Developer Update | Popular Community Topics (EN subtitles)

Welcome everybody to
another developer update! My name is Jeff, I’m from the
Overwatch development team. We’re going to talk to you guys about a bunch of popular
community topics today and I and sort of wanted to go into what is the team
working on right now. I know a lot of people are
wondering what’s going on we don’t always get to
hear from the Overwatch development team
as often as we’d like to. I need preface this
by saying not everything that I’m going to mention
is coming out immediately. Some of the stuff will come
out in weeks if not months and then some of the stuff I
mentioned might not happen at all. Sometimes in game development you
get pretty far along with some work and then you realize it’s not
working out the way you wanted to so you end up removing it. So, I’ll do my best to be
clear about what is definite versus what is maybe,
anyway let’s start. First of all, we have a lot of cool
changes that are on our PTR right now which is our public test region. Some of those are balance changes. I know one of the things that
almost all of our players are always wondering about is
the balance of the game and the balance of
their particular favorite hero. So there’s a lot to look
at on the PTR right now. We have some changes to Widowmaker
we’ve increased her scope speed. We got rid of that old animation
cancelling issue with her scope that was very
controversial in the community but we felt like it
was very important that we didn’t have the ability to min/max the power level on a character based on something obscure
like animation cancelling. So, we’re trying to speed up the scope to make it feel better
without having something that’s not quite
understandable to everybody which is the scoping in and out
as quickly as people were doing before for that minimal power gain and
this sort of situational awareness. So far the feedback
that we’re hearing is that from Widowmaker players is
that she feels a lot better. We’re really hoping that she
becomes more viable and more played obviously if she’s not,
we’ll continue to look at her and we’ll
explore further changes. We have some changes
coming to Junkrat’s trap as well Genji can no longer dash through it. It used to be Genji
would dash and destroy it. Now Genji will get caught
in the trap very similar to how Tracer gets caught in the trap. This is both to help
with Junkrat’s viability we hear a lot of interest in
defense heroes being played more and then also people wondering How exactly am I supposed to
counter a character like Genji? not that Junkrat is a perfect
counter in every situation but the trap change should help. We’re also speeding up the
activation time of Junkrat’s ultimate. Now there are other questions. There are more changes than
that on public test region. You can read about
them on our website or on our forums if you go
to the community section. There are a lot more
changes than that going on but there are other heroes not
immediately getting changed that people ask us about
often, and I want to talk a little bit about them as well. For example, we hear
from a lot of players What about Symmetra? It feels
like she’s being left behind. I don’t see her as much as I want to or I want to play her more but when
I do my team yells at me to change. So, we are looking at Symmetra. I don’t think changes
for Symmetra are as easy as some minor number tweaks
that will have her available and ready for play in a
changed fashion very soon. I think the types of changes we
want to look at for Symmetra might take us a little bit
longer than something like the Widowmaker scope change which was relatively small
and easy for us to do. I don’t have details; I
know more than anything people want to know what
exactly Symmetra is going to be when we come out the other
side with her design iteration. It could be changes to
some of her mechanics and just changing her overall feel through
things like numbers and cooldowns. That’s always a possibility. But we’re going to look
at some other changes and we’re going to explore
some other things as well that might be a little bit more dramatic
in terms of design vision for her. Now what this doesn’t mean and I’ve seen a lot of this
discussion going on in the community there’s a lot of pushing for Symmetra
to be something that she’s not. So, a lot of times we see feedback like make it so Symmetra’s
turrets heal people. Make it so people get healed
if they’re near the teleporter. Make it so Symmetra’s
weapon also heals allies. We’re not really interested, at this
time, in exploring Symmetra as healer. We know that she has been categorized
as a support character in Overwatch but that doesn’t necessarily mean
to us that she needs to be a healer. If that means that we have to
move her out of the support category we would rather do that then
completely shift the character’s design to something she was
never intended to be. So, we’re not looking to
make Symmetra a healer. What we are looking to do is make
her more viable in more situations. I think right now she’s perceived
as being okay or acceptable if you’re playing on defense on
a first point or early in a match. Other than that, we
really don’t see Symmetra as being super viable
in a lot of other situations. We know that she can be effective. We’ve seen her played very effectively,
and she’s has an incredible win rate. But for the most part,
we want to make her less of a situational pick and more of a Hey, I really like playing this
character. I want play her on offense or defense, and I want to
play her in multiple different situations not just defending the first point. So Symmetra is something
that we’re looking into. I would anticipate the
earliest we would see changes in Symmetra would
be about mid-November. But it could be much later than that because we don’t want to rush it. We’re probably going to do
a lot of internal playtesting and then we would go to
the PTR with her after that. So, we are looking at Symmetra. I realize it might not be as
quick as you would like for changes but she is definitely on our lists. There’s a lot of other stuff going on. So we’ve also been looking
at our spectating mode. I’m largely talking about
this for eSport broadcasting I know we have a ton of
eSport fans, and a lot of people watching the community
tournaments happening right now and the professional
tournaments happening right now. And there are a lot of
requests for spectating features. There’s a lot of
exciting ones on the PTR. For example, a commonly
requested feature was to be able to bookmark cameras so you
can go through the maps and set camera locations as a spectator. These are static locations
and use a hotkey to instantly switch between
these different bookmark locations. We also added a camera that
always focuses on the objective. So, if it’s an assault map, it will
always be focused on the capture point whichever one is active or if it is a payload, it will focus
on the payload and follow it. So this should be really
useful for people who are broadcasting or
professionally spectating to be able to follow the action more. We’ve also done a lot
of work on the camera to make it much more steady and fluid. It’s very jarring for those of us who like to watch a lot of eSports if the camera is kind of jittering
or moving around too much. So we’ve added a lot of
smoothing to the camera. It will be easier for
observers to follow the action and then we’ve also added hotkeys for the observers to
focus on specific players. So for example, if
somebody is playing Tracer in slot 2 and you hit shift 2 on the pc you will now, whether you’re looking at
a static camera or that objective camera it will look through the eyes of
that camera and then be focused on that Tracer and follower her. And if you switch cameras it will also stay on that Tracer
which is pretty cool. So we think those will be
pretty great improvements. Now, looking out way far past the immediate stuff I’m
talking about right now a lot of people are wondering
what else is in the pipe. So we are actively working
on more heroes right now. One hero is very far along. It’s coming together really well. We’re playtesting it internally
across the entire company and we believe this hero will see the light of day
sooner rather than later. We also have another hero prototype that we’re extremely
happy with right now. This one is in very
“internal developer form” is the best way I can describe it. We’re using all placeholder models
and effects and animations just to prove out that the hero is fun. But we feel like we’ve found
another really great Overwatch hero that will see the light of day probably sometime
next year on that hero. That one is further out than this one. We’re also working on a lot of maps. Maps are interesting
to talk about because we work on a couple
different kinds of map. We work on maps
for pre-existing modes and we have one of those
that’s very far along right now to the point where
we’ve play tested enough where we’re putting
art into that map now. So that means our level of confidence
in that particular map is very high. Like I mentioned, that one’s
for an existing game mode. I think players will
really like the map itself and then also the way it
looks and the story behind. It is going to be really cool. We have another map
that is in prototype form. That is an existing game mode
map that’s much further out. We’re looking at that, and
then we have a number of maps like, I think, about four maps that are prototype,
developer-only stages of new game modes that
we’re experimenting with. And it’s very important for
me to mention on this that I don’t think all of them will become
actual maps that we’ll end up launching. We make a lot more stuff
internally on the Overwatch development team then we
actually release into the game. Often times we find
that these prototypes that we try don’t
work for various reasons. The main thing that steers us away from releasing some of
these maps and modes that we have internally is when
particular heroes are broken on them. For example, if somebody says
on this map “Tracer is useless” or in this game mode “there’s
no reason to have Tracer or there’s no reason to have McCree” or
whatever hero might be the problem we’ll usually move away from that
game mode if we can’t solve the problems. We want Overwatch
to, first and foremost be about our heroes and not
be about gimmicky game modes. But we are really excited
and really actively exploring working on other game modes and along with them comes new maps. So that’s been a lot of fun for us. I’m hopeful that at least a
couple of those new maps and game modes will see
the light of day eventually. They will take us longer to get
to than some of the other stuff but it’s something that the team has a great passion for
and wants to see more of. There are a ton of great
ideas both on the team and in the community, so
we’re chasing all of that. Obviously, there’s a
lot more being worked on than just the things that I mentioned but I really wanted to
talk about the things that I see the most passion
for in the community which is new maps, new
heroes, and new game modes. I kind of wanted to
reassure you guys that we’re focused on all
these things in addition to other stuff like the spectator mode. And then there’s just
some small quality of life things that we want to
provide for the community. In an upcoming update, our hope
is to allow you to unlock things like more voice lines
and more emotes that’s just one example and be able to use them all
at once and have them equipped. So, we think that
will be a lot of fun. It’s a common feature that we
see requested in the community and we want to be
responsive to stuff like that as well. So we’re not only working on the
big stuff like new maps and new heroes but we’re also working on small
quality of life features like that. And then we want to pay
attention to our eSports community and do stuff like the
spectator improvements as well. So there’s a lot of stuff going on. We know not all of it comes
as fast as you would like. I just hope that you trust us
and are reassured in the fact that the reason it
takes so long is because we want it to be very high quality. We want it to be
right when it comes out and we hope that you know
if it’s not right when it comes out whether it be a new
feature or hero balance that we’re working
on this game fulltime. And we will go back and
make it right eventually. So that’s the update for today thanks so much for putting up with
my lengthy explanations of everything and I look forward to talking to
you guys again in the next one!

100 thoughts on “Developer Update | Popular Community Topics (EN subtitles)

  1. Jeff, have you considered that overwatch feels just a little too competitive in quick play? it feels like there is no real place for casual fun.

  2. i hope that like two years down the road they release screen shots of these unused maps and hero's. i love that kind of stuff and being able to see behind the scenes is always fun.

  3. Your "lenghty explanations of everything" are not only very welcome and pleasant, but an example for every other gaming company (or any kind of company) out there. Keep it up m/

  4. I think a good quality of life improvement would also be to allow players to change thier hero skins in the select hero menu in game.

  5. Great work thus far. ^^ Surprised to see a change in Junkrat. But Yes I do agree sometimes on maps it feels Junkrat's Ultimate rate is very slow with little reward.
    Since His ultimate take so little to counter while one self is defenseless during those seconds of moving the wheel. I am delighted to see a minor change on My main hero for the positive.

  6. Symmetra is one of my favourites. She officially has the lowest pickrate, but highest winrate. On my profile I ahve a winrate of 71% with Symmetra, which is my personal highest. I dont think she needs to be changed in anyway other than improving her rightclick ability.

  7. i agree, do not make symmetra a healer , you could put her on defense category instead and maybe increase the shields that allies get

  8. If support doesn't necessarily mean a heal in this games instance then that's fine. But why is Symmetra the only one that can't heal at the moment? Need more differing support if this is the case.

  9. I'm honestly not sure Symmetra needs any buffs. Her playstyle just isn't that appealing to most people, but she's definitely not a weak character.

    On the same note, Widow getting buffed even more seems absolutely unnecessary to me but hey

  10. Is there a written version of this somewhere? I really want to know what's going on, but I just can't listen to him.
    (I hope this doesn't come off as offensive, it's just that his voice doesn't seem to reach my brain… Don't know why.)

  11. 2 heroes in a year. Too slow. We need much new. I want 2 years ago have twice more heroes than we have now. This is the game about heroes you said.

  12. what widowmaker really need is reduce her grab hook to at least 8 secs — her Ultimate should show Turrerts/Traps that's all lol

  13. (widowmaker )or even when she use her ulti , with Snipe mode she can 1 shot – one kill (since all other heroes has a deadly ultimate already

  14. can you please fix the roadhog close range hook bug? which is that when you hook someone really close to you, they actually go further, to a radom spot… that is one of the most broken things i have seen, and ruined my experience of roadhog, sometimes i even just dont wanna pick him in competitive, cuz the bug could mean life or death. its ridiculous.

  15. If you look very closely, you will see that exactly in the right corner of Jeffs 233rd blood cell, there is a Sombra clue.

  16. Nerf Pharah oneday?
    Buff Widowmaker oneday Hanzo deal 150 fullshot Widow 125 WTF?
    Nerf Anna Snipe Shoot Time oneday?

  17. i really hope they don't use symmetra has healing. we have enough healers as it his … they need to make soldiers 76 ultimate last a bit longer though .. but i do think the game is very well balanced at the moment though … and geoff is awesome developer and so fair.

  18. Love the openness on this. Don't know if this is standard for Blizzard, but I enjoy listening to what plans they have even if it isn't neccesarily going to be in the actual game. Love the game, love the updates, and I look forward to any and all new stuff that comes!

  19. Like the problem with overwatch for me is , they are relaseing content so slowly , i know that it's not easy to make things to work out perfectly and balanced in game , but cmon , it's blizzard u can make it at least a bit faster with some major updates (new heroes , maps…)

  20. Make it so, that when people uses her teleport, they get "e"-shield at least.
    Though she needs much more buffing anyway, more shield from e or something.

  21. 3:17 – Symetra would be absolutely fine if she had around 300-400 hp including shield. The tendency and risk of Symetra dying is too big to make her a wise chose.

  22. in regards to symmetra, what about the possibility of adding another option to her ultimate that she can chose from? (like how lucio switches between speed/heal boosts). for example, an option could be like have a heavier duty drone/turret spawn and float around her? it would make her more sustainable in fights and provide more for the team in terms of defense/support.

    of course there are a lot of things to think about like range, how durable the drone/turret could be, if it provides a shield in an area, what type of attacks it has etc, etc. i mean, the teleporter becomes very useless when the match has moved past the first point and onto second point/payloads; i find myself planting the teleporter just because the ultimate is ready and not for a real utility need…. unless we're being contested with 10 seconds left and need to get on the point no matter the cost xD

  23. me; enjoys sym and loves her so much she's my top babe??
    hears that people want more from her and that she doesn't do enough??
    people can't play sym it seems

  24. But it makes sense for Symmetra to be a support – she supports everyone by helping them get back into the battlefield asap with her teleport. She's too weak to be defensive.

  25. perhaps give symmetra vision around her portal for a start. i'm thinking the same as hanzo arrow but maybe not as large.

  26. Why do people always think "Support" means "Healer"?
    I like Symmetra being in support. I think once new support heroes are added that aren't healers people will be able to realise that supports are always useful, regardless of healing capabilities.

  27. The only real big changes i would like in overwatch is just get rid of hero stacking even in quick play, leave that shit on weekly brawls, sometimes i just wanna play without HAVING to play competitive because quick plays is always filled with 6 tracers, 6 meis, 6 hanzos, 6 genjis, 6 bastions ect. Add a regular type team death match mode for the CoD fans that dont understand the simple fact, YOU HAVE TO STAY ON OBJECTIVE tired of pushing the payload to first check point then my whole team runs off to just attempt to spawn trap enimies

  28. Uh, I'm so afraid Overwatch devs are going to destroy my bae Symmetra.

    There is no need to change her kit, just buff it.
    Increase how much her shield shields for, reduce the cooldown of her turrets and make them immune to ult damage and add a built-in turret to her teleporter. The built-in turret can be somewhere between her normal turrets and Torbjorn's turret in damage, but have really short range(like the enemy is standing next to it shooting it – shooting at it across a room or from the air you wont take damage).
    Maybe increase her running speed a bit also. Oh, and her frying beam shouldn't waste ammo charges if it doesn't damage anyone.

    The only change I'd like to see(but that won't happen :P) is to make her be able to cut through walls(long cooldown and only available when her ult is still charging – will share ability slot with teleporter) that only she can go through. This would help her on payload maps when attacking.
    Symmetra is great on attacking side on Dorado because you can easily go behind enemy lines unnoticed and put heavy pressure on the enemy team and push them back. You can't really do this on the other payload/capturepointA+B maps.

  29. Whatever you do, please don't change Symmetra's beam gun (Photon Projector). It's the best thing about her IMO. I got POTG so many times with that alone.

  30. Jeff not that I don't find you good looking, but can you please add some gameplay ( or something else )in this type of videos ? TY.

  31. Symmetra's turrets could channel additional shields onto teammates, this prevents abuse by Tracer/Genji because if they're sticking in a corner next to a turret, they aren't taking advantage of their mobility and hit-and-run tactics that made the 50-shield Symmetra ability too strong on them. I could also see the Teleporter providing a significant amount of shields to nearby heroes, making them easier to defend and more viable on offense.

  32. I think for Symmetra there is actually a really great opportunity because she has a skill that everyone agrees pretty much useless. Rather than tweaking it, why not replace it with brand new skill entirely and think completely outside of the box.
    – staionary shiled wall that reduces damage going through 20%
    – big, rolling, but slow electric stun ball
    – warpfield trap (aoe that slows 50%) , works great with sentries
    – fake teleport that's not destroyable
    – mirror wall (can be shot through but can't see through in fact it's a mirror); or be destroyable but flipped vision mirror
    – teleport gate to go through thin walls (maybe for 20 sec)
    – sentry booster/modifier: makes sentries slow instead of damage etc, cast on individual sentry
    – one bigger sentry that slows 2-3 person with arc not damage
    – aoe pond that silences when going through (no skills be used)
    – simple cast that gives speed boost but has longer cooldown
    – offensive cast that has DOT damage but only affects enemy shields (siphon shield)

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