Edward Bawden Exhibition Preview

Edward Bawden is hardly a
forgotten artist. More than 30 years after his death,
people still smile at the witty illustrations he made for
Fortnum & Mason and marvel at the monumental linocuts
of Brighton Pier and other Victorian architecture but how well do we really know
Edward Bawden? What about the watercolours he made
in the 20s and 30s alongside his good friend
Eric Ravilious which saw him celebrated as an
exciting, young, modern artist? What about the portraits he made on
his wartime adventures around North Africa and the
Middle East? And he never lost his playful sense
of humour and continued, as he had throughout
his life, to depict creatures real and fantastic; big cats, talking
insects, penguins, even a dodo. Famously hard working, Bawden rarely
took a day off and he was fascinated by the world
off-duty. This summer’s exhibition is the first
major museum show to really champion Bawden’s work as a
fine artist while also demonstrating to visitors the
wit and versatility of his design work.

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