[Eng Sub] Enjoy the BTS EXHIBITION ’24/7=Serendipity’ – BTS (방탄소년단)

(Bantanies visiting ‘Oh Neul’ exhibition)
JK: Is this the exhibition?
JIN: What’s poppin’? JH: Is this place the famous, ‘Oh, Neul’ exhibition? JH: Oh, Neul, today that connects the past and the future. JIN: The concept… JH: Okay. (taking photos with ‘Oh Neul’ as soon as they enter the exhibition)
JH: Should I lower down like this? JH: Move over this way. SG: Take it quickly and come out. JM: Since you are here, why don’t you stand there too? JM: Why don’t we stand too? JH: Okay. JH: This comes out nice. JH: One, two, three. JH: You two are doing the same pose!
One more time. One, two, three. JH: Okay. JIN: There is stuff like this. SG: This is the ones we carved. (Members looking at the records they expressed themselves)
JIN: Yoongi, isn’t yours too simple? SG: Whoa, isn’t this hyung, yours? JIN: Yes. SG: It’s… JIN: Hey, I worked harder than you, man.
(Jin & Suga claiming their work is better than each other’s) SG: But mine, mine is…
JIN: No~ JIN: To be honest, this is better than this one. JH: Wow, who did this one? JIN: Jungkook, Jungkook. (The best art piece on display!)
JH: Wow, isn’t this just art piece? JM: What is it? JM: Wow! What is this? JM: What is this? JK: A clock. JK: What I like. Isn’t it already an art itself? JM: Wow, this is cool. RM: As a person who visited a lot of exhibitions, RM: this is a great start.
(RM who visited a lot of exhibitions acknowledges the great start!) JIN: This is all award photos.
(This is a place displaying all the photos with awards) JIN: Wow, this is all memories. Isn’t this our first Melon Award? JH: Wow, this… V: Look at Jin hyung smile! JH: Why did they choose this kind of photo? V: Yeah, someone says my spoon’s filthy, I don’t care JM: Wherever we go, party JM: El Mariachi JIN: Wow, these are memories, memories. (Members bringing past memories looking at the photos from debut to now) JIN: Wow, N.O. JIN: What is this one? This is DNA. SG: This brings back the memories. (Taking a photo with baby Kook!) SG: What is this? (A space decorated with the members’ treasures from Bangtan room) JM: Ah~~!! JM: What is this? JM: LOL JM: My brother comes out in this one. JH: Oh, really?
JM: Yes. JM: This was for the new year log. RM: When you come to the exhibition, you shouldn’t miss one single thing. RM: You have to see it slowly. You shouldn’t follow other’s flow. (Lyrics from Whalien 52:
Will I ever shine so brightly who are like a remote island?
Until this song that doesn’t have a response
Reaches tomorrow) RM: That was Whalien 52. It’s a great song. RM: HYYH series. RM: They put together well. JIN: What is this place? JK: This is the place!
JIN: Run! JK: Run! JIN: That’s right.
JK: What is that..? JK: The drawings are the same! JIN: Wow, this… (An exhibition space with a replicated shooting set of ‘Run’ MV) JIN: He only drew his face pretty and wrote ‘no’ on other members’ faces. JK: What? RM: He is a nuisance guy! JM: I shouldn’t do this.
RM: You can never do that, hey this guy…
(Jimin reenacting the scene he is in the tub in the MV) RM: He went into the exhibition display area right now. RM: You can’t do this! RM: Excuse me!
JM: I am not supposed to do this. RM: Your identity is already revealed. JM: Everyone, please forgive me once. RM: You are under arrest by ARMY. RM: Crime charge, loving ARMY too much. JK: I drew that painting! JIN: Wow, you drew this?
JK: Yes. JIN: Really? You drew it so well.
(Kook artist who drew the drawing from Short film ‘Begin’ appears!) JK: This… When you look at the color,
(Kook artist explains the painting) JK: Jin hyung.. no no.
When we were filming the ‘Begin’ music video, it was Suga hyung’s face. JK: But that painting was burned and disappeared. JK: So now a new kid was born. JK: Anyway, this is my painting, so please show lots of love. RM: All the unreleased videos are gathered here.
(An area where you can see all the dance practice videos from debut to now) RM: Wow, when was this? RM: Wow! What is this? JK: Wow, these are all memories. JK: Really… JK: We had times like this… but our camera angle was always the same. JIN: Wow, we look so young here. JIN: Wow, what is this? (Film photos taken by the members themselves are displayed in this area) JIN: Photo by Jimin. V: Why are all of mine out of focus? V: Why are mine all out? V: Where did they focus? (JH: Whoa, this is daebak) V: What is this? Why is he here? (himself) JM: Wow!
(Each member’s reaction when they see ‘Mic Drop’ music video filming set) ( – First, dances to the song) ( – Dances as you get the ‘feel’) ( – They dance together) ( – Dances as you enjoy the music) (After the music video, what is the member’s reaction to the sudden filming set appearance?) JK: What, is that the end? Oh~~!!
( – They get surprised to the sudden set appearance) JM: Wow, wow, this is amazing! You are not supposed to touch it, are you? ( – Touches the screen as amazed) JH: Is that the end? JH: Oh~~ JH: Wow, this is amazing!
( – Gets surprised and amazed) ( – Gets startled that something went wrong) (# Spin off – Min Suga Ver.) SG: Oh~ ( – right amount of appreciation and awe expressed)
SG: So they set the filming set like that. JH: Hey Mama! JH: Now you can lean on me
I’ll always be by your side
(Hope entering his filming set of Short film ‘MAMA’) JH: Hey Mama! JH: Wow, this is really daebak (amazing). JK: Wow, this is really killing it.
JH: Killing it. JK: Why don’t you stand over there? JH: Sure, take a photo of me. JH: Did I come out well? JK: This one came out nice. JH: Okay, great! I’m satisfied. JK: Whoa, what is that? JK: What is that?
JH: Whoa, look look. I really thought this was… JK: It’s daebak. This mask room is.. whoa. (An area where the gas masks the members designed themselves are displayed)
JIN: Blood, sweat, and tears. JIN: Ah~ JIN: Wow~ blood, sweat, and tears are shed. JIN: This is clearly FIRE. JIN: This is clearly FIRE. This is exactly the same with that one over there.
(Jin satisfied with the gas mask he designed) JIN: Of course, FIRE should have this feel. Fire~~ JK: Where is mine? JH: Whoa, who designed this? JK: I did.
JH: Really? (JK impressed at himself) JH: Wow, it’s daebak! (amazing) JK: Wow~
JH: Wow, this is an artwork. JH: Jungkook seems to have an artistic sense. RM: Fake Love. JH: It’s Fake Love here. It’s well done. It’s not bad, is it? LOL
(What is the reason the members laughing?) JH: This is the daebak one! (Anyone can tell the gas mask is expressed as ‘Anpanman’) RM: It’s funny how this is at the last part. JH: We were all like “wow, wow, wow, it’s awesome” JH: And suddenly this pops out out of nowhere. RM: I wondered who did this, and it’s V.
JH: I kind of lost words. JK: The drawing we just did came out. V: It’s cute.
(V who designed the “Anpanman” appeared!) JH: Hey, Taehyung-ah! JH: You made it so well! JK: This is the booth. The phone booth.
This is actually the booth we used at the concert! JK: V hyung stood here and RM hyung stood here.
(A phone booth prop used at the Wings Tour) JK: We changed and… RM: Ah! This is the phone booth I broke. V: This, this, this.. I always knocked these down every time before Stigma started. RM: That’s right. JM: What is this? JM: Whoa! (Jimin in awe for the moving frames)
JM: It’s interesting. JM: They all disappeared! Are they coming back? JM: Oh~ amazing, amazing. SG: That, that was the most difficult one. SG: I can’t even stand still. SG: I can’t even stand still. V: I was so sleepy back then. Argh. JIN: This is like a moving photo. SG: We kept moving.
JIN: But we moved too much, so it failed. (Members had to make it look like a photo, but they kept moving) JIN: “Do not take it”
Should I write “I refuse to”? JIN: Can I write “I don’t want to”?
(Members leaving comments all over the places at the exhibition for ARMYs) SG: Min Suga came by. JIN: “Do not take it” “I don’t want to” JH: What is this? JK: Give me something to write too. JH: What are we doing? JK: We should leave something like this here. Hiding it. (JM wrote: Stay just like now. Be healthy.) (JIN wrote: ARMY, I love you ♡) (Members leaving lyrics from Love Maze on the mirrors for ARMYs)
(SG wrote: If you push me, I’ll fall, Just raise me up again) (JK wrote: If we’re together, even an endless maze is paradise) (JH wrote: Our held hands will be the map) (RM wrote: We must believe only in ourselves) (V wrote: Lost in the maze, in the darkness) (JM wrote: All the fake noise
Can’t tear us apart) (JIN wrote: Never let go of me) (RM wrote: Kim Namjoon handsome) (JIN wrote: Seokjin is more handsome) (Oh, Neul Exhibition where Bantan and ARMY were together)

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  1. It's so nice to see them enjoy their own exhibition & memories.

    오, 늘 meaning:
    1. 오늘 = today

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  2. @5:36 – 5:54 All Armys across every nation when we hear mic Drop vs. @6:19 non Armys when they hear Mic Drop 🙂

  3. This little family they have made😥. Sacrificed and thrived…. 7 kids bustling, performing, producing, humming……and they did it with illustrious diligence 👏. Bravo gentlemen Bravo🤩

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  5. Why I am thinking so hard for JK words at 1:25 …As it is sounding like he is saying it to Jimin… Jikook💜💜💜and at 0:42..jimin pulling jk to have a pic together..And at 0:47.. Destiny..They both done a same pose..You are me and I am you.. Serendipity…Love you Jikook😘😘😘

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    One is to understand them-subs -and one is too appreciate every moment without need to focusing anywhere else-raw

  7. excuse me
    but am going to go into this exhibition and steal every bit of the memories created by BTS that are treasured here.
    step up your securities. am waiting

  8. i just teared up watching my beautiful people..at some point of time our fluffy babies will stop performing when they'll get old..i don't want them to age everrrrrr😭 This museum is such a blessing for us though😭♥️😍

  9. It made me cry watching Tae interact so little with the others like and he is not happy at all of all lyrics he could write he chose the sad ones like he is keeping to much inside he is not himself since his mid 2016 forward. Much part are weirdly edited it's sad it is so sad to watch your idol to fake smiles and be so serious when he is someone who radiates light.

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    Meanwhile me: Wow they hold a pen like this…😜

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  13. Pretty cool… i seen they are going to have a BTS exhibition in New York in june for a month…. I'm not going to New York to see it but i will if it comes closer to my location.
    꽤 멋지다 … 나는 그들이 한 달 동안 6 월에 뉴욕에서 BTS 전시회를 가질 것으로 보았다. …. 나는 뉴욕에 가지 않을 것이지만 그것을 볼 수는 있지만 내 위치에 더 가까워지면 그렇게 할 것이다.

  14. I am awed how awed they are with themselves lol. I wish one day I can still get a chance to visit this or at least make it into a travelling exhibit

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