End of the Year Book Haul | December 2018

[music playing] Hi, everyone! Welcome back to our channel.
Today I wanted to do an end of the year book haul. The
last couple months I’ve accumulated a few books and it’s time to share them
with you now that the year is about to wrap up. The first two books I want to
talk about were sent to Les and I from Penguin Random House UK. They were
working in partnership with The Fawcett Society for Equal Pay Day, which is
apparently something that happens in the UK, and they were sending out certain
books as part of this campaign that The Fawcett Society does to try to bring an
end to unequal pay and sexism in the office. They actually were sending out
three books; the first book was one that both of us already had an ARC of that
we received a couple months ago and at the time were in the process of reading
and that is Why Women Have Better Sex Under Socialism: and other arguments for
economic independence by Kristen Ghodsee. So, this book has come up a few times on
the channel. I will link Les and I’s review, but we said we already have this
one so send us the other two because even though it’s Equal Pay Day in the UK
and not the US and Canada, it’s still a really important thing. So they sent us
this little pin, little Equal Pay pin and then the two books that they sent us, the
first one is Career Girls: cautionary tales for the working woman by Miss T
McGill and then the other one is How to be Successful Without Hurting Men’s
Feelings: non-threatening leadership strategies for women by Sarah Cooper and
both of these are VERY tongue-in-cheek books so it uses a lot of funny pictures,
diagrams, little snippets about how women should behave in the workplace and then
this other one, the Career Girls one, is very like 1950s-60s style with these
pictures and just little sarcastic snippets and I read a few of them and
they were delightful. So I plan on reading these two books before the end
of the year. By the time these books got to us Equal Pay Day had already passed
in the UK because, you know, these had to come all the way across the pond,
but I’m still really happy to have them because they’ll just- they’ll be a really
good coffee table book, something you want to share with your friends. I have
five other books to share with you and these were all purchased at my local
library’s library book sale that happened in October. So the first one
that I picked up there is Cleopatra: A Life by Stacy Schiff. This is a biography
of Cleopatra. It’s a winner of the Pulitzer Prize and I do remember seeing
this book when it originally came out, but obviously never got my hands on it.
It does seem a little dense but I read the first couple pages and I was like:
I think I can- I think I can do this. There’s a lot of stuff that I don’t know
about her. I feel like there’s certain things that everyone knows and it’s a
very, very small snippet of what she did during her life so I’m excited to find
out more about her. The second book that I grabbed from the library book sale was
The Shining Girls by Lauren Beukes and this color actually matches my cardigan
really well. I have read Broken Monsters by the same author so I kind of know the
tone in which she writes. It’s very creepy, kind of horror, and there’s
usually some sort of element of magical realism in it. At least, that’s the
impression that I got based on the one book that I read and reading the back of
this. This one is about a killer that can time travel through a house by walking
through different doors so he can commit a crime and then escape and no one
will ever know it was him and he sets his sights on this group of girls called
The Shining Girls and he plans to kill all of them except one of them survives.
Her name’s Kirby and then Kirby teams up with somebody from the Chicago
Sun-Times. He’s a reporter and they’re hoping to track down the person that did
this to her. So already right away there’s that
magical realism element with the time-travel, walking through the house
thing but I’m intrigued. You know, I’m not really a person that’s super into
magical realism, but if it’s done right it can be really good. This book is gonna
be one that many of you will recognize and I picked up Throne of Glass by Sarah J
Maas. This has obviously been all over Booktube for many
years, especially right now because the last book in this series came out. I have
never had a huge reason to pick up this book, but one of my friends who went to
the library book sale with me loves this series and she was so excited for the
last book to come out and when I saw this edition, which is in really good
shape, and it was a dollar guys. It was a dollar. So even if I don’t like it it’s-
it’s so worth it. I’m ready to give it a try. For those of you who are like me and
just feel like you’ve been hearing about this book forever and don’t actually
know what it’s really about, it’s about a girl named Celaena Sardothien, if I’m
saying it correctly, and she’s an assassin and she’s shown up at this place to
defeat 23 killers, thieves, warriors in a competition to win her freedom.
That’s basically what I know. I know people are obsessed with this. People
have a love-hate relationship with this series. Hopefully I’ll be on the side of
liking it, but even if that’s not what ends up happening, it’s fine. I got it at
a library book sale. We’ll be okay. The second to last book I grabbed
at the sale was The Interestings by Meg Wolitzer. I have wanted to pick up this
book for a long time. I love this cover. I’ve seen it at the library so many
times and I’ve just never taken it out, but once again, you see something at the
library book sale you grab it. So this one is about a group of kids, six of them
I believe, and they meet at a summer camp for the arts in the 1970s and then this
book follows their lives over the last so many number of years; how they stay in
contact and whether or not that bond lasts forever and, you know, how it shifts
and changes over time. This is one that might be a potential buddy read for Les
and I in the future because she also has this book and it is- it is a bit
chunky but I feel like everything that I’ve heard from it has been pretty
positive so I’m looking forward to picking this up at some point in the
future. The last book I picked up at the sale was Big Weather: chasing tornadoes
in the heart of America by Mark Svenvold. This is a non-fiction
book about storm chasers, which I find fascinating. It’s one of those things
that I don’t think I could ever do, but I love hearing about other people doing it.
So this author partnered up with a storm chaser and followed him around and wrote
up this book about the culture of storm chasing and what it’s like; I imagine
how scary it can be sometimes, how cool it can be sometimes. This just seems
like something that’s right up my alley.
I love reading non-fiction books about extreme situations, people doing really
cool stuff, and this is a combination of both of those so I’m really looking
forward to reading this. My guess is this will probably be on my list of books I
want to read next year, but we’ll see. Those are the seven books that I’ve acquired
over the last couple of months. If you have read any of them feel free to share
your thoughts in the comments below. I’d love to hear if you did or did not like
Throne of Glass because it’s pretty split [laughs]. As always, all of our links are in
the doobly-doo. You can go check those out if you feel so inclined. Thank you
guys very much for watching and I’ll see you later. [music playing]

4 thoughts on “End of the Year Book Haul | December 2018

  1. = $ 4 = work across the board, not just in the office. eg. In tennis tournaments where M/F get = $, if men go 5 sets max. per round, so do women. = equals =
    If u like Big Weather book try movie Twister if u haven't seen it already. It stars B Paxton & H Hunt. More storm chaser fun.
    Is there a difference betw S. Ont. library sales & those from back in VT?
    I guess people are split on the Maas books. Booktuber The Authentic Observer spends hours in a multi-part vid series bashing C Clare books & then says Maas books are worse (& she'll make another series Maas book bashing at a later date). Then the >100K all-YA booktubers just LOVE them.

  2. Lol. I’m reading the last book in the Throne of Glass series and have a love/hate relationship with it for sure. I’m interested to see what you think of it.

  3. I just bought Throne of Glass because I kept hearing so much about it. I don't read much fantasy so I am not even sure if I like it. But I want to give it a try. I hope I like it. I am not going to buy any more books in the series until after I read the first one. I know some people who bought the entire series without reading the first book to see if they liked it. I can't wait to see if you like it. Do you think it will be one of the big books you read this year?

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