Dr. Phil Gets Sued for Sexual Assault

let’s start with dr phil he’s been
slapped with a lawsuit the and a bizarre lawsuit that i one of his former
patients in initially if anybody out dr phil sexually assaulted but now i i love the details of this but
my favorite part of slapped with a lot there gotti’s belt regulating like the last sentence out like it has
any merit whatsoever anime idea that you don’t jump the gun and say that but dr
phil does look like a creepy guy okay you’re dying for this lawsuit have
merit i had to tell from the beginning when we first undiscovered so hip
whatever you have a look at her view might this excel wrong to rock and then you but you when you read in
the story realize that this laws do not have a total bullshit that casting the
article that’s like bill it you know basically dryness or not so seem like a psychopath unesco bias you never know kato tell
tell again %uh exactly my she’s seeking damages but
she filed %uh a lawsuit al where she allegedly was
held captive force to be in the same room with a completely live naked man
while he exposes entire making naked body genitals and all alive naked back as opposed to a deadly
naked but yeah but %uh but it was in dr fell like it
was some other guy and he was in the doctor filhos which is where she went to
get their team two thousand seven she claims basically visions brainwashed
by dr phil and then doctor fill brings in the sky with it when when when and in the light haha but because they
swoon will part of this their peers at and them what their partition claims the
doctor fill grabbed her left abreast is either the i’m not interested in your
right breast under bridges in your body through a bomb mcknight left breast she was trying to make it seem like it
had some sort of matches trying to be details which is like how they got it
agata provides some detail left breast but i don’t mind says she filed her lawsuit if she
doesn’t choose our own way ally a whole lot and this is why it’s it’s extremely
sketchy right socialite filed at two lawsuits
previously that were super sketchy %uh one was a malpractice suit against
orange county hospital two thousand seven and then she also said the car
dealership in act two thousand two thousand two initsite attack car
dealership in two thousand seven she’s acting as our own attorney %uh and her of filing was filled with
misspellings and grammatical errors doesn’t necessarily mean anything now look look it we can’t absolutely
just maybe those other two cases that we did it on the details about your cases
maybe they had their tuition justice run about looking ones about mister b right and %uh maybe you know doctor fill as a
passage who left breast that we don’t understand and maybe she just couldn’t
afford a lawyer and had to write out your own thing you should not that it’s
been one could she do in a bunch of %uh mistakes that happens right all those
maybe ps but i’m now by birthday apple we read to derail our
terms on this and good luck to tell you what kind of journal science they’ll first article did not mention
this other sketchy lawsuits ok what issues pollen or lead paint in
representing yourself with an online degree whatever was happening right %uh but the super cell left breast those
like something wrong here last presses wanted to offer you had
sent me off is the fact that she filed for back they could see back in may of
two thousand eight but she’s out of money she’s looking for
some money right and so and then it was i saw left
wrestles like there’s something i have no we found a second article that
explain to roll history it’s better and i was like %uh totally shweta anyway and plus the white have been heeded i’ve
been there if it you know what i’m saying what’s
the point of that it is not a bit range for alive naked guy is the life that you
can alright so dr phil not guilty okay we don’t know that yet we don’t
know if for the moby for the bombay we will not judge you guilty of head of
time threat are we not merciful well we’re number cin but it would be
done like best call of my life if they said he was guilty if they found guilty read that you don’t
think he’s guilty so as i recall i think know who wanted to be your because you
think you as an appropriate way it’s a bit digitised i know i know that there are good at and
joking obviously ok a little bit watch more clicks the young turks dot com

100 thoughts on “Dr. Phil Gets Sued for Sexual Assault

  1. One of the breast videos…ummm, I mean BEST videos of Anna I have seen yet. I wouldn't limit myself to just the left one….I would want to make sure the right one didn't get jealous!

  2. I gotta say, like all these other bored guys, I watched this video for Ana and little else. Now to look for some real TYT gold though.

  3. God! The comments on here must have been made by twelve year olds. Ana shows two inches of cleavage and there is massive slobbering. BIG FUCKING DEAL!

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  5. CENK IS AN IDIOT. If you have ever groped a breast you know that the right hand goes to the left breast. If hes right handed.

  6. Dude, all he would have down was touch her boob
    I think I could live with that to get that condescedning prick off the airwaves
    (I know, I'm the bad guy)

  7. Why not ask Tawanna Brawley, or the slut who claimed she was gang raped by the Duke Lacrosse players, whether Dr. Phil is guilty or not.
    That should handle it.

  8. Eh… it's a slang term. It's going to have a different meaning in different regions.

    It's like asshole. In some parts of America it means idiot. In others it means someone who makes a fool of themselves in public, and still in others it just means someone who's incredibly unpleasant to be around on purpose.

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  10. My problems with Dr. Phil have nothing to do with the way he looks, but with some of his philosophies, I think it is scary when people start going around judging people just by the way they look.

  11. they say pervy wanker so much cuze they had a story like a month ago how this British woman called her boss a pervy wanker and it was pretty funny

  12. Dr Phil would NOT take a chance like that. HAVE YOU SEEN ROBIN? That dog DOES hunt…HIS NUTS! He's obviously the bitch in that marriage, and she'll go Tiger Woods' wife on him! LOL! Robin would kick the livin' shit out dat bitch ass like Jackie Chan meets The Zohan! XD

  13. @Superapplefrog What I don't know is anything about your "other" docs, or their wives. Robin, however, based on her interactions with him, seems to RUN Dr Phil, so it wouldn't seem that she'd let HIM get away with anything like that!

  14. one thing I dont understand…why don't Americans sue alcohol companies for causing depression on some people….like people who have tried to commit suicide while drunk…I am surprised this hasn't happened yet. Americans sue tobacco companies for causing cancer in lungs (AND WIN!), so why not sue alcohol/beer companies for causing depression which can debilitate people drastically for extended periods of time…

  15. this is retarded I HATE people who try to defame other people for money. This is just like the Bill Clinton thing. Doctor Phil is DOCTOR for people with PROBLEMS, he HELPS them and has been doing so for a very long time why the hell would you believe this bitch.

  16. @daobagua
    there is a REASON why they are that powerful they go through rigorous personality tests and procedures and a scrutinized by many professionals long before they make it to the top, have faith in your leaders.

  17. @bob1012112 ROFL. Wow. I do not even know what to say to that. You simply told me to be an unquestioning nitwit to anyone with authority. I hate to break it to you, but that is not how our system thrives. That is how totalitarian societies are built, by people refusing to question authority. Futhermore, are you forgetting that Bill admited to not only monica but several of his affairs. At the time he was lying, should I have just had faith then?

  18. @BeingNobody1956 Considering he was in the process of puplicly defaming Gennifer Flowers, who had an affair with him when he was governor of arkinsaw (he as since then admited this). I would say monica had considerable pressure to keep silent about her affair.

    So what if she is an adult, their was a huge power imbalance (he was her boss), and she obviously felt bad enough about it to keep the blue dress as evidence. (realizing if she came out she would be persecuted just like Gennifer).

  19. @BeingNobody1956 I would never say you don't have a right to voice your opinion. If you didn't have the right, then what is the point of having an army. From all of us in Canada, thanks for serving.

    Back on to Clinton. I don't think I am unreasonable to say that he is an immoral person. Even if it was consential, he was cheating on his wife, multiple times. So it is not predjudice or close minded for me to make my opinion based on these facts. Note I am not criticising his governing skill.

  20. @BeingNobody1956 Bill Clinton and Monica is their own business, unless he threatened her job or implied it to have sex. This is the case that was against him by several women (its adds credability when you can add #'s, think tiger woods). If he threatened her job, it is extortion. The state and the police are suppose to protect citizens from being forcably cohersed by other citizens. This would fit that definition. It is still not defimation (original argument), because it was true in his case.

  21. Would be awesome to see dr.phil do his own lie-detector-tests.. I havent seen any tests so far gone good in the name of dr.phil-shows..

  22. @krechlich 1) i hate lawsuits and would never sue anyone for anything regardless of the circumstances
    2) I am not an America
    3) i dont have depression

    It is a simple question, i am not implying they should do it, I am merely wondering why it doesn't happen. I hear stories how this happens all teh time in USA like a woman who spilled coffee on herself and sued because it was hot. You would think that some idiot would have won a huge suit for alcohol making him depressed

  23. @benjaminpulanco Your only looking at the top half of her when you say that. But then going by that alone…I'd have to say I'd still go for that size. Somebody know her measurements? OR lets have a competition whoever can guess the closest lol

  24. I think that people just want some of Dr. Phil's money. He has a successful TV show and there are alot of women that love him. I like his show and think that this women is just looking for some money.


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  28. All these two do is sit around on their show and talk shit about people. Dr Phil has saved lives, and helped THOUSANDS of people, what have these two done with their lives? Oh right, they are still an internet "news" show, still sitting around talking shit about people. 

  29. Dr Phil takes advantage of People for his own monetary gain. He's a despicable person. http://people.com/crime/dr-phil-mcgraw-sued-for-alleged-false-imprisonment-and-wrongful-termination/

    this probably needs to be assessed again, along with his past tweets.
    he has a huge history.
    not to mention he created "Cash me ousside"……

  31. This is a topic now, and I just thought of DF. He just looks that way. There is something insincere in his affect that says "i'm getting one over on you".

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