
too long and they had gotten put into a match with lesser skilled players
but the matchmaker was smart and put an equally good “pro-gamer”
against them on the other team. The opposing pro-gamer left the match
during the assemble your heroes time. We have a choice at that point,
to either shut the game down and make everybody wait
or we can say hey, we’re doing our best and
put another player in so at least these people can play the
game instead of wait. And it turns out it was a
pretty fair match,it wasn’t completely unbalanced but I wanted
to point out some of these more complex things that
can happen with a match maker. You’re always saying, we
got to weigh on one hand the skill levels of the players and how
close on an equal match can we make it and on the other hand,
how long are people waiting. We’re also doing our best to improve
connection to the server for people. I think this has been really cool, we’ve
been doing experiments and sometimes people in the beta will complain like
“queue times are really long” or “I didn’t get matched with
the best ping” but I think one thing that was really
cool over the past week is that players in North America, South
America and Australia started to see greatly improved ping times but we
need to work out some of the kinks because they had a longer wait time
but they’re starting to see improvements. Players in Europe will start to see a lot
of improvements very soon as will Russia. The same goes
for Asia. We’re pretty excited about
all these improvements coming but just wanted to give you
as much information as possible so you know
how all this stuff works. It’s not that things are bugged or
we’re dumb or not paying attention to what’s going on,
it’s that it’s very complex and we need to use this beta period as
a way to test and experiment. The final note I wanted to end on
was the beta period itself. We had talked about in an
interview if we had this to do over, we might have done this
beta a little bit differently. We feel terrible and me personally,
I feel a lot of responsibility and I really want to apologize to as
many players as possible who wanted to be in the beta
and didn’t have a chance to play it. What it all boils down to is we
wanted to run a traditional beta, meaning it’s small, it’s closed.
Ultimately we’re testing game balance game design or server infrastructures
there’s no other point to what we’re doing.
It’s all focused on those three things. There was a lot of
expectations of players, we know this through how
many beta sign-ups we had. I wish we had just called it
an alpha because maybe in terms of expectations that would
have set people in a better direction. We’re not at a point where we can
support everybody and everybody would have a
lot of fun if they were playing. I feel like we’re doing the right
thing, we’re supporting the number of players we can
support but I feel bad because we have such a committed,
dedicated community and I want you playing
this game as badly as possible. We’ll see if we can figure something
out, worst case scenario, the game is going live at the end
of Spring so everybody will have
the chance to play it. Thank you guys for all
being very patient with us. I always love chatting with you
in these developer updates and if you ever have a topic you’d like
us to cover, please let us know about it. Thanks for your dedication and your
support, and we’ll see you in the next one.

47 thoughts on “Developer Update | Popular Community Topics #2 (EN subtitles)

  1. I have been exited for the game ever since its anouncment, and I wanted a beta key since then too, but I still haven't got it. :/ Would be nice if you soon would let more people in, not all people have the same patience. 🙂

  2. I'm still standing on the option to choose which one of your characters gets to get a skin, or emote. Or, you could make it so you'd like to get a certain type of item; such as: if you'd want a skin, it would give a skin from a random hero(when you level up o course)

  3. Some things that I have experienced and should/could be improved:

    1: If you disconnect from a game because of like bad internet connection or the game shut down you automaticly leave the game and a new player will fill the spot you left open. I think it should atleast wait 10-20 seconds for the player to reconnect to the game.

    2: Sometimes when you search for a match you'll get in into a game where there is like 5 seconds left of the match and your team is losing. Joining one of those games sucks because of two reasons. First reason is that you have been going through the loading screen and into the game and picked your hero. Second reason is that it still counts as a loss into your statistics. If you still want to keep this thing that players can connect to games that are nearly finished atleast don't save it into your own statistics even if it's a win or loss, because clearly you haven't done anything to the game if there is just 5-10 seconds left of the match.

    3: You were talking in the video about ranking systems and that some players or more serious about ranked games than others. Then you should just make two different ranked modes: One that is for kind of serious players that wants to play with a decent team setup and with players that have their mindset to win and not just to play for fun. And the other to super serious players that wants and demands a legitimate team setup and demands to be matched with players that only play to win. Then each player will have two different rankings, one rank for kind of serious games and another rank of super serious games.

  4. my favourite type of overwatch player:
    ….ummmm….yea, I wanna learn to play, that's why I'm pushin closed beta, fucker.

  5. I have a great idea for Overwatch.
    Game mode "Deathmatch"
    No objective, just join a game in progress, spawn and battle. (no time limit)

    As a guy who is planning to buy the game when it comes out, I really hope that Overwatch will have sufficient game modes. I would also like it if there would be new game modes added from time to time.

  6. I actually played it before at the GamesCom.
    I was even chose to be interviewed for the Blizzard GamesCom stream (and it was actually broadcast).

    This one round of Overwatch made me fall in love with the game.
    There are very few games that are able to excite like this.
    Even my favourite game, League of Legends, only managed to draw me in after some time.

    I also really like what you do with community relations.
    While I believe Riot is doing a great job as at game design, they struggled with community relations for a while, although they got better at it.

    Overall, I see a ton of potential here, and I hope it will be supported by fans and Blizzard for years after release.

    I don't know about actual potential for professional play, but if Heartstone can establish one, it should be okay possible.

    Although class based shooters with mid game role changes and respawns tend to be so fast paced and complex on higher levels of play, that it may be overwhelming for both players and spectators
    (man, that was a long sentence).

    Anyway,hopes are up, and I am hyped for an release date.

  7. It would be really cool if overwatch had a campaign where you had to do a level with a certain hero, and should this campaign could rotate around the doomfist gauntlet or whatever it is called

  8. How to install it?I bought it already and recieved a message you can play 06/2016 or before.Can i download on web?Cuz they didn't ask where my home.HELP!!!SOS!!!

  9. Im very excited about your work guys, keep doin' this awesome stuff. Can not wait for the realease anymore !


  10. I'm really thankful that you are the game director Jeff. how much you care about the community and gaming in general. I sure wish online gaming would become less toxic. "The world could use more heroes" Hats off to everyone working on Overwatch and at Blizzard.ent!

  11. I have a question for those bettet ingormed than I am, if someone would take the time I'd be thankfull. I got really hyped about the game but kinda lost interest when I didn't get a beta key and they announced it wouldn't be F2P, but cost 60€… Is the game still in Beta access? When will it be released? Will it be 60€? 60€ for everything or will there be ingame purchases?

  12. what id like to know is how the plays of the games work, because someone can do little to nothing and get play of the game, and in the same game there was a person who quite clearly shouldve gotten play of the game, like hanzo using ult and finishing off six opponents and he got play of the game, while zenyatta deflected tons of damage using his ult, increased the damage for most of the damage done to the enemy team, healed teammates, and gave great momentum to the last push.

  13. If you want to make a good progression system you might look for inspiration in smite. You get 'favour' (the in-game currency) by logging in multiple days in a row and by doing quests or just playing matches and you can buy booster packs where the favour you recieve from matches is multiplied for a few days.

  14. i think starcraft's ladder play is probably pretty well suited for this with some tweaks regarding how your rank is calculated, you guys could weight it so that games won or lost with randoms could contribute to a score and the weighting of the contribution to that score can be set depending on how much of the team is made up of people you regularly play with, so if its just you and a friend the contribution would only be 33% and if its a full team of friends the contribution would be 100% that way if you solo queue and loose because of things like dissconnects or AFKs then the loss is not as significant as a loss with a full "Team" of friends… also the "grandmaster" bracket could be reserved for entire teams not just individual players it would then foster a more competitive e-sports environment, similar to the team play option in Heroes of the storm, if that makes any sense…. also can i please have a beta 🙂

  15. What about Africa 🙁 don't forget about us pliz. Looks like this game will be so awesome, but really scared about the whole ping thing. (South Africa mainly) 🙂

  16. i if buy Overwatch Origins Edition – Exclusive 'Memory of War' Metal Coin & Metal Badge Bundle (Amazon Exclusive) (PC DVD) do i get a beta key

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