Hi everyone. I’m Catriona and today I’m gonna be doing a spoiler free review of Draekora by Lynette Noni. This is the third book in the Medoran Chronicles and before I go into any real details, the main part of this review, before I even touch upon the summary, I’m just gonna give you a really brief overview of my thoughts in case you haven’t read the first two books in this series. Because while this is going to be spoiler free for Draekora, there’s likely to be some spoilers for the books that came before it, unfortunately. So I don’t want to ruin your experience for it so I’m just gonna give you a very vague idea of my thoughts. So this book packs a punch and hits you in all of the feely places. We continue to explore more of the world of Medora and we find ourselves in some really beautiful and wonderful new places. We meet some new lovable characters and see some pre-existing relationships develop in some unexpected ways. But most of all the plot throws so many things your way from so many different angles. Draekora is absolutely my favorite book of the series so far and I love the tone it took. It still retains a lot of that fun and that ease of reading that the first two books have, but the stakes are raised even higher in this one and there’s a bit of a darker undertone to it which I really love. If you’ve picked up Akarnae, the first book in the series, and you’re not too sure if you want to continue or not, for me these books are getting better and better, so I would recommend it. Okay continuing on with the rest of this review. This is a really really difficult book to talk about without mentioning any spoilers so I apologize if I’m super vague and you are just completely confused about what I’m actually trying to say. Really early on in this book it takes a bit of a turn and everything is just completely foreign territory. I mean it’s not really foreign it’s kind of confusing and new but it feels foreign. It just goes in a direction that you aren’t expecting. Honestly, talking about it in any detail would be spoiling the experience. Gonna try and keep things as vague as possible. In saying that, all I’m gonna say about the synopsis of Draekora is at the beginning of the book we find Alex and her friends trying to figure out a way to help Jordan after the events that unfolded at the end of Raelia and then Alex finds herself in a rather strange situation that just spirals into the events of this book. Confused? Well good, because you should really go to this book not knowing anything. It’s better that way. Um, so how do I continue? I guess–what if? Okay. This book made me fall in love with all of the characters even more, as impossible as that sounds. Because in the previous books I thought I loved them to death but somehow Lynette manages to make you fall even deeper for them. I have multiple new favorite characters because of this book and that made me feel really warm and fuzzy inside, whilst simultaneously conflicted about my feelings. We just get a lot more insight into some of the characters that we meet earlier on in the series. And the new ones that we do meet are just a great addition to the already lovable cast of characters that we have. Alex again proved time and time again how much of a strong character she is and we see even more of her growth and development as a person. The poor thing is subjected to so much trouble she kind of just stumbled her way into all of it honestly. She doesn’t always help her situation but she already had a lot weighing on her shoulders going into this book and she just–it keeps piling up and up. Now in terms of the plot like there’s nothing really that I can say apart from, “Wow.” and “Wow.” I just love how this book really kind of diverged from the really fluffy and fun adventurous books that the first two were and I’m not saying that that’s a bad thing or anything. I really really enjoyed those books for that fact but in addition to those, like I mentioned earlier, there is this kind of darker undertone and it is a bit more serious this book. And I really liked that there is a bit of a shift there. In terms of some of the things that did happen in this book I was able to predict some of it but surprisingly it didn’t really lessen my shock when those things came about. I think I just knew what was gonna happen but kind of hoped that things wouldn’t happen that way and so when they did I was just like “What? How could you get out of this situation now?” and just as a bit of like a teaser for those of you that are gonna pick up this book and want to know what line broke me at the end, “I was about to say, ‘You look exactly like I remember.’ ” Like I said, it hits you in every type of feely place. All of the feels. And feelings that you’re not supposed to feel, but you do anyway. Well, maybe you are supposed to feel it and in that case, Lynette you’re a cruel cruel woman. (But I love you for it.) Honestly that is all that I can really say about Draekora. I feel like I haven’t said that much in this review, but there’s nothing more that I can say unless I want to spoil everything for you, which I don’t want, because you need to go into this book blinded almost. When I finished the book I was like leaning towards a four and a half out of five stars because of some of the predictability in it but this book has really stuck with me since I finished it. I mean it’s only been a week but I can’t think of much else, so I’m leaning more towards a five stars for this one. And now I have to wait a really long time for the next book and I’m not okay with that. Also Lynette drew me a draekon. Draekon, guys. Guys! I don’t know if this review could be called helpful in any way, but thank you so much for watching, anyway. I hope you at least enjoyed it. For those of you that have read the book, I’m tempted to ask what you thought of it. But I also don’t want there to be any comments that kind of verge on being spoilery. Maybe don’t leave a comment. Maybe just leave an emoji to describe your feelings. If I were to pick an emoji to describe my feelings, this is hard, okay number one I would do the drooling emoji. Because all of the book boyfriends, or I would also do the laughing emoji. The one where it’s laughing until it’s crying. Because there was so much that made me happy about this book and made me smile but it also made me really upset and conflicted and sad at some points And I know that this emoji isn’t crying because it’s sad but it’s like that juxtaposition of laughter and crying just like that–there’s so many emotions that conflict with each other with this book, so I’m gonna go with that. Thank you again for watching and I will see you tomorrow with a new video, but until then I’ll talk to you in the comments.

20 thoughts on “DRAEKORA by Lynette Noni | BOOK REVIEW

  1. That sounds like such a great book, I need to check I out! I love the way you explain the summary and plot , it's quite easy to get what your talking about , and I definitely didn't feel spoiled ☺️✨

  2. this book broke me into smushy pieces. I'm sad we have to wait a year for Graevale. 

    this book its darker then the rest and i love the world building that happens in this book.

  3. So you loved the book loved the characters enjoyed the world. And now you have to wait for the next one. Oh you are such a book addict.

  4. I haven't heard of this book, but the cover is beautiful!
    It sounds really interesting. I'll definitely have to check it out!
    Great video!

  5. Are you possibly going to make a video on how you review books? Or any tips you can give to new bookbloggers or booktubers who are unsure on how to review books? 🙂 or have you already and I'm just being blind? Lol thanks! ❤️ love your videos (:

  6. Can you do a spoilery video about Draekora? Draekora was so gooood and I still can't get over the little things in the book

  7. I read Akarnae a while ago and I enjoyed it, but I didn't fall in love with it. I liked the friendship between the 3 main characters (mostly because there was no love interest or love triangle, so refreshing) and let's be honest, that library sounded pretty amazing, but I just found the "magic" in this world a bit strange. Original for sure, but not as magical as I expected. Also the big reveal at the end was the main character's gift, but it was a bit of a let down for me compared to what the others could do if you know what I mean. That being said you got me curious and I might continue the series !

  8. It's a pity that this books haven't been translated into Spanish, but anyway, if someone knows a web that sends them to Spain… please tell me. Thank You.

  9. Cover is very Avatarish haha. I like how her adventures are a little more down to earth. By that I mean its relatable. It wasn't thrust on her she just happened to find them and I really enjoyed that!

  10. Oh God, that Niyx line, `I was about to say you look exactly like I remember` <3
    Tbh, I thought you would have quoted an Aven line towards the end of the book…
    Cough*no spoiler*Cough You know which lines 🙂

  11. It is ENTIRELY your fault I pay so much money to get my hands on these books. xD If I hadn't gotten into your reviews, I wouldn't have known these books existed, and I would have missed out, big time–so I guess, cost aside (since I have two more books to buy in the series when they come out) thank you? Lol.  I completely agree with you; this book is the best in the series so far. Without getting spoiler-y, it turned everything–EVERYTHING–we knew in the first two books on its head. That's how I felt about it, because while Raelia explained a lot of things Akarnae didn't, Draekora took it several steps further. Just…gods! Gods, it was so, so good.

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