Disney-A-Thon and August Books

hi I’m Tati and this is what I read in August
and this is also what I read for the Disney A thon which is a month-long
read-a-thon that took place throughout August um and because they overlapped
the wrap up is the same so let’s get right into it I was on Team tangled for
the Disney a thon so every book that I read has a prompt to go with it first
up was finale by Stephenie Garber this is the last book in the caraval
trilogy and while caraval was in Scarlett’s perspective and legendary
was in Tella’s perspective finale switches perspectives between the two of
them and maybe other characters I can’t quite remember but that was one of the
aspects that I really enjoyed I also really liked the way it wrapped up the
series but I can’t really go into the plot at all because it is the third and
final book of a series let me know in the comments if you’d like to see me
make a spoiler filled video about this series I’d love to do it if you’d love to
see it I gave this one 4 out of 5 stars and I read it to complete the first
challenge um and that was Rapunzel a book with glowing reviews because I’ve
heard many good things about this book and also this cover just screamed
tangled to me so I really wanted to put it on this TBR and this may be my
favorite cover of the series maybe at least for the u.s. editions next I
picked up genuine fraud by E Lockhart this is a suspense novel and I want to
say that it’s really best if you go in knowing as little as possible sort of
like her other novel we were liars I will say that I really enjoyed both the
structure and plot of this novel I would classify it as on the older side of
young adult maybe even new adult just because of the ages of the main
characters not not really for content sake but they’re the age range that they
seem to be in like into a year of college maybe it was some something like
that I could also be totally wrong about what constitutes as new adult so please
forgive me it’s definitely on the older side of
YA if nothing else um I gave this one 4 out of 5 stars and I read it for the
Flynn Rider prompt which is to read a dark or mysterious book and this was
both and finally the last book I read was my almost flawless Tokyo dream life
by Rachel Cohn Khan I’m so sorry about mispronunciations so
in this one sixteen-year-old Ell goes into foster care
when her mother is sent to prison um this eventually leads to her moving in
with the father she’s never met in Tokyo Japan it took me a little while to get
into this book like until I was more than halfway through however once I
started listening to it as an audiobook I started to enjoy it more and I thought
I had a pretty good ending I gave it 3 out of 5 stars and I read it to complete
the snuggly duckling crew prompt which was to read a book with a dreamy cover
and I think that’s a pretty dreamy cover and each of these prompts was worth 10
points so overall I managed to get 30 points for team tangled and three books read
in the month of August let me know what you think of any of these books in the
comments or what your favorite read of August was if you liked this video
please give it a like I have new videos every Tuesday and Friday so subscribe if
you’d like to see more thanks for watching bye oh all right now I’m gonna
film this video and hope beyond hope that my camera stays alive long enough
for me to get through the whole thing alright let’s see if I remember what I
was talking about

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