Ending the Subscribe to Pewdiepie Meme

>>Hello, I wanted to talk seriously and honestly for a moment about my thoughts on what’s been going on for the past couple months, and hopefully You can get a better understanding Of my perspective. I think it’s time to end the “Subscribe To PewDiePie” movement or meme. It’s something that started off as a way to keep me as the number one, most subscribed channel on YouTube, and seeing so many people come to my support, other creators as well, has been incredibly humbling to me. It’s really really meant a lot. It’s something I never thought I would experience And it’s something I thought would last almost for maybe just a couple of days, or maybe a week. But here we are. It’s been six to seven months now and it’s been a crazy journey. At first it started off with people doing really positive and fun things to get attention through “Subscribe To PewDiePie” But something I learned and I think hopefully it’s something people can understand is when you have 90 million people riled up about something, you’re bound to get a few degenerates, and it started off with someone spray-painting “Sub To Pewdiepie” on a World War II memorial and just so disgusting, so disappointing, to have my name and community dragged into that, I addressed it on Twitter, I disavowed it. We saw that it got removed, and- and donated to the park. Hoped that that was gonna be it. I didn’t want hateful acts to overpower all these amazing things that people were doing. All these cool and positive things. But then something happened that I don’t think anyone would have predicted. The Christchurch shooter said “Subscribe To PewDiePie” Out of the respect for the families and victims involved, I chose not to address it any further than on Twitter, where I disavowed the actions taken that day and I gave my sincerest condolences to everyone affected. To have my name associated to- with something so unspeakably vile has affected me in more ways than I let shown, I just didn’t want to address it right away. And I didn’t want to give the terrorist any more attention. I didn’t want to make it about me because I don’t think it has anything to do with me. To put it plainly I didn’t want hate to win, but it’s clear to me now the “Subscribe To PewDiePie” movement should have ended then. Lastly my feelings around the “Subscribe to PewDiePie” thing would not be complete without mentioning T-Series Uhh, I made two diss tracks that were made in fun, ironic jests They were not meant to be taken seriously, and now High Court in India demands that they’re gonna be blocked, and removed This was all made to be fun, but it’s clearly not fun anymore. It’s clearly gone too far and out of respect for that I’m gonna keep the videos blocked. On a similar note, some people in some media has made this “Sub To PewDiePie” thing about race or about politics or nationality, and I don’t agree with that at all and I want that to stop. This negative rhetoric is something I don’t agree with at all and I want that to stop and to make it perfectly clear: No, I’m not racist. I don’t support any form of racist comments or hate towards anyone. Finally, I don’t want hitting a hundred million subscribers to be about beating another channel. I think what we’ve accomplished is so much more than that, and I just want to say I feel incredibly lucky to have such an amazing group of people supporting me I think I can say that because I know them better than anyone. I unironically, I’m so proud of this community and this movement started out of love and support, so let’s end it with that. I hope that you understand my perspective, and I ask you kindly to accept it. Thank you for listening. That’s all, bye.

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  2. It’s just so disgusting how these people don’t think about what they’re doing. It’s so sad that HE has to apologize for all of this

  3. This is just becos those antimuslim white supremists said sub to oewdiepie…shame on you….may god punish you for your actions and u never live a happy married life.

  4. I hated the movement. Because you’re fans keep making fun of T Series. I didn’t like when they called T Series T gay. That’s why I hated the sub to PewDiePie. I also hated the Billboards made MrBeast because it said unsub From T Series. I felt that was disrespectful of him putting Unsubscribe from T Series on the billboards.

  5. Stupid media will always try and get attention by making other people look bad and project things onto them that are simply not true. It’s just like clickbait on YouTube.

  6. Pewdiepie in a nutshell-

    Seeing T Series win – Ignore
    Earthquake in Sweden – Ignore
    A non shiny mirror – YOU WOT M8

  7. Being an Indian, I have felt the whole war thing as a Joke.
    Pewdiepie : works hard for hrs then edits and posts the videos.
    T-Series: Grabs songs created by someone else, then posts it in the channel.
    That's what I know.

  8. I have mad respect for pewdiepie and he is a good YouTuber and I think he's a nice guy and he has respect for Felix

  9. 9 year olds: this will be the end of pewdiepie
    Pewdiepie: then it will be the greatest ending in history

  10. My grandfather was a world war 2 veteran, he was among those who liberated the buchenwald concentration camp as a member of the US 6th armored Division under general patton. When that memorial was defaced, i was unbelievably pissed off. I thought pewdiepie bread this type of behaviour and didnt care. I never believed him to be anti semitic, but just didnt care either way.

    I was wrong and i apologize for being wrong.

    This video showed me who you truly are as felix the PERSON, and not pewdiepie the personality.

    I thank you so much, and i am proud to be subscribed to such an introspective individual.

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