Dominating with Aggressive AA – Battlefield 4

Hi YouTube, Darth Here:
This right here, this is the mobile anti-aircraft. The mobile AA, the M-A-A, or the *** **** **** noob
cart. It’s easily the most hated vehicle in Battlefield 4.
Like the title says, MAA’s are obviously OP
L-O-L at MAA users defending their OP glitchmobile O-M-G T-L-D-R
You get the idea. It’s also one of the most elusive unicorns.
Most players I see keep it parked in their base, far away from harm, and far away from
the action. Well today I want to show you how to break that stereotype, and rub the
enemy’s nose in just how deadly this battleship can be. First, let’s get to know this death wagon.
The list of pro’s for the MAA are many. The MAA is just as tough as the other Infantry
Fighting Vehicles. This means that it can take roughly 3 anti-tank shells or rockets
to any of its four sides before being destroyed. The DPS of the MAA cannons are incredibly
high. They can destroy aircraft in less than 3 seconds of sustained fire, or infantry in
roughly one second (or less with consecutive headshots).
It can equip the same countermeasures as the other armored vehicles. In most cases this
is going to mean the Active Protection, if a player has it unlocked.
It’s the only vehicle where the primary vehicle user can equip Proximity Scan. This
is incredibly important for using the vehicle in an aggressive way.
Like all of the Infantry Fighting Vehicles, the MAA is amphibious. This is just another
nice little utility that adds to the do anything capabilities of this vehicle.
But it’s also not without its shortcomings: The MAA is exceptionally vulnerable to other
armored threats. There are very small windows of opportunity where the MAA can win against
tanks and other IFVs, and if they’re aware of you, this becomes even harder to accomplish.
For the most part, an MAA in the sights of anti-armor is a dead MAA.
It’s worth mentioning that because you are the MAA, the most hated vehicle in battlefield,
people make you a priority target, even at their own detriment. Before I talk about playing aggressively,
I want to at least mention the setup I’m using to make this work.
Firstly, I use the 30mm as a primary weapon. I experimented a bit with this, and looking
at the statistics on Symthic, the 30mm does slightly more baseline DPS. While playing
with this setup, it proved to be more useful for hitting and killing infantry before they
could duck behind cover. It does far more damage to other vehicles, and especially light
vehicles. The base spread on the 30mm cannon is zero, which means your first shot is almost
a guaranteed to hit. But the spread increases quickly, so be sure to burst the weapon, and
it’s practically a sniper rifle. As a secondary weapon, I use the Zuni Rockets.
You’ll still have guns to deal with the air threat, and the Zuni rocket provide too
many benefits to the aggressive AA to pass up. This choice lets me hit infantry that
may be hiding behind obstacles, take out buildings, or as a powerful point defense against other
armored vehicles. Close in is where you don’t want enemy armor, but it’s really the most
effective range for the Zuni rocket to take them out. If you choose an anti-air missile
instead, keep in mind that you then have nothing to deal with enemy armor.
As a countermeasure, I run the active protection. I really don’t think there’s another choice
here, as active protection provides a shield of nigh-invulnerability that can really save
you from surprises. For optics, I prefer zoom optics, as the 30mm
cannon is a potent long-range weapon if burst-fired. However, if you prefer IRNV or Thermal, those
are perfectly reasonable choices. Especially since the special optics are useful for spotting
mines that might otherwise catch you unawares. And finally, the in the upgrade slot I use
the Proximity Scan. As I said earlier, this is the only vehicle whose primary user can
deploy with a proximity scan. It acts as a sort of all-seeing radar for your vehicle,
pointing out enemies behind walls, c4 kamikazes sneaking up on you, and generally anything
within thirty meters of your vehicle. This upgrade is extremely effective for aggressive
plays, as it lets you get in on otherwise tight flag captures, and anticipate enemy
attacks. The moment the enemy infantry makes themselves visible, they are easily shredded
by cannon fire. One last potent addition to this setup is
playing as an engineer with a repair torch and the repair field upgrades. Since you’re
up close to the action, you’re going to be taking damage. Damage that you’re going
to need to repair quickly. And the faster you can get repaired, the sooner you’re
back and delivering the pain. This setup works really well for getting in
the action, but you really have to be on your game as every enemy will likely be targeting
you. Like other armored vehicles, you greatly increase your survivability when you’re
supporting—and supported by—friendly players. Just a few infantry in support, and it’s
easy to overrun an enemy point, and clean up any survivors with proximity scan.
However, you must be absolutely aware of where the enemy air power and armor is, or could
be coming from. They’re the greatest threat to your survival, and you cannot let tanks
catch you at mid-range or you’re going to be in serious trouble. Try keeping an eye
on your map in-game, or battlelog map on a second monitor or tablet.
You also cannot let good pilots, particularly good attack jet pilots, remain in the air.
Remember to prioritize your threats, and your targets. Try to always be aware of where the
big armored threats are, and keep aircraft out of the sky. This will give you the time
to pick off infantry when they’re foolish enough to show themselves to you.
So what’s the big benefit of putting your mobile anti-aircraft in the middle of the
action as opposed to staying safe in your base? Firstly, you’re helping to capture
points for your team as a particularly deadly scout vehicle. Secondly, not a lot of pilots
expect AA to be hitting them from the middle of the map, as most AA tends to hide in the
backfield. And finally, in the midfield, you’re going to find far larger concentrations of
infantry, against which you’re a devastating threat.
So I recommend you try pushing the mobile AA past the usual safety of the spawn, and
mix it up against the enemy team. Remember that even though you’re being aggressive
with the AA, like with any armored vehicle, you cannot be foolishly aggressive. Watch
out for the tanks, keep the air down, and punish the infantry, and soon your enemies
will be begging for another MAA nerf. Thanks for watching, and if you liked this
video, please throw it a like. If you’d like to see more Battlefield 4 videos, please
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20 thoughts on “Dominating with Aggressive AA – Battlefield 4

  1. My style of M-mutha-f-in' AA, 30mm and Zunis. I'll try Zoom and Proximity; I completely forgot about proximity scan as a driver upgrade in BF4 which is why I default to FLIR to check for mines.

    That said, it's a vehicle of opportunity for me to pick up and lock down the middle flag. Not something I spawn in at base.

    I unlocked all the upgrades in less than a handful of games on China Rising with cannons then Zunis only, felt so dirty.

  2. Thank you for explaining really well that true AA drivers are not sit in the base pansies. I have a slightly different set up. I use the 20mm because they make hitting things from a distance especially planes very easy. The 20mm also has a longer sustained fire time. I don't use prox and instead use belt loader so I can fire the 20mms for more time. It does leave me a little vulnerable when I enter more infy heavy areas, but it's worth it I think. Aps and zunis are the same. If you get good with them, you can hit tanks from quite a distance. Also the second you get in the aa, switch to the zunis and fire a rocket and reload.

  3. What I find funny is that the main complaint i hear about the AA is that it's so powerful when it sits in spawn, which is completely untrue

  4. I tried to point this out to people all the time. This vehicle is by far my favorite vehicle of the whole game. It drives me crazy when people sit back and don't use it to its full capability. Thank you for posting this video. Naptownpove77

  5. 20mm cannon is almost useless against infantry after patch, making the 30mm the only practical option now. Anyway, nice video.

  6. man the maa sucks, wats overpowered in a pub game is team work, the team work that has 2 tanks and an maa rolling around the map mowing down everything they see. funniest shit in the maa is taking down a chopper or jet, and have that same person come back like 2 mins later in a chopper or jet, and they are flying right at you. these are the idiots that think the maa is op.

  7. Id say No to zuni rockets    as this vehicol is ment to take out air    rock the  homeing rockets   they waste air

  8. Think they should replace the 4 barrel guns with 4 minigun a.Now that would make it effective as well as add more rockets.

  9. The aa is soooo annoying, especially on golmud railway, they just sit out there in the open and you cant cross half the map if you are in a jet/helicopter

  10. There are different ways to use the MAA, but i use it the way it's used in real life: an anti-air vehicle. I've never played agressivley with it. I don't use reactive armor or zuni rockets. I equip passive radar, 20mm cannons, zoom optics air radar and APS. Then, i sit directly next to my spawn's AA gun and supress infantry and destroy air vehicles. I don't think it's made for close range supporting fire.

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