Developer Update | Symmetra Redesign (EN subtitles)

Welcome to another Developer
Update, my name is Jeff. I’m one of the developers
on the Overwatch team. This update is going to be
very cool, because it’s a topic a lot of you have been
asking about for months and we’re really excited to
address what’s going on. So, coming to the PTR very soon are
the much-awaited Symmetra changes. So, I wanted to spend a
little bit of time and kind of go through the changes
and why we made them. Obviously, the problem we were
seeing with Symmetra before and we’ve talked about
this a little bit before was that she was a
very effective character but she was viewed
as overly situational. And what I mean by that
is players enjoyed playing her but usually they would
play her in a situation where maybe they were on
defense on the first point. For example, in King’s Row
they’d play her on the first point. She seemed super useful when
you’d get the teleporter up keep it protected, and get your
team back to the fight really quickly. But what we found is if a
team failed on that first point a lot players would either
switch off as Symmetra or stay on Symmetra and
not be as effective, because in essence, her entire ultimate ability
was not useful on later points. Even though sometimes players
would put up that teleporter on the final point of, like, a Temple
of Anubis or even a King’s Row it really wasn’t helping as much
as it helped earlier in the match. So, that is one of the things
that we wanted to address and we also wanted to address
some quality of life issues. A lot of times we got feedback
about the initial setup with Symmetra and how that felt as a Symmetra player that sort-of panicked rush that you
would make to put shields on everybody and then run to the front
line and get your turrets going to try build ultimate
as fast as you could. But then you were waiting on cooldowns
a lot, and it was kind of frustrating. And there was a weird time-efficiency
element that wasn’t ultimately fun. It was just more stress-inducing
and put a lot of pressure on you. So, to get into some of the changes
that we’re making with Symmetra let’s start with her Ultimate, because
that’s probably the most exciting. So, Symmetra is going to be
the first character in Overwatch to actually have a choice of Ultimates. She will have two ultimates available
to her at all times in the match. So what will happen is she’ll
start with no Ultimate in terms of her ult meter will be at zero, just
like other heroes doing damage and over time the ult
meter will increase. When your ult is available to you,
your ultimate will light up and at first you will see
the teleporter there. So, just like Symmetra
played previous to this you can put the teleporter down and it
works just the same as it did before you have six charges your
teammates can come through. But what is very exciting
is you can also toggle by pressing your ultimate ability
again to select a shield generator. So, the shield generator is a built
object just like the teleporter but it puts a very substantial
shield, more than her old shield on all of her teammates
in a very big radius. And it ignores line of sight.
So, that means Symmetra can actually hide the shield
generator somewhere and it’s applying
shields to everybody. And the other team really
needs to go find that before they can take out that shield
generator and take out those shields. So, she now has two buildable
objects for her ultimate: a choice of a teleporter or
a choice of a shield generator. The other thing we did is look at
her teleporter, gave it more health and we made some of the
health into shield health instead which means that it regenerates. So, a problem before was as a Symmetra,
you defend either your teleporter or in the new scenario, you’ll also
defend your shield generator and it would take some damage,
and there was no recourse. You couldn’t undo that at all. So, even though we always
intended Symmetra to build a nest and protect what she
had built, it wasn’t realistic because sometimes it
would just get taken out even if you had successfully taken
out the person who was attacking it. So, it has more health now. And
more of that health is in shields so it will regenerate overtime,
meaning the enemy team will have to make a more
concerted effort to go after the ultimate that you’ve built. So, you might be asking “With the shield generator, what
happened with the shields?” So, we felt that the
shields were never a really highly interactive/fun sort
of element to playing Symmetra. At times it felt like more of a
chore, almost like plate spinning but not in a great way. So, instead, we’ve replaced it
with a completely new ability. It’s called Photon Barrier,
and it’s very similar to maybe Reinhardt’s shield or
Winston’s projected barrier. It’s a barrier that Symmetra has. What’s cool about hers is that it is
projected on a track of movement. So, it’s sort of elliptical in
shape, and she sends it out and it just moves along a trajectory. So, it’s really effective, like if you’re sort of hanging
behind your team and they don’t have
somebody like a Reinhardt maybe they have a Roadhog and
a Zarya as their tanks upfront you can send this projected
barrier out in front of you. And it sort of signals
your whole team to come with it and follow with. But it’s got way more uses then that. Symmetra can use it for
her own devices as well protecting her nest or using
it to be very aggressive. So, we think the photon barrier
will be a really fun active addition to Symmetra’s tool kit that
puts more skill in playing the hero and then also just a lot more
creativity in how you play her. So, we think you’ll enjoy that. The other thing we’ve done is we made some minor tweaks to
her turrets themselves the little sentry turrets
that she placed out. Previously she could always
have six out in the map but previously you could only
stock up to three, place those and then you’d have to wait
for the cooldown to regenerate. We’ve changed that maximum to six. So when the match starts, for
example, or when setup starts Symmetra could run
out and instantly place six of her turrets in a
location that she wants. They’re still on cooldown after
that but at a slightly different rate. It’s now increased to ten seconds
where it was twelves seconds before. What this means for Symmetra players is once the initial setup in the map
is much more like you want it to be you can kind of pick your area setup exactly how you want
at the start of the match. The other area that really
is a game changer for this is it allows Symmetra to
sort of move her location with the flow of combat much easier. You might be defending a choke
early in the match and then decide that you want to drop
back and quickly put a bunch of turrets up
on a capture point or maybe around the payload and now you have a lot
more tools at your disposal to make that type of
move really quickly. So, we think that
should be a lot of fun. We made some minor tweaks to
her weapons, and for the most part her weapon works exactly
the same as it did before. Both the primary and secondary
fire are exactly the same as they were with a slight change
to the primary fire: we’ve extended the distance
of the beam at which it locks on. So Symmetra can actually make contact with targets slightly further out. It’s not much more. Don’t panic. She’s not a long-range beam
sniper now or anything like that. She’s still a very short-range
character with that primary fire but just for quality-of-life, we
gave it a little bit more distance so that should feel better as well. So, all of these changes are
coming very soon to the PTR. We want your feedback.
We want you to play with it and we’d really love to hear
both from the Symmetra players who play a lot of Symmetra, we
want to hear how this feels to you but we’re also really curious to
hear from the non-Symmetra players. You know, maybe you didn’t play
her before because she wasn’t fun or the skill cap wasn’t
where you wanted it to be or some other quality-of-life reason. Is Symmetra better for you now as well? We’d love to hear all
your thoughts on Symmetra. We’ll be taking a very
close look at the statistics seeing, you know,
“What’s her win rate like?” “Are people switching off
of her on the second point?” “Is she effective on attack now?” “Is she effective in control
maps like Nepal, Ilios, Lijiang?” We’re really looking at
Symmetra overall and holistically. We want her to be a
less situational character and a character that
sees a lot more use. So, we hope you’ll have fun with her. We’ve had her in internal
testing for quite some time now and she feels very powerful to us so
we’ll see how she feels to you guys. We always get a much
better sense from you guys. We’re a very small
group who’s testing internally so we get a much better
idea from you guys. So, that’s the big update,
there’s a couple other things that I wanted to make you aware of. Oasis, the new map that
we mentioned at BlizzCon which is a control map
again like Lijiang, Nepal, Ilios. Oasis is coming to the PTR very soon. Very shortly after Symmetra, we’ll
get Oasis on there for testing. Our goal again is to put Oasis live to
the service to everybody in early 2017 but we’d like to get as much testing at
the end of 2016 as possible on the map. We think it’s a lot of fun.
One thing in particular that we’re keeping an
eye on is that jump pad. We want to see all the creative
uses you guys can come up with and if that’s a mechanic
that’s really fun and we refine it along with you guys maybe that’s something we
do more of in future iterations of either Overwatch maps
or future Overwatch heroes. So keep an eye out for Oasis and then one final small feature
that I’ll mention to you guys and I’m not sure which
iteration of the PTR it will hit on but keep an eye out for it; we’ve added a small social feature at
the end of the match. When the match ends and you’re
looking at some of the statistics and the end-of-round flow
where you see the cards the statistics, the Play of the Game we’ve added a small
button on the screen that just says “Stay with group”
or “I want to party up now”. Basically what we added
this for is those times where you’ve been really
successful with the team but you guys aren’t friends. You’re not on each other’s
friend’s list, but you’re like “Wow we had a lot of
great chemistry. It sure would be awesome if we
can keep this group together”. And if you all click on that button or
even some of you click on that button it will automatically form
a party for you guys and then you can keep playing together. So, that’s just one of the small
social features we’re going to keep making ones like that to really
encourage people to group up hang out, play more,
hopefully make friends. Find those people with
similar play-styles to you that you enjoy playing
with because we think it really enhances the experience. That’s all we have for today,
we’re super excited to see what you guys do with the
new Symmetra and eventually how you guys play the new map Oasis. As always, we’re looking
forward to your feedback. You guys really are the ones
steering the direction of this game. We hope you enjoy and
have a great time with it. We’ll see you later.

59 thoughts on “Developer Update | Symmetra Redesign (EN subtitles)

  1. I main Symmetra, but yea i sometimes had to change character late game to be more helpful, but this rework sounds solid and fun

  2. I saw this video already and thought the reuploaded it. But it was just already released yesterday on the PlayOverwatch Channel.

  3. She was one of my most favorite characters. But even I have to agree, she wasn't effective in maps like Volskaya Industries when it comes to second point. I find her buff incredibly appealing as it doesnt retract from anything, but rather adds more choice. I think it's a great idea.

  4. oddly enough i always see these vids after ive already seen the changes on pc gamer or having already played them on ptr.

  5. How about you actually show a video of the features in 2 minutes instead of having us sit through 12 minutes of you jabbing.

  6. The thing is, her turrets are countered too easly by Winston. Well, the new shield and the generator sounds strong at least.

  7. once more, the devs of overwatch is just amazing, thanks for all the free content and i love how good you are at looking at what we want, thx bliz!

  8. Thank god for the boost. Playing Symmetra at the start of a game has been hectic if you don't have a Lucio to get you to the area you need with the considered at the time 36 seconds to apply those additional cool-down 3 bots.
    I had scenarios were I just briefly made it in time before the enemies instantly destroys them as fast as I built if they are to close to one another.
    leaving me needing to spread them around on the point area or by path-zones while my teams attempts to hold them for me long enough.
    1 min and 12 seconds felt like a eternity as symmetra comparing to Torbjörn or even Junkrat's more strategical trap spots to be honest that weere just with a decent cool-down each per placement.
    As all three heroes counters has to be fair a rather easy way of destroying them.

  9. Put a range grid that only you can see to give you some sense of how large the range on the shield generator is, like Engineer's turret in TF2

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  12. The shield travels wayy too fast in my opinion.
    If it were either"rein-speed" or just a little slower – or even stationary, it would be much better. Right now the shield is not super useful as it travels too fast, and in many maps & scenarios, the shield won't do you much good (as it simply hits something before you can get much use of it).
    If you're not in a super-coordinating team, the shield will most likely hit a wall before you get most/some of your team-members behind it, and rush in with it.

  13. Now fix Roadhogs hook and Hanzos and Genjis climbing ability please.

    Roadhogs still hook through walls and floors sometimes and you get pulled into it.

    Genji and Hanzos climing random switches off sometimes and they can't always climb a wall, just stand jumping on top of it…

    Also please nerf Soldier 75 ultimate, just a litte. Because even with his ultimate on he can headshot people behind him without any problem and that's pretty op..?

  14. I have 7 wins and 3 loses but I'm have a skill rating of bronze. can you fix it please my account name is bmxboy105

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