Do These Sexual Assault Ads Go WAY Too Far?

a controversial campaign in sexual
assault is really taking office started an admin ten uh… and instead of
getting the word out to the victims of sexual assault like many campaigns deal
this is actually trying to stop the potential offenders of sexual assault on
the name of this campaign aides you don’t need that guy uh… campaign and i
believe we have some photos okay so if you’re gonna get an idea as we go
through the use of the idea that they’re trying to dispel some myth sort of
stereotypes that people who engage in a sort of behavior might have on your lying there trice is
when they but they do something that they may not even see is a sexual
assault but that he is a sexual assault and so that’s why dispel some business
so unloaded the next one seemed fairly honestly i would think
some of these more obvious and others ultimax yet and so you get you can see
from this picture in particular the imagery is obviously are disturbing i mean they’re perpetrating the initial
moments of the sexual assault here and these are poster roseanne and things have been online
there he is done through this area’s edmondson on and also for the fastest is yeah
thank you obviously again very disturbing imagery so what is very controversial but it is
actually taking off not only throughout canada but also around the world in
different uh… organizations are asking to get these photos and to use the same uh… and then see that your here’s
another controversial into just because it’s impact homosexual couple insiders
just kind of a lot of different facets about this campaign
about uh… and a lot of different groups are are
asking for the same posters who they want is the same campaign and
admitted they get now they sort of this program last year they’re getting been
implemented this year uh… and they found that uh… there’s above that ccb admins in reports that forty
percent of sexual assault in admin to last year were investigated by this
organization the sexual assault section of the ups and of those fifty one
percent involve alcohol so basically the less complicated way of saying that is
that more than half of all sexual assaults
tech tend to involve alcohol and they really and then put the about
this campaign in an you know is that it’s it it it
does seem to be working because uh… the number of reported sexual assaults
actually fell by ten percent last year in vancouver uh… after those ads were
featured and this is the first time in several years that there was actually
any drop at all in sexual assault activity and so this does actually seem
to be having a positive impact just kind of getting awareness out
dispelling some of the like he said that the stereotypes of people who might have
about what kind of sex is okay dot kind of sex
is not okay and so it it sounds of every program the itemid at first like i said i was a service of
the imagery but i think that it’s it’s a good route to take but you can do all you can lend we do on
this show it to tell potential victims what they can do to try to avoid
dangerous situations and things like that but financially it’s a problem of people
assaulting other people and that we’re allowing people to grow up in going to
college and go into these party situations where their drug in there the judge is compromised assuming things
about sex that are inaccurate or that are outdated uh… and if this is sort
of poster campaign can do something two guest pass i think it’s it’s doubling
idea as as you said the starting two thousand ten they’re realizing it
including uh… that last inch could bring a back up again so here you have the the same sex posted
initially have this back in two thousand ten but they’re expanding uh… and i
think that adding that it’s great that now act i’d
never previously thought about same-sex sexual assault i guess but it is obviously it just as
much of a problem sir and so it’s good that when we’re talking about sexual
solved now were were thinking about all the
potential situation semesters evolution yeah ands and so far in disgusting and is
disturbing and so i think it’s about time that we start for train that that in these campaigns to get rid of it
because there is no tiptoeing around the issue of sexual assault it is discussing
it is a starving and maybe some people think is images are controversial in all
honesty on but that’s the reality of the situation yep and it’s not just you know woman walking down an alley just
attacked by a stranger something like that except parties with people you know
people that you’ve hung out with before sometimes and soviet it’s going to be
flush it out

100 thoughts on “Do These Sexual Assault Ads Go WAY Too Far?

  1. Like, I'm going to be honest I know female on male sexual assault happens but there's physical limitations that really restrict it. Most women wouldn't be physically capable of taking advantage of a man in any of the situations on these posters. … it's just Gah! I'm a woman and were I to try to sexually assault a man all I'd get is beat up and shut down unless I was in my own home with him incapacitated or had assistance how likely/common is that? Biology and Statistics =/= Sexism

  2. You don't have to be a theoretical mathematician to understand that the fact that most perpetrators of sexual assault are men does NOT mean that most men commit sex crimes. If it's not about you then it's not about you. All the stats seem to indicate that this campaign is working.

    I think the way our society places the emphasis on preventing sexual assault on victims, instructing them to trust no one (most victims know their assaulter), does more to hurt men than these posters.

  3. Thank you for bringing that up. These days, its almost like people assume that its always the girls that are assaulted when, women are just as likely to accost men against their will. The problem then lies with the fact that the men are rarely believed. Its almost as though people assume men can't be raped when in fact they can. And to all you haters who are going to call me a misogynist for this, let me just say; I AM a woman. I just happen to be one that believes in TOTAL equality.

  4. Of course shes hurt if the accusation is true why would you role your eyes at that? But if its false, her identity is withheld, so nobody knows who she is. look at the Olumide Fadayomi case. The same woman drove a man to suicide just form an allegation. I don't want to play who's the worst victim game, but im saying this as a warning to men, be careful and know what your getting into.

  5. If women were as strong as men there would be an increase in f on m rapes, and a decrease in m on f rapes, just for practical reasons, there would still be more m on f. Men are more likely to rape because it is evolutionarily advantageous to do so. No, when the rape of women is questioned, its questioning whether she is crying false rape. With men, they are saying it isn't actually a thing, and the guy is just being a pussy.

  6. Yes, I never meant they would be equal if our dimorphism was less, it would just be ever so slightly less unequal (like 3% to 98% instead of 1% to 99%). Fair enough, but at least it is questioned whether she was raped or not, and not dismissed off the bat as impossible. Its a similar issue with domestic violence.

  7. They need to educate men AND women on what rape is. In fact women is probably more important, because I'm sure most guys who do rape know what they do is probably rape but they don't care. Where as women need to be educated to #1 stop rape from going unreported, and #2 stop cases of false rape accusations. Once everyone is more educated, things will be better for everyone.

  8. 0:45 "it's not sex if she's wasted"… ummm, that's really fucked up. If sexual assault takes place any time a woman has enough alcohol of arguably interfere with her decision making (which is as little as 2-3 drinks), that is just ridiculous. So if she initiates and the man is also drunk, by current social attitudes, he raped her.
    This is why people are starting to view sexual assault laws as absurd.

  9. wow so what. I used "there" instead of "their". It's a youtube comment. I noticed it after I hit post but I didn't feel like deleting it just to change one word.

  10. Um, you ask. Never assume, always ask. That's if she's sober. If she's drunk/drugged/otherwise impaired, she cannot give informed consent. Don't have sex with her. This is really, really easy to understand.

  11. "Um, you ask." Like I said, this is treating men like children who are too stupid to be able to make any kind of intelligent judgements on a situation.
    "[If she's drunk/high] Don't have sex with her." I also have a problem with that, as 1. If both have been drinking it puts the burden on the guy even though BOTH have impaired judgement, and 2. that if she's had any meaningful amount of alcohol, even if she gives consent at the time, it's sexual assault… fuck… that!

  12. Your comment is condescending to both men and women. It makes men out to be complete idiots who have no ability to gauge whether a woman is interested unless in response to a direct question (which would often kill the mood), and women out to be wilting flowers, who could not possibly make their discomfort or disinterest known unless a man asks them first.
    Also, if we're talking about "it's a gentlemanly to ask", then fair enough, but if we're talking about "it's rape if you don't", fuck that.

  13. no the first comment said yes means maybe but she could change her mind in the morning. she wakes up sees he was ugly and it becomes a no… its a joke it doesnt need to be analyzed this much

  14. I disagree about the drunk thing. Im pretty sure your legally able to give consent under the influence of alcohol, no? Otherwise I may be a hardened criminal….. Along with most other men.
    Hell, with out alcohol id be fucking screwed, BUT ALONE!

  15. I can honestly not see how these are working. How can someone think its ok to rape a girl unconscious. I thought that was common sense and those who did it either didnt know the difference between right or wrong OR they know its wrong and dont care. Strange this seems to be having a positive impact. Or perhaps a coincidence?

  16. Before you EVER have sex with ANY woman you should make them sign a waiver on consent and o what sexual acts you want to engage in.

    Otherwise the female with have potential blackmail on you for the rest of your life.

  17. Women cant give consent while drunk
    But men apparently can
    A guy cant say he was raped by a woman because he was drunk and didnt really want to have sex with her

    The cards are stacks against you my friend

  18. Men can say no just as women can. If a woman tries to have sex with a drunk man, it's rape just as if he'd tried to have sex with her while she was drunk.

    Maybe it's harder for men to press charges because they'd feel ashamed to admit they were violated, or worried they'd be ridiculed. Well, that's what it was like for women before feminism encouraged women to speak out and pushed for positive social change.

    You don't like the current double standard? Guess what: neither do modern feminists.

  19. No, it's not. Drunken sex is rape. Now, maybe the partners are both drunk and when they wake up the next morning they don't regret what they did the night before, giving an "after-the-fact consent". But at the time it was still wrong.

    Bottom line, if your partner seems eager to jump your bones, but they're drunk, just wait a few hours for them to sober up. If they still want you sober, go nuts knowing the sex is consensual. If they don't, they never wanted you in the first place.

  20. You know you can report that person to the police for that, right? Rules of consent apply to men and women equally, and if you consent to only having safe sex with your partner and they are sabotaging that, they are performing a criminal act.

  21. Because sexual assault is a massive epidemic and because only the woman is drunk in these situations and because a woman has never raped a man in the history of the world. Fuck this.

  22. I don't think it goes far. I think it's great. I am somewhat concerned, however, by the fact that the assailants are exclusively depicted as male.

  23. Once sex gets out of the area of mutual consent, it is NOT sex. It becomes an assault. We have an English vocabulary that accurately describes degrees and levels and intents and out comes, we should use the right words and not try to sanitize something by minimizing our vocabulary.
    If I put a bite of food in my mouth because I am hungry and it tastes good and it is good for me, I am eating. If you use a stomach tube to poor food directly into my stomach, is that also eating?

  24. No. women can and do rape men. You do not need a penis to rape, so there is also woman on woman rape. And it does happen more than you think. But the victims are not apt to come out and our society is not apt to take them seriously. I also think that there should be a picture of a woman forcing herself on an other woman, and maybe a couple of women, intimidating a man. Once sexual attention becomes unwanted it is entering into the area of aggression, assault, and abuse.

  25. And what is NOT sexy about asking, softly, " May I touch the nape of your neck?"
    foreplay is part of sex, an important part. There is a lot of talk that is needed for good foreplay. If you ask a sexy question at each step, and you get a "No' or "stop at this point" you know how far you CAN go. Peoples minds change and your assumption that you know what is on my mind and that of any other woman's is a first rate turn off.

  26. Just makes me think of all the bitches out there that get wasted or high and after regretting that night calls her "Consent" "Rape"

    Its as stupid as only a woman could be raped. Men can be raped as well. If I was being brought up on rape charges I could say "ohh well she was wet" in my defense and that wouldnt hold up, but if a man was testifying a woman "you had an erection so you liked it."

    The charges of rape should require vigorous evidence to hold up in court. He said she said bullshit!

  27. I agree and that's why this campaign bothers me. Rape and sexual assault rates have been declining for like 2 decades now, but nope we have to keep hearing about it.

  28. I think you'll find most definitions of rape are biased towards men and biased away from women though (TMK in the US and Canada, a woman cannot rape a man with her vagina or mouth).
    "Once sexual attention becomes unwanted it is entering into the area of aggression, assault, and abuse." I have a real problem with this statement (If any sexual attention makes you uncomfortable, you're a victim and the pursuer is a borderline or full blown criminal).

  29. I really like this campaign! I would only suggest that they switch from "It's not sex if. . ." to "It's rape if. . ."

    There are already enough stupid misinterpretations in school life about what is and isn't technically "sex"

  30. Good campaign, GREAT campaign….It is about fucking time!!! BRILLIANT. Does NOT go too far! You know what goes too far?….sexual assault! It should be disturbing.

  31. Yeah it does matter… You are upset because you feel this puts forth an unfair generalization of men, that all men are rapists. You tried to disprove it by saying more men are raped in prison than women are elsewhere. The rape was done by men though! This doesn't disprove the generalization you disagree with, it only furthers it. Men are accountable for over 90% of rapes. Sure, the generalization that ALL men are rapists isn't true, but statistic wise women rapists are exceptions.

  32. Also, I have no idea what you're talking about in the rest of your post and am not sue where you got it from. I did not even imply any of that. Therefore, I'm sorry, I cannot respond to it.


    Then how can it be rape if he's wasted too?

    If she is too intoxicated to legally consent (even if she says yes) then if he is equally intoxicated, how can we judge him by the same standards of a sober, clear-headed person?

    Don't just instinctively sneer in disgust at that question. If you disagree, I want you to really think about why you do and explain it with consistent logic.

  34. Maybe the fact that the government doesn't consider a woman legally capable of rape has something to do with those statistics.

    Like, if you asked me to count the number of different colored M&Ms in a bag, and I arbitrarily decided the blue ones weren't really M&Ms and threw them out, it wouldn't be surprising when my total revealed zero blue M&Ms.

  35. Ooh, ooh, I just thought of another ad they could run.

    The picture is of a woman touching a man sexually and his expression makes it clear he is incredibly uncomfortable and not even slightly attracted to her:

  36. This went viral on tumblr and people started asking for that very thing, and in about 3-4 days we had some. google around a bit. You'll find 'em.

  37. No, with tumblr, if it's more than a few days old it's hard to find. I'd look for "don't be that girl sexual assault/rape posters/ext" or even the original "don't be that guy" I believe the poster said "a boner is not an automatic yes; don't be that girl" or something along those lines. I'm not sure of the exact wording.(it was going off the 'just cause the body reacts doesn't make consent) it was very well loved when it hit the net. It shouldn't be too hard to find.

  38. Obviously, but unfortunately, some of this can be miscommunication.
    Every woman I've ever dated has been uncomfortable with sex unless a little drunk at first.
    I feel uncomfortable with that, but it's the way things seem to be.
    Ongoing consent is such a murky area, because people aren't mind readers, and there needs to be some common sense limit.
    This may be a move in a good direction, and I would certainly wish for more responsibility, but I dislike that the campaign paints men as predators.

  39. My sentiments precisely.
    I try to be very aware of this with women, and the response I get is that it's not romantic or attractive. I'm "dense" and "cant read the signs"
    I don't even really blame irresponsible choices, because it all stems from shame of sex, imo. People have to get drunk/high to lower their inhibitions so they can have fun. I like a drink as much as any Brit, but being drunk has never made a night, and certainly not a sexual encounter "more fun" for me.

  40. Here's a question I always like to ask when I see these kinds of things (0:44)

    What if you're both drunk? Is it mutual rape?

  41. "If she's drunk/drugged/otherwise impaired, she cannot give informed consent."
    I'm sorry but that's bullshit. Plenty of women and men go out to get drunk and laid.

  42. A non voluntary bodily response does not equal consent. Every single man has been in a situation where they have had an erection at an inopportune time. Moral of the story is an erection is not the result of conscious thought and cannot be held to be a sign of consent.

  43. From your thumbnail picture you look like a mature male so i'm just gonna ask in what decade did you have sex education? Did you know that there are instances where men get raped by other men and get erections? this has absolutely nothing to do with desire; a body's natural physical responce has no direct relation to being arroused mentally in regards to a forced sex act.

  44. because
    1. Penis stop working that is true- when you get so much boozes
    2. No matter how hard you try and spin it , women are more often victims then men- that is reality.
    Also what is interesting is, that this has focused on the guys (the campaign) and it has proven to have work and actually seen a drop in sexual assaults.
    So shut up please with you rapist and sexual assault apologist attitude.

  45. This type of education is exactly what Zerlina Maxwell was attempting to say when she was on FOX news but unfortunately Hannity couldn't keep his mouth shut for two seconds for her to explain and a lot of idiots failed to understand what she was trying to say and verbally attacked her for it.

  46. There are some ads out there that do go too far because of the triggering imagery. The initial stages should be enough, but not to be extremely graphic.

  47. It's a dodgy campaign nonetheless. By adressing all man in that generalized way, it suggests that all man are potential rapist. It also does not take simple realities into account; people do get drunk to loosen up. Booth sexes do it.
    A female friend of mine get deliberately (very) drunk to overcome her social inaptitude. She gets drunk to have sex with strangers on purpose. So what know?
    Dating, it's complicated.

  48. They don't show it here, but the other half of these posters is the text "Don't be THAT guy." in big bold letter.

    This is offensive. The idea that the group commuting the majority of the assault should receive all the blame is misguided. Do the creators of these posters think we should have some that say "Don't be THAT black guy." in relation to violent crime? Or "Don't be THAT Muslim." in relation to terrorism? Or "Don't be THAT white person." in relation to starting/supporting wars?

  49. Statistics, taking on the more obvious issue. Based on a video I just saw, apparently the number of men that are raped is 1/10 of all victims–and I'm sure they are not as brutal on average. Really, women have more to lose when raped and the issue is historically more common. If we promote them receiving justice, those pics will come. See, the same sex one came later, why not the female agressor as well?

  50. Perhaps we should go to a city like Detroit and put up posters that are against violent crime that say "Don't Be That Black Person."

    By your logic, since they are the vast majority of violent crime aggressors, right? Wrong. The fact that most rapists are men is as relevant as the fact that most criminals in some cities are of a certain race.

    Stop the hatred.

  51. Hopefully these people are sober when they view the poster so that it makes sense to them. Does everyone go to college to get wasted and rape each other?

  52. Stereotypes?  How about the overlooked stereotype that all guys are potential rapists.  "Don't be that guy" implies that men would have raped a girl unless they were told not to do so.  I can't begin to tell you how much is wrong with all of this.

  53. But when female teachers have sex with minors, or men get raped in prison, then it's OK, right?

    Feminism:Where only men rape, and never get raped, and women are always holy, pure, and always beyond reproach. SMH

  54. A major offence of women, which is ignored, is false accusation of sexual assault. I think this happens more often that actual sexual assaults happen. If accusers don't completely make a story up many are exaggerating what happens.
    Mattress girl is one example, the police see this happening all the time. That's why many accusations don't get to court, they are profoundly false. Feminists try to turn this around and say that real accusations are not listened to.

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