Enjoy a Korean Medicinal Museum in Daegu

We’re at the Korean Oriental Medicine Museum There’s displays *laughter* Abby! Go, go, go it’s ok Look it! *gasp* What is it? It’s ginsing Look at that! Look at the little people! “Oh, my stomach!” Sir, my stomach hurts so much. Oh, help! Somebody help! Oh, no! Yangyeong, what’s wrong? Where does it hurt? Hm, you’re a soyang type. It seems like you ate something that isn’t good for a Soyang type person. Doctor! Doctor! Please save my wife! The pharmacies at Yangnyeongsi had superior doctors and excellent medical goods. Sick people came from all over the nation You don’t like this video? You’re supposed to be learning, Abigail In Oriental medicine, acupuncture and moxibustion are used in addition to medicine. These are means to eliminate any imbalances in the body In Oriental medicine, different treatments are used for different physical constitutions even if the illness is the same. That is why Oriental medicine is scientific. How are you feeling? My body feels much better thank you, doctor. Yay She’s better, Amy! She’s alive! From food poisoning what? from food poisoning… Is that what she had? Yup She passed out because of food poisoning wait… how is that? don’t ask… Wanna see? See the good doctor? Say, “Hello Doctor!” Hello! Gaekju and geogan, middlemen for transactions… it says Look it! What’s that?! What is it!? No? You don’t know? You don’t know? Kimchi pots! this is how they… still do some cooking here in Korea, actually. some of the older… homes in Korea more traditional This is normal. This happens everywhere we go. *LAUGHTER* They try to get her to say “Hello” in Korean. You say, “hi?” Say hello! No hello? Abigail “Hello” There we go, hello! They say you’re pretty, can you say thank you? No? *LAUGHTER* *GASP* What’s that? What is it? Ahhhh Is it a scary bear? It’s a bear! versus a tiger! Are you scared? Yahhh Is there a scary bear? This… this um… This animal is used… for medicine It’s not only herbal it’s also animal…. Stuff…. you know, the technical term stuff It says onions and lotus root are good for your lungs and your intestines and strawberries are good for your heart and tomatoes are good for your heart, which we knew cause of the lycopene! Dude, we know stuff! Touch it! Wow, what’s that? what is it? the heart of my enemies REALLY?! I thought you were gonna say something insightful like… I give you my heart, not the heart of my enemies. If you’re gonna go with I give you my heart… Last Christmas, I gave you my heart, but, the very next day, you gave it away… oh…. gawd… you’re just awful, awful, awful! and you bring up horrible, horrible Christmas songs If you stand just right, then you can see all their innards… ignore the fact that there’s totally a wang in there. I’ll have to blur that out What are we doing? Uh, we’re gonna do a thing. You’re gonna soak your feet in medicine. We’re gonna soak our feet in medicine Something about Abby in Korean… “Abby” Hey get out of there! close the door Vanessa : Abigail!
Abby: What? You say hi? She said you’re cute, say thank you! Hello… Say thank you Hello… incoherent baby babble “Hello”/Anyeong Do you feel… herbally refreshed? Are you going to keep making tea jokes? I can’t stop until I’m steeped Awe, chamomile. You’re gonna be tea death of me. Sample time… No… You have to wait your turn! Go, Amy, go! “Thank you” / Kamsahamnida Alright, try it Thank you! It’s hot Very, very hot, actually. Oooh, hot. Interesting flavor I’m not supposed to drink hot drinks
(cause of the braces) Almost like a mulled spice flavor but, not bad Every time I hear someone fall, I’m like NOT Abby! What do you think? It’s interesting Look they’re Abby! Hi!! Did you have fun? Are you done having fun? No thanks! No thanks, you’re not done!? What was she doing? She was running around the elevated platforms over there. Random baby noises! She says she does a better job at analyzing her life, thanks. Ok, you ready go? Ready go? Pikachu says yes! Come on! So, that’s it, we’re wrapping it up at the musuem! Make sure you like and subscribe! and as for now we’ll catch ya in the comments If you’re new to this channel, click the subscribe button and as always, click the links in the description bar below for more cool ways you can keep up with The Endeavoring Family like Facebook, Twitter Instagram and EndeavoringFamily.com Thanks for watching and don’t forget that it’s never too late to count your blessings.

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