Ep.47 Tarou’s Weekly WoW Report 4/21/11- GC Watercooler, Solo Cata H x 2 & Dev Talk!

What’s up guy and girl players of WoW. Tarou
here bringing you this week’s WoW Report Episode 47! For more FREE WoW guides, check out my
website at tarouwowguides.com PvE News: Hasn’t been too interesting in mainstream
ingame news but, Raegwyn the DK mostly known for his solo adventures, went out and solo’d
not one Cata heroic boss but two. It’s a pretty sick video and like most of these, my only
complaint is they don’t talk the viewer through the clip. Auction House Chaos: Nothing real game changing for the Auction
House this past week but be on the look out for some market movers with Patch 4.1 likely
out next week. Auction House Tip: Don’t let undercutting run your game time.
Get out and play the game. Blizzard News: A new security update is out to correct a
vulnerability in Adobe Flash so make sure that all you update your computer to keep
it safe along with your bnet account. 2011 Blizzcon has been announced and tickets
go on sale for $175 on May 21st at 10am and May 25th at 7pm. Remember to be at your comp
10 minutes or so before and keep the page refreshed until the buy button pops up and
click as fast as you can if you want a chance at buying the tickets because, they go insanely
fast. Let me know in the comments if you’ll be attending this year. This week’s Dev Watercooler covered Crits
and kinda gave some insight with what’s happened over the years from vanilla to now. Back in
the day I remember different classes or specs complaining because they didn’t get the 200%
crits. Now just about everyone does except for a few and according to Ghostcrawler, he
suspects that will change at some point. Garrosh Hellscream: Then and Now is a new
chapter in Cata lore explanation which does a decent job of giving some story to all the
changes the hero under went. Anyone into WoW’s story should check it out. This past week we also got another round of
answers back on the ‘Ask the Devs Q&A’ with the subject of Achievements. The question
I was most interested in was ‘When will achievements finally be awarded account-wide? Looks like
it’s something they want to do but can’t seem to get it done just yet. Hopefully in the
near future they can. The Weaponsmithing Fan Art Contest is over
and the winners showed some very amazing talent. The winner got a Frostmournce Replica Sword
with Ice Shard Display worth $629 while five finalists got a $50 gift certificate. The latest short story by Matt Burns, “The
Council of Three Hammers: Fire and Iron” is out and filled with tons of exciting story
that anyone interested in this sort of thing should read. I’ll link it up on my blog in
this episode along with everything else featured. Finally, I’d like to end this Tarou Weekly
WoW Report answering a few questions you guys and girls have asked me over the last week. Q1. When are epic gems coming out? A1. If we followed the same time-line as Wrath,
August would be the release date. Unless Blizzard decides to put it with the Firelands patch,
I’d count on July – August. Q2. Will epic gems be from Pyrite Ore? A2. I think I’ve said before that looking
at Titanium Ore one would assume that Pyrite Ore would prospect into epic gems. But what
about the dust right? Well, what if Volatile Earth was the dust? It’s possible it could
be used for a currency to counter its typical price crash as an over farmed item. Maybe
epics could be cut by combining 3 or so rare gems. That would help with the overstock on
rare gems I suppose. Honestly though this is all speculation and who knows what Blizzard
will do in the end. Q3. Will you be going to Blizzcon this year? A3. I’m going to try and hopefully will get
a ticket a lot easier than last time. Wish me luck and good luck to everyone else as
well. As always, here is a list of my latest releases
if you missed them. Please check them out and don’t forget to comment and rate them
so I know where I’m succeeding and failing. That’s it for this week of Tarou’s Weekly
WoW Report and I hope you liked it. Stay on top of the news, economy, and updates
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thoughts!” Personally, I’m lovin the idea of account-wide

100 thoughts on “Ep.47 Tarou’s Weekly WoW Report 4/21/11- GC Watercooler, Solo Cata H x 2 & Dev Talk!

  1. account wide achievements will make me to more value my alts, as they are useful when my Raid need tank or healer. But really I always hate that achievements are on 3 different characters and at the end I have nothing from this ;(

  2. @WoWpwnzurfaceoff lol me too! i havent played WoW in since January and probably wont go back, but I still like to keep up with WoW news with Tarou.

  3. @WoWpwnzurfaceoff I had fun when it first came out leveling my toons to 85 and the newness of it all. After that, it got boring and WoW passed me by. I dont miss it either. But I guess the amount of time I invested in the game the last few years keeps me watching videos like this and going to mmo-champ every now and again. If it was legal, I'd even sell my account lol.

  4. @jaysupadupafly I'm honestly not too much into leveling. i hate leveling. i never leveled my only 80. I kind of miss the game, but i miss playing it years ago when it more fun and i was younger, im 13 now so i miss being like 9 or 10 and playing. everything was new then.

  5. @dap00pm0nster A huge mother fucking convention where blizzard shows new stuff and artists will be there and stuff.

  6. @WoWpwnzurfaceoff haha, well damn you have been playing young. I say its good that you dont play anymore at your age, the time you would be spending playing WoW you could be goin out and stuff. More power to you dude.

  7. i would go but too bad blizzcon tickets go out in about 1 minute to people that wait on their computer for 30 hours.

  8. i really would love to go to blizzcon been trrying to for a while but the only prob for me would be getting there sadly i dont have a car yet ๐Ÿ™ but im only 18 so im sure ill go some time in the future

  9. @jaysupadupafly I play on the Pc. i like the game, but i cant play it, aiming is difficult for me its like the movement on the screen is delayed.

  10. Account wide achievs would be awesome, and would make me more willing to gear up my alts and use my alts in raids and such. Seeing as I don't want my main to miss out on any of the possible achievs that could be gotten in any given run XD.
    Love the new intros tho man, they are awesome!!

  11. You sound so different now than in your first video. FAR less nerdy. I also miss the simplicity of your earlier videos without all this unnecessary flashy intro transition stuff..

  12. i think you should throw in some commentation during the new trasitions(which rock btw) cuz they seemed a little boring without you talking

  13. Accountwide achievements is the most important change in WoW I'm waiting for realy, I play a few 85's and I can't be bothered to do the same, long, hard achievements over and over again. Sometimes I wish to have a different 85 as my main but I always stop from changing mains due to the achievement issue. Hurry up, Blizzard!

  14. Probably won't see this but in my opinion on the transitions you should have read what's on the screen. Maybe not during the effect for the sake of the sound that goes with the animation but afterwards while the screen is fading in to the example/text of what you are talking about.

  15. dammit, i want to play wow again but my pc doesn't allow it -.-, gay no internet connection error. WoW! no internet and i can watch youtube vids… ๐Ÿ˜ฎ

  16. has anyone else been having problems with pvping? ever since the restarts on my server i couldnt pvp on my lvl 60 whenever i queue it says on the wait time unavailable itts been doing it all week someone plz help

  17. Also tarou do you think blizzard will make it so you can trade honor through your own characters on your account it would make farming farming for heirlooms so much easier

    but if possible make them a bit longer:D
    I watch them while playing the auction house, doing BGs on alts or just doing some quests. so seriously make them a bit longer, if you have the time.
    and also, your new sub-intros are killer !

  19. Tarou, can you include on the next episode what are you using to make gold in wow atm? Because it was the biggest reason i would come to watch this show and now you are jumping it.

  20. Loving your WoW report Tarou, they need to make gained EXP with guild easier, it's just a pain atm, but I've read that they're going to make it so when you have your guild tabard equipped in dungeons and heroic, you gain reputation for your guild as you do with certain factions at the moment, this is something I'm really looking forward to

  21. Ryutaro, tbh I dont feel it intressting you talkning about the stuff that's happening because everything is written on MMO champion.And ofc you read mmo champion if you play wow….

  22. They are nice, the segway animations, but a bit over-the-top to me. 5 or 6 seconds per segway on a less than 5-minute video is a bit cheesy.
    Just an opinion, everyone. Not right or wrong.

  23. account wide acheivements would be pretty cool but the problem with that im guessing is the ones that give something like a mount of master riding

  24. @SlashboredStudios u must play alliance if ur watchin vids during BGs, no wonder they always lose if u idots are not payin attention

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