EASY Gold Camo Assault Rifles – BO4 Dark Matter Tips

(upbeat music) – [Narrator] Hello, and it
is that time of year again where we go for Gold Camo, Diamond, and then eventually Dark Matter. And so in today’s video
I’m gonna show you guys how to get the Gold Camo easy. It actually is pretty easy,
the challenges are very similar to the past. So let’s just get into it. First challenges you have
with your assault rifles are, as in the past to get 100 headshots. So you get that, and then
you unlock the technical, and these are very similar
to what we had before. You do the technical challenges, and then you get mastery, which is gold. Interesting thing about gold,
once you have it on your weapon and you get a fury kill with it, you know four rapid
kills with that weapon, it changes, it turns
into a, like a hyper gold and it has like these purple glowing dots racing all over it. Looks very awesome. For the first challenge,
the 100 headshots, the set up that I ended up
going with was the reflex sight. Helped just kind of clear it up. Depends on what weapon you’re using, but I tend to go with the reflex. If there’s an ELO available
I may go with that instead. Attachments can be whatever you like. No secondary. Equipment can be whatever you like, doesn’t have any effect on it, although I do like the COMSEC because it makes the Scorestreakss cheaper and you can get more UAVs
and hey, intel helps. For the perk setup,
engineer is just really to prevent you from
going through barbed wire or trip mines and seeing stuff that can really kinda slow
you down and ruin your day. Lightweight is very, very good. And you can go with a secondary perk if you have it unlocked. You can go Cold Blooded. I do like Cold Blooded
because it keeps you from being hassled as long as
you keep moving, okay, keep walking, keep running, moving around, Scorestreaks will have a
hard time targeting you. Okay? So it sort of works like Ghost,
as long as you keep moving you will not be targeted as easily. For perk three I ended up going with Ghost just so we can flank around and sneak in and get some
of those cheeky headshots. You can use whatever third
perk you want to go with. I happen to prefer Dead
Silence, although Team Link is pretty cool if you
decide to go with Core. But as in previous years,
the playlist that I chose to go with was right
here, Hardcore Domination. Just like, geez, we’ve
been doing this since BO2. So Hardcore Domination,
mainly because people are focused on an objective and when they’re capping
they tend to go prone or they’re stationary you
obviously know where they’re at. You know where people are spawning, and with that added intel
it aids in the headshots. Hardcore Free For All, I did try it, and it’s just a little too slow for me. You know if the goal is to
get Diamond and Dark Matter as soon as you can, well
then you’re probably gonna want to play a faster mode which would be Hardcore Domination,
Hardcore Kill Confirmed. Alright, the reason
why we’re playing these Hardcore modes is because
it is one bullet to the head with pretty much all the assault rifles. And as far as settings go,
make sure you go in there and you want to have
your Vertical Sensitivity really not that high, okay? We’re not playing Black
Ops 3, Infinite Warfare, where people are flying around, okay? We don’t need to look up very quickly. So have that lowered down and that’s gonna keep you from flinching
your controller around. I tend to have that Vertical
just a little bit lower. So, you get 100 headshots
which is really not that hard and then you unlock the
Technical Challenges. So first up is get 10 longshot medals, and this is, you only
have to get 10 of ’em, but it was pretty fun to get this. You will get some hate messages. And for the sight I did go with Recon, you can put on Long Barrel,
and then maybe Grip. Everything else truly
doesn’t matter, you know, because we’re gonna be camping
in the back of the map. Alright you need to find the
furthest part of the map, even if it’s a small map like
this snow map right here. And you will need to camp
for at least 10 kills, and like I said, I mean it’s kinda funny. I normally don’t play this
way but people will get annoyed with you, and they
will come for revenge kills. So when they do come for revenge kills, be ready and who knows you may get two or three more long
range kills with that. And yeah, don’t forget
that on this snow map, you can go in the water. Go in the water, hide in the very back, like I said, people aren’t
gonna be very happy with you. But hey, at least it’s only
for 10 kills per weapon. Alright so next up is the
Mother of Pearl, get 50 kills with the assault rifle without
any attachments equipped. And for that, hey, play
whatever mode you wanna do, cause essentially it’s
just a basic weapon. So anything will do, if
you don’t wanna deal with hit markers then obviously
Hardcore would be a nice choice. Next is Purple Hex. Get 50 kills with the
assault rifle with an optic and five attachments equipped. Okay, so the attachments
don’t really matter. None of that stuff does. But you won’t have any perks,
you won’t have any gear at all, and I decided to go with Control. This mode right here, because you know where the enemy is spawning. You’re gonna have all these attachments and you know if you have a lot
of good stuff on your weapon you should be able to
shred through people. You don’t have to get any
kill streaks or anything, just plain old kills and
control is a good way for that because you know where
people will be going, and you know where they
will be coming from. Moving on we have Penthouse, sort of kinda looks gold, but it isn’t. Get two rapid kills, five
times, with both kills coming from the assault
rifle, and you will get this organically on its own. Don’t need to do anything special. So from there we go to Spectrum. Get five kills without dying, five times, with all kills coming
from the assault rifle. So that should be something
that should happen on it’s own. But if you’re really, really struggling, you can play Kill Confirmed and use the little dog tags as bait, okay? So you kill someone, and
you just leave the dog tag sitting there and an enemy will see it, and they’re just gonna get tunnel vision and make a bee-line right towards it and ignore you sitting in the corner. Again, this is if you’re really desperate to get a five kill streak. I know some of us are,
maybe this is your first Call of Duty, you don’t
play it all the time, but you can use the dog tags for bait. And just be sure to move
around a little bit, and you should be able to
get five kills pretty easily. And if that doesn’t work
Control is also a good mode, again because you know
where everyone will be coming from and where they’re going. That’s built in intel for ya. Alright guys, so I’m
still working on this. You can follow me on Twitch
if you wanna just hang out, to play with me. I still need to get
everything Gold, obviously, and then from there we get Diamond, and move on to our next weapon. So what weapons should I work on next? The SMGs, the handguns? Let me know in the comments and I will get started on that. Don’t forget to send in your epic moments, your crazy feeds, either in
Blackout or in multi-player. We have already posted our first episode of BO4 epic moments. Really, really good plays in there. So send those in, link down below to that. And in case you missed it,
there’s a playlist on the left for the epic moments and on
the right a brand new video. (hip-hop instrumental music)

100 thoughts on “EASY Gold Camo Assault Rifles – BO4 Dark Matter Tips

  1. I must disagree with changing your vertical sensitivity to be lower than the horizontal sensitivity, because it feels really unnatural and I think that it will just mess up your aim overall.

    I think it will make you have to think too much about how to aim…

  2. 6:40 this is me, I have all the camos for the rampart 17 except spectrum (and of coarse the mastery ones) but its frustrating Cuz I can't move on Cuz of the one camo, I'm going to try kill confirmed and see if it helps, thanks for the tip!

  3. Played every COD since cod2 and bloodthirstys aren't easy stop being so elitist ffs. This is easily the hardest cod game yet with the time taken to kill people.

  4. When I do the 50 kills with an optic and attachments, it’s not working. I’m using the Maddox with an optic and 5 different attachments equipped. Someone please help

  5. I’m normally on the top of the leaderboard when playing matches but I really struggle keeping myself alive so that kill confirmed trick really helped a lot.

  6. I have my sensitivity on 14-14 I got gold on titan before yesterday and gold for hades yesterday and today iam trying the 3rd lmg to get the diamond for the lmg (I don't play much )

  7. Sorry but I think you made a mistake. Long Range Kills are defined by the longest possible kill distance which is varying each weapon. But with long barel you increase this distance so this makes it much harder because you must perform extreme long kills which are imo only possible in Jungle and Icebreaker. But definitely without long barel. This makes it much more complicated.

  8. I just got the rampart to 100 headshots and it’s not helpful what ur telling all of us honestly just use high cal II fmj and fast mags and play hardcore domination like he said and it’s easy

  9. Hi my headshot decals are glitched. I had made a lot of headshots with ICR-7 and it said 0 headshots on my ICR-7

    It works now!!! (I don’t know how😂)

  10. I have gold for all assault rifles apart from the icr. I just can’t get the bloodthirstys. I hate the gun so much it sucks so bad

  11. The class setup is pretty trash for hardcore. Why run ghost AND c-uav? I run engineer, gung ho, no third perk, grip and quickdraw on any weapon that can get them, reflex sight (personal preference), and the helion to knock out uav's. I also use equipment charge with recon to get hella sensor darts

  12. thank you but i hate you for saying getting headshots is not that hard i'm still grinding them for my gold rampart.

  13. 1) use stim to stay alive for blood thirsty.
    2) cold blooded isn't movement based, it's time based and doesn't work against drone squad.

    Other than that good information, but way too long.


    1 shot head shots for all starter camo

    Less hitmarkers makes long range kills eaiser

    Less hit makers make 50 no attachments easier.

    Kill confirmed:
    Blood thirsty, camp tags.

    50 attachment kills.

    There, I saved you 8 minutes

  14. Best way to get headshots: play as phophet shock people headshot them.WITH THE Seker or the flash with Ajax I did that and got easy gold on the swat rft then for long shots go to sea side and sit beside the table thing and wait til people come to that window on the other side of the map it’s rlly easy

  15. I wish the game let you get the technical challenges done as you’re getting the headshots, it would save so much time.

  16. when you are going for the (100) headshots use the recon “scope” it was very easy, it took me 1H to get gold on every AR (got diamond in 1 day aswell)

  17. You can literally do 4 out of the 5 challenges at once. Add five attachments or none and go play. Your doing long shots, rapid kills, bloodthirsty’s, and your choice of 5 attachments or none.

  18. Finally got diamonds assault rifle but also unlock dark matter so happy my suffering can end the most difficulty was sniper bloodthirsty for me and I thought I was going to have hard time with knife but I didnt I had more fun on bo4 then bo4 but in the end I finally got dark matter that's what I only care about 🤗💀😈

  19. Quick question I'm on my road to all SMG's Diamond Camo, already done the 100 headshots for all of them SMGS except the Daemon weapon, the spectrum camo piece me off a little bit but what I wanna know is do I also need to do all the 6th weapon challenge the "Daemon 3XB" in order to get Diamond Camo, or I just need to do the regular 5 weapons and I can get the Diamond Camo after that without doing the Daemon weapon challenge ?

  20. I was struggling with this until I started playing hardcore. World of difference. Got 4 gold AR's in week

  21. Can someone help me out I still don’t understand what optic means what do I have to do to get PURPLE HEX

  22. I just got gold for the icr and started to try to get gold for the rampart and my god, it was the easiest thing I did in my life. It's like the five seven on csgo just aim on the chest and the recoil will go to the head man it's really easy.

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