End of Summer Book Haul | September 2018

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Today I wanted to do my end of summer book haul because summer feels like it’s mentally
coming to an end since it’s the middle of September and I think on the calendar it officially
comes to an end in just a few days. So, I figured it was time to share the books
that I picked up over the last few months. I have eight books here to share with you.
So, number one is Why Women Have Better Sex Under Socialism: and other arguments for economic
independence by Kristen R. Ghodsee. That is quite a mouthful and it’s a bit of a catchy
title. It’s not a large book, but it was one that Penguin Random House UK contacted Les
and I about reading and it is certainly a more academic text than I usually read, but
it is in a topic that interests me. This is the sort of thing that Les really
enjoys reading about and enjoys studying on some level whereas for me, I never did anything
like this in school with my degree so this is kind of interesting to me to have this
text here. This is an ARC. The book officially comes out on November 1st so Les and I are
planning on buddy reading it and then posting a review around that time. I feel like the title is pretty self-explanatory
on what it will be about and it is eye-catching, but because it’s a more academic text I have
a feeling that what’s inside will back up this point that the author is trying to make. The next two books I actually got from a co-worker
of mine who was cleaning out her bookshelves and she brought them to work to see if anybody
wanted them before she was gonna donate them. So the first one I grabbed was Kurt Vonnegut’s
Breakfast of Champions. I have never read a Kurt Vonnegut book and it’s certainly something
that I haven’t been particularly drawn to just because from what I’ve seen it seems
like it’s a little chaotic and satirical for my taste, but the book was free so I figured
why not give it a try here. I know Slaughterhouse Five is typically one that people think of
when they think of Kurt Vonnegut, but this is the one that she was giving away so I figured
I’d grab this one and try it. It follows the same character, Kilgore Trout,
that seems to be in a lot of Kurt Vonnegut’s books. It’s described as being a murderously
funny satire, which is quite a statement. But I really have no idea what it’s about
otherwise, but it’s gonna be one of those ones where it might just be best to go in
with no expectations… The other book that I got from her was John
Irving’s The World According to Garp. I have read one other John Irving book, A Prayer for Owen
Meany. I thought it was alright. I didn’t love it. My coworker said she’s read this
book three times in her life or so and she’s at the point where she doesn’t think she’s gonna
read it again but she said she really enjoyed it. This one seems to be a story within a
story and it is quite large. There’s a lot going on here. It follows the life and
times of a novelist named T. S. Garp so I think that’s where the “story within a story”
element comes through and it seems like it’s just gonna be a very sweeping story about
Garp and what has happened to him in his life. The last five books I actually got from Book
Outlet and I got them from the physical Book Outlet store because it’s a little over an
hour away from where I live in Ontario. The first book I have is The Unquiet Dead by Ausma
Zehanat Khan. This detective is told by her superior to look into the death of a man who
fell off a cliff. So when she looks into it, she finds out that the guy who fell off the
cliff is actually a war criminal that was part of the Srebrenica massacre in 1995. So,
sounds like this is gonna be an intriguing look at not only this case of what happened
to this guy but some ties back to what happened in the Yugoslavian Civil War in the 1990s. The second book I got is a non-fiction book
and this one’s kind of a random pick. It’s not really gonna appeal to everyone. It’s
Who Do You Think You Are? by Megan Smolenyak and it’s a companion to the NBC series Who
Do You Think You Are, looking at ancestry basically. I’m someone who’s been looking into my family
ancestry on and off for a little over 10 years – just sort of dabbling in and out. I used
Ancestry.com back when I started and it’s sort of what I’ve been able to find since
then. There’s been periods where I’ve done a lot of series research and so I know some
things. I know some tips and tricks, but this seems to have-kind of go beyond what I-what I know
and it’s gonna, I think, teach me a couple things specifically with looking into different
censuses and stuff like that. So, I thought it’d be fun to pick up and it certainly
wouldn’t be like a long read or anything. It’s more of just something to peruse when I have
the time and I feel in the mood to read about it. Also, I apologize as the light is changing
because the sun is setting. Now that summer is over, there’s a lot less light to
work with when you come home at the end of the day. Alright, the third book that I picked up from
Book Outlet is Lillian Boxfish Takes A Walk by Kathleen Rooney. This has certainly made
some rounds on Booktube. It’s about an 85-year-old woman who decides to take this really long
walk in Manhattan and as she’s visiting these different places she’s sharing with you, the
reader, what has taken place there, what memories she has of this place and it’s sort of a love
note to the city of New York and I just like the concept of it. I mean, I feel like a lot,
a lot of books are set in New York so that part of it doesn’t appeal to me, but I like
the fact that there’s even on the inside it shows you the map of the route that she walks. So, I
feel like it’s gonna be very engaging. The second to last book that I have to share
is Containment by Hank Parker. This was a total, like, cover buy. I looked at the cover.
I did read the inside flap a little bit, but I could kind of figure out from the cover
what it was about. Never heard about this book. It just called to me. This book follows
an epidemiologist and a CIA agent who are tasked with tracking down this virus that
was released by an extremist group in an act of bio-terrorism and they obviously wanna
get it and contain it before it spreads too far. Sounds like it would be, like, a really fun
ride. I mean, I have no idea in terms of what the reviews are on this book. I haven’t even
looked it up on Goodreads yet, but it sounded really fun, sounded like something that would suck
me in and maybe it would be one of those books that you just like, read in a day. The final book that I have to share with you
is Pretty Girls by Karin Slaughter. I have to admit that I’d never heard of Karin Slaughter
before Katie over at ChapterStackss started reading a bunch of her books and so when I did
see this in Book Outlet, I decided I’d give it a try. This one is about two sisters who
haven’t talked to each other in 20 years, since they lost their third sister, Julia,
which caught my eye because my sister’s name is Julia, so anyway… So these two sisters haven’t talked to each
other and then one of the sisters’ husbands is murdered and it seems like their might
be a link between the husband’s murder and the disappearance of their sister. Other than
that, don’t know much so I’m gonna go into this and hope that it brings me on a wild
ride. Alright, those are the eight books that I
picked up over this past summer. If you guys have read any of these book, let me know what
you thought of them down below and also, if there’s a particular book that you want me to pick
up first, let me know. I am debating reading Pretty Girls in October because I’m gonna
do this thing where I just read, like, horror, thriller, creepy books in October to really
get myself in the mood for fall and for Halloween so I might pick up that one. I mean, maybe
even Containment would work for that because it’s a scary idea. Bio-terrorism is a very
real threat. So yeah, let me know if there’s a book you think I should pick up and your
thoughts on any of the other ones that I may have talked about. As always, all of our links are down in the
doobly-doo so you can go check those out if you feel so inclined. Thank you guys very
much for watching and I’ll see you later. [music playing]

3 thoughts on “End of Summer Book Haul | September 2018

  1. That Why women Have… book. Does that mean that women would have it even better under Communism & the very best under 'do what you want' Anarchism 'cause there ain't no laws? Capitalism, Conservatism, Fascism, & Monarchy would be worse? You ducked Trumpian Populism in favor of Justin T. Socialism soo….

  2. Lillian Boxfish Takes A Walk sounds so interesting! this is such a great haul, I added so many of those to my wishlist ^^

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