Developer Update | Year of the Dog | Overwatch (EU)

Hello everyone, this is Jeff
from the Overwatch team. We’re here to talk to you today
about our Lunar New Year event called “Year of the Dog.” We’re super excited for it this year
because we have a lot of awesome stuff coming. The biggest and best part of the
“Year of the Dog” celebration, in my opinion, is a brand new map
that will be bringing you. This map takes place in Thailand
is absolutely gorgeous. One side of the map is ancient
and shows some temple that’s very gorgeous and the other side is
bright and beautiful and very modern. We think you’ll enjoy it, but the
coolest part, in my opinion, is it’s the first map that we’ve ever built
specifically for Capture the Flag. As you guys know, we introduced
Capture the Flag last year during the “Year of the Rooster” event
and we wanted to bring it back this year, but make a custom map
specifically for Capture the Flag. We thought we could do a lot
to improve the game-mode. We also took a lot of feedback
and advice from you guys and we looked at the game rules
in CTF and we made a bunch of changes. So, let me walk you through
those as quickly as possible. First off, there’s no more
draws anymore. We know historically every time we’ve
had draws in Overwatch, there has been discontent in the player base
and we want to get rid of draws. We know that they’re not very exciting
and they can feel very anticlimactic. So, we’ve added a
Sudden-Death mechanic if the two teams are tied at the end of time; what will
happen is both teams flags are moved closer to the center of the map and then
the map resumes at that point and the teams will go for the flags
and then they only have a very short distance to cap. The other thing that’s very exciting
is we’ve changed the flag pickup roles. So, now picking up the flag is
instant, but if you use certain abilities and these abilities
are limited to things that either give you invulnerability or give you
great mobility, those abilities will drop the flag. We call these “restricted abilities.” So, certain abilities, I’ll give you
an example: Winston’s Leap. His jump pack will drop
the flag when he uses it. We found that by doing this that
the rate of capture is much higher, the games are now much more offensive,
and much more action-packed and it’s actually very rare for games to
even go to sudden death now. So, we think it’s really exciting. Capture the Flag plays fantastically
on the new map. There’s something else very exciting
coming for “Year of the Dog” and that’s that we will be having a four week
Competitive Season for Capture the Flag. So, we think this will be a lot of fun
if you get in the Top 500 you’ll get a special spray and player icon. Anybody who places will
also get a special spray. So, that should be very cool and
just playing CTF at a competitive level we think will be fun for a few weeks. Now as I just mentioned, I corrected
myself, I said four weeks. This Lunar New Year event,
“Year of the Dog”, is going to run for four weeks this time. And something we learned last
time when we ran the event is because a lot of people are traveling
during Lunar New Year they actually missed part of the event last year. So, we wanted to extend it to give
more people a chance who were traveling to experience the event. So, we think that
should be awesome. Some other things that I think
you’ll be very excited about I know that you all love skins
and there are six amazing legendary skins as part
of “Year of the Dog.” To give you a small hint and
a teaser of two of the heroes that will be getting skins. Now I know that there’s some
of our least played heroes, but mercy and Genji will both be
getting skins and I think you’ll find them to be pretty awesome. I was totally kidding about them
being least played by the way. We also have a really cool highlight
intro for one of the heroes coming and a lot of other really great content. So, we think you’ll find
that to be a lot of fun. All-in-all we had a
ton of fun making this event. We hope you has have as much fun
playing it as we did making it. As always we’ll be listening to your
feedback and we really hope you enjoy this year’s “Year of the Dog”
Celebration. Thank you.

93 thoughts on “Developer Update | Year of the Dog | Overwatch (EU)

  1. Woo, a new map, so this won't be in comp, like the forest and mei ice, too bad capture the flag is a pretty bad game mode, will do it for comp though

  2. Wow, this event looks/sounds like it will be super fun! I can’t wait to see the new skins/highlight intros/sprays!

  3. NOOOO ! I need give 10€ to my friend, I have bet 10 vs 1 for a Domination Mode !!!…
    But, a maps spéciali for Capture the Flag, new logical rule… For one time, I have nothing to say, is a good upgrad so GG Overwatch….
    PS : Make a Domination mode, I don't whant give 10 € to my Friend ;_;

  4. Guys at 4:04 Jeff said he will do highlight intros in one of the heroes coming
    Does that mean the new hero will be in lunar new year event?

  5. Hey Jeff I am quite excited about the new map/skins and the capture of the flag. I'm glad that you have made so that the abilities make you drop the flag because once the enemy team had a sombra and she went invisible so we could not get the flag so I'm very happy you changed it also about the nerf of mercy. Now before anyone starts complaining about me you did say Jeff that you will be listening to feedback so here I go about mercy. The other day I was telling my dad about the nerf to mercy and said the players were saying that she was too strong even tho I was a level two at the time and I was quite happy playing her now. I'm level 55 now and I don't like this new nerf to her I like the old one it's more fun. People are only saying that she's too strong but she's not I'm scared in case you get rid of mercy and I would not like that she's my favourite character in the entire game so please could you change her back without any more nerfs to her thank you Jeff.

  6. Lol you really confused me Jeff I wasn't sure if you were joking or if you were just really outa touch with the community

    Also will all of phara ability's cause her to drop the flag

  7. If you pickup the flag as Pharah, can you fly at all with it? I'm sure your shift-jump will drop it, but what about regular old hold-down-the-spacebar flying? Or are you totally grounded when you have the flag as Pharah?

  8. he looks just a little bit more dead every video. Please stop attacking the overwatch team. You're killing them with stress.

  9. The changes to CTF yea… here is how every team will most likely be winston rein reaper orisa mei zenyatta, pick up are instant and movement skills become useless, so gengu tracer those will never be played in that mode again, hell winston rein alone can probably now take the flag by them selfs and the rest just need to do cover fire, not to mention now once a team loses a point they will get the mentality must not let them take it again and the second they think that they might as well forfeit, I have to question who the hell are you listening to, is it the same guys that said the mercy rework was okay? cuz they should have already been blacklisted

  10. Hahaha! When he joked about the mercy and genji.. I didn't get it was a joke before until he told me. I was so confused! I just sat there like "How can Genji and Mercy be the least played, do you even?!" xD he just didn't seem to be the guy to just pull a joke out of nowhere so he got me all gullible.

  11. They shouldnt remove capture the flag after the event, sounds like a good alternative competitive gamemode.

  12. The request I have, I have never even seen mentioned anywhere before: Make the death animation the same in the kill cam as when my character dies, and increase the quality of the ragdoll effect!! there's fun to be had with dead bodies!!

  13. "Developer update: Unfortunately we will not introduce any new Mercy nerf on this update, but it is coming since some of the players are still sad when they cannot instakill mercy when she is using her revive ability"

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