Through morass and blood And let’s go In the Big Bess Mark 5 Tank So be it. There is the whistle. Com on let me… New application And now we are allowed to drive Holy, holy… The control of this thing is like a shoe. Because it’s very big and clumsy… and the world explodes around us. Good So Here is a mud pit We drive around it and everywhere around us our people die. That’s our men So we removed him Common reload Not occupied And up there I drive this way Old swede… He wanted to throw a grenade, I saw that We can repair, takes time, can’t drive during it We have to come to the other side, I follow the other tank I can’t see a artillery gun Here we come through I hope… there is a bridge I hope it doesn’t break… very good I see nothing Here it must be… there is it. Dude… We suppress an fire at the same time It’s much going at the moment but we captured the flag immediately We got this Dude I have such a pressure Oh shit… and it rains… …It rains fire. Where? About there or? Attention boy Very good It wasn’t me Hey I wanted to… Dude! Wehre is the other Back there somewhere Wait a second I repair Fuck fuck fuck precious, time precious time Has to be enough We take the fast road We removed everything. Behind there is the next candidate Where is he? Old swede It starts nice Wait, wait, wait Okay out Okay how? That’s what I want. Is everything repaired? New application We have to go there first Ehh what was that? Okay.. Dude how much do they have? Can we drive through this? We destroy these fools Why beside them? first I repair it fast I see the next guns back there Don’t know what they’re doing But no longer Conquer Big Willys farm, we did that Big Willy isn’t big anymore he is a bit little now And there comes the next big gun, I will switch.. oh I do, Can’t see, but BAM! A bit confetti It’ so nice. A firework of entertainment. We can be happy this is just a game. It’s such a gift that we aren’t real there I wish that nobody How go on? I have to do this first I’m on it colleague. Who is that? Our boys come better through now but probably it helps them nothing another one Oh I’m too fast. We have to capture it first. Sorry! Then let’s capture the farm But the artillery guns are away My friends.. What’s up? Of course we go on Big Willys Farm… ahh and we have a colleague again Actually already now, they don’t know yet. Here is your reinforcement Destroy the enemy’s artillery A smooth landing Dear passengers we losing flight height fast We get to our destination in a few seconds Come on come on come on Yeah! Okay fast repair Short brake to breathe. Lucky we destroyed the guns already Somewhere in the back right Wait I come now We are nothing worth dead Come on Shitty mud! Fucking pits! Of course there are just random there. Oh no we’re stuck! Come out there! Never! Oh god how good is that?! Old swede boah! When you where ready for everything but not for this! Oh god oh god oh god oh god And the world burns Look at this senseless All the misery all the death Humans.

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