East Cavalry Battlefield – Ranger John Nicholas

18 thoughts on “East Cavalry Battlefield – Ranger John Nicholas

  1. It would be awesome if the rangers would show us the camps from both sides, to stand on the spot where they were..Thank you..

  2. The Michiganders who were so fortunate were armed with Spencer, not Sharps, repeating rifles.  The Sharps was a single-shot breech-loader, which still gave the troops armed with it an advantage over those who had to rely on muzzle-loaders.

  3. we were camped out there at the rummel farm in 2010 and again in 2011… the 17th pennsylvania cavalry and they had just plowed the fields about a week before that weekend and the guy who lived there died a few years a go

  4. General Sheridan credited Custer with forcing Lees surrender at Appomattox. Custer recieved the surrender flag. Sheridan bought the table the surrender was signed on and gave it to General and Mrs. Custer.

  5. The Confederates could never have won the war, they were vastly outnumbered throughout the war. It was a foolish venture that cost them dearly.

  6. The ranger talks about the intersection of Hanover and Low Dutch Rd. There is a housing development there with streets named Gregg Lane, Stuart Lane and Custer Lane. Many subdivision streets around Gettysburg are named for officers.

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