♪ (ragtime music) ♪ ♪ (dramatic music) ♪ – Ugh. ♪ (The White Stripes,
“Seven Nation Army”) ♪ (horse whinnies) – One of these action movies. – This a trailer for a movie? – But it’s not a movie,
is it? It’s a game? (gunfire)
– What is going on here? – (soldier) Come on, man! Go! – Ooh! Oh. That’s a First World War tank. – Oh, World War I. Wow. – Oh. Red Baron! – Not pleasant. (tank rattles) – I think my grandkids play this game. – A lot of death and destruction. – Too much violence in it for me. But I guess people buy that stuff now. (scene goes quiet for a moment) – What? Oh! And now a blimp. – Oh, a zeppelin. – “Battlefield 1.” – You know, the games
now are really, like… real. – That’s cool. – Ooh! I’m likin’ it! – (Finebros) Okay, so what do you think about the video you just watched? – It makes me think
of a phrase: “war is hell.” – It certainly is very active. (chuckles) There’s a lot going on. – That’s great. I’m a real student of history
and World War I. – It holds no fascination
from me whatsoever. – I think about glorifying
violence like that. This mindset, how deep it goes, and how much it’s influencing youth. – (Finebros) This is actually
a trailer for a video game called “Battlefield 1,” the newest in the successful
Battlefield series that has sold millions
of copies worldwide. – Wow. – (Finebros) We’re now
gonna show you footage from the actual gameplay
of the video game. – (sighs deeply) Okay. – I don’t have to play it though, right?
– (Finebros) Not today. (chuckles)
– Good. I’m so bad. (explosions) – That looks really like a movie. – Oh, wow. Is it like
a first-person shooter game? – Are there any games where
you’re not shooting somebody? – I so like Battlefield. Oh! – The blimp is going on fire,
kind of like the Hindenburg. – ♪ No pain, no gain ♪
– Obviously, it’s bloody. – Ew! He… an ax to the chest. – The music makes it exciting. ♪ (percussive music) ♪ – Oh, there’s more.
But wait, there’s more. (in game: yelling)
– The guy looks like he’s Lawrence of Arabia. – I don’t want to see animals dying. – A lot of action. I like it. – That’s just really cool. Really well done. I like that a lot. – Not my cuppa tea. Way too much violence in the world. – It’s hard to watch this stuff. You don’t see anybody
really suffering there. You don’t see a person without a limb. I find this hard to be an entertainment. (movie reel clicks) – (Finebros) Okay, so what
do you think about Battlefield after watching these videos? – Well, first of all,
I think it’s terribly violent. – Shooting someone
in the face is frightening. And I think it desensitizes us. – Honestly, I really do like it. – I think it’d be a great
video game to play. You have a lot of fun, definitely. – I’m not a gamer. But I would really, really, really like to get my hands on that one. – Gameplay looked fantastic, because you get to get
that personal eye view of what these people had to deal with. – (Finebros) Most iterations of the game
take place during a war, like World War II or Vietnam. While others play in fictional
wars in the future. This new one is set in World War I. – Yeah. Yeah, it definitely
looks like World War I. – The helmets that the soldiers
were wearing were the clue. – (Finebros) What do you think
about being able to explore actual past events inside of a video game? – I mean, it’s great looking
at history, which is good. – For some of the young people that play, this is a completely new experience. They had no idea how World War I was. – It’s so important that young
people see what it’s like. And that’s the best way to reach ’em. – I think it would be great if
it was more historically based. – As a teaching aid, (chuckling) I wouldn’t
show that in a school to show kids what World War I was about. – It’s not all glory. Maybe I’m not an authority on it. That they only show the parts where “you can be a hero” out
there, is a disservice. – (Finebros) Many fans of the game love it because of the advanced
graphics and game engine and how real the game looks.
– Right, right. – (Finebros) There’s also an expansive map that gives you endless
amounts of things to do. What do you think about how much
complexity are in video games? – Well, I think games are really changing. They didn’t used to be this complex. – They’re beyond me. (chuckling) I’m, like, still back with Atari
or something like that. Or Pong. – The problem with me is they also keep getting
more and more buttons and more things to do. It’s mindblowing to us old guys. – (Finebros) The biggest
competitor to Battlefield is the game Call of Duty.
– Oh, yeah, yeah, yeah. Yeah, Call of Duty’s pretty cool. I played it here. (chuckles) – Yes, I think I played that. I got shot 11 times. – Call of Duty I heard of ’cause
my grandson used to play it. – (Finebros) Even though
Call of Duty is very popular, a lot of gamers criticize it for not being as complex as Battlefield. – Oh. I wouldn’t know.
I have no skill to do either. – (Finebros) The rivalry
intensified recently when the new Call of Duty
trailer came out. And it became the most
disliked video game trailer in YouTube history.
– Oooh. Ooh-hoo-hoo. – So they’re comparing them, and they still find Call of Duty lacking. – (Finebros) While at the same time, the trailer for Battlefield 1 became the most liked
video game trailer in YouTube history. What do you think about
a rivalry that is so heated over a video game series?
– I think it’s good. They gotta get more
creative on Call of Duty, and they gotta match ’em over here. – I think it helps develop new ideas. I think it takes things further. – I think it’s normal for young people cheer for one game and
cheer for the other game. – Having all those dislikes,
they’ve proven, is not always the worst thing. It’s getting attention. It’s not like people
are just dismissing it. – I can’t relate to it at all. Heh. Because how can your video game
be that important? It’s just a game. – (Finebros) So you sometimes
end up playing video games here on the FBE channels.
– Yeah, I did. – I played Muddy Heights. (chuckles) – (Finebros) How does that experience playing some of these games change your thoughts about video games? – It hasn’t really that much. – I don’t know if it’s really
changed my thought. I never thought a whole lot
about video games. – I used to think they were
a total waste of time. Now I think that they
do develop certain skills and certain mindsets that are important. – When we played, like, racing games, I could see where it would
be fun and exciting to do that. I just, when it gets into the violence, I’m sorry, I’m almost offended. – (Finebros) Well, once
the game comes out, I think there’s a good chance you might end up playing
some of it on the React channel. – Oh really? I better start practicing something. – (Finebros) Are you
looking forward to it? – I guess I’m looking forward to it the same as I would a dentist visit. – I’ll be awful at it. You know, I’ve tried Call of Duty
with my grandson. I’m a disaster. – I’m looking forward to it. If it gives you a mental exercise,
I think it’s great. – You be one of the
tank drivers, you know. You could be… a machine-gun guy! Oh, there’s just lots
of stuff you could do. Mm-hmm! Ha ha! Can’t wait! – Thanks for watching
this episode of Elders React. – Like what you saw?
Then hit that Subscribe button. – Let us know in the comments what video game we should react to next. – Thanks for watching!
See you on the battlefield! Pop. (blows) ♪ (ragtime music) ♪

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