Disney-a-thon Quiz and TBR

hi I’m Tati and I’m participating in the
Disney-a-thon so the Disney-a-thon is a read-a-thon taking place in August and
I’ll leave the Twitter with all the information linked in the description
there are four different teams there is Tangled Mulan Aladdin and the Lion King
and there’s a quiz to find out which team you’re on so I’m going to take that
quiz right now so I have a team that I would prefer to be on and no it’s not
the Little Mermaid because that’s not an option but the Little Mermaid is my
favorite but my second favorite I think Disney princess movie is tangled so
that’s the one I’m hoping for which Disney team do you belong to so question
one is which would you rather be strong brave popular or spontaneous and I’m
gonna go with brave which would you choose as a pet chameleon dragon monkey
or meerkat some of these you can kind of tell which one you’re gonna get I’m
gonna go with chameleon because that’s…I want tangle but also it’s probably the
one I would want cuz like I don’t want a huge dragon as a pet personally um I don’t
want a monkey monkeys kind of creep me out
so it would be between meerkat and chameleon and I’m gonna go chameleon
because I think meerkats are wild animals right chameleons are too I don’t
know what I’m saying which would you choose to be labeled as thief criminal
weak or traitor I’m gonna go with weak because I kind of I am pretty weak
actually um and sometimes people thinking you’re weak can be an advantage which sidekick would you choose to have
on your quest a wish granter a good luck charm a trustworthy friend or a sassy
steed now I know like a sassy steed is the tangled one but I’m gonna go with a
trustworthy friend cuz that’s what I would want which ability do you wish you had
produce magic with your hair fly on a magic carpet fight with the best
swordsmanship or lead a nation all of these sound pretty good I’m gonna go
with magic hair choose a color red purple pink yellow my favorite color is
purple choose a home a tower family home a
palace or the Savannah I’m gonna go with family home that’s where I live now pick
a song circle of life reflection I see the light or a whole new world I love I
see the light I love a whole new world but I have to go with reflection that is
one of my favorite Disney songs and then pick another song Prince Ali
I’ve got a dream a girl worth fighting for I just can’t wait to be king again I
love all these songs I’m gonna go this time with I’ve got a dream I’m thinking
about which ones I like to sing along to the most and then choose a villain
mother Gothel Scar Jafar or Shan Yu shan yu
shan yu I think it’s Shan Yu and I’m gonna go mother Gothel because to me she’s the
scariest of all of these and I got team tangled I’m so happy it says you got
team tangled daring and spontaneous will you be victorious so I got team tangled
and I believe the rule is that you only have to have a set TBR for the team
you’re on but you do have to have a set TBR for that team before August 1st and
we’re coming up real close to that so I need to get this done so here’s my team
tangled TBR I also don’t have any of these books yet with me because I just
came up with this TBR but I’ll be either renting them as ebooks or picking them
up from the library prompt number one is Rapunzel read a book with glowing
reviews and for this one I decided to go with finale which is the third and I
think final book in the Caraval series by Stephenie Garber I have been trying
to kind of stay away from reviews of it because I don’t want any spoilers
however what I have heard has been good things and also look at this cover it is
so tangled the next prompt is Flynn Rider a dark/mysterious book for
this one I really really wanted to go with a reread of heist society because I
think it fits Flynn Ryder’s character so perfectly however it doesn’t strike me
as a really dark or mysterious book it’s not really a mystery it’s a heist story
so instead I decided to go with genuine fraud by E Lockhart I don’t know much
about this one except that it is a mystery thriller by the same author as
we were liars which is an amazing mystery thriller so I have high hopes next up is
the snuggly duckling crew a book with a dreamy cover for this one I decided on
my almost flawless Tokyo dream life by Rachel Cohn
because since I saw that this book was coming out I have been kind of obsessed
with the cover and I just haven’t picked it up yet but I love the cover of this
book it is so dreamy and it even has the word dream in the title number four is
Mother Gothel this is probably the trickiest prompt it has to feature a
power-hungry character and it has to be out of your comfort zone so I decided on
what I think is the perfect book for me for this prompt and that is mother knows
best by Serena Valentino this one is literally about Mother Gothel who is
definitely a power-hungry character and it’s outside of my comfort zone because
it is like a villain book and I don’t usually like to read about the villain’s
side of the story very often so that’s why it’s out of my
comfort zone and then number five is Maximus read the
group book and the group book for team tangled is a curse so dark and lonely by
Brigid Kemmerer I’m so sorry for mispronouncing that
name which from what I could gather is sort of a Beauty and the Beast retelling
the special ability is Pascal who will allow you to blend it so you can move
along the map in whatever order you would like so this ability will come in
really handy for me if I manage to finish all of the prompts
for my team and I get to move on to the map and the other teams challenges (it also applies to my teams challenges 🤦‍♀️ ) and
that was my TBR for the Disney-a-thon let me know in the comments what you’re
gonna be reading for the Disneyathon what team you’re on if you’re
participating or what you thought of any of the books that are on my TBR if you
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so subscribe if you’d like to see more thanks for watching bye maybe I should
have put the headbend band back on but I have more videos to film so not today I’m thinking
about you fairest by Marissa Meyer number one is rapun Rapunzel all right so I got team tangled I’ll take this off now for the rest
of this video because it looks kind of ridiculous that I actually said right
I’m surprised at myself I had to get my phone from over there where it was
charging that scared me

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