Ep.53 Tarou’s Weekly WoW Report 6/25/11- Patch 4.2: Firelands Release Date & AH Prep!

What’s up guy and girl players of WoW. Tarou
here bringing you this week’s WoW Report Episode 53! For more FREE WoW guides subscribe and
check out my website at tarouwowguides.com The Midsummer festival is underway and participants
looking for extra rep or exp along with rewards should be knocking out all the different things
to do. There’s a little over a week left so enjoy it while it lasts into the finally of
July 4th with a huge fireworks display in all capital cities including Booty Bay. Patch 4.2 PTR testing is coming to an end
and if everything goes according to plan, we’ll see Patch 4.2 – Rage of the Firelands
on live servers this Tuesday June 28th. If you still have yet to check out the upcoming
changes, World of Warcraft has posted all the updates on their website along with a
pretty awesome trailer. Along with all the new content, players are
also looking forward to the new Dungeon Journal that will give some insight into how each
boss opperates as well as what epic loot they’ll be dropping. I remember there was a time when
tons of addons were needed for WoW but as the game progresses, the devs are slowly but
surely putting that functionality ingame. Looks like I’ll be deleting Atlasloot. Thanks
to whoever made it for helping me see loot for the last four years and goodbye. Auction House News: With Patch 4.2 likely out this week, you’ll
want to use the weekend and Monday to stock up and get prepared for all the new gear going
out. The first two weeks will have bigger sales than typical so here is a list of items
you’ll want to have on hand. Keep in mind, some servers may do better than others but
overall sales should dramatically increase on these items. You don’t have much time unless
you got my newsletter a few weeks back in which case you should already be pretty set
up for the rush of sales. PvP News: Season 9 should be ending on June 28th with
Season 10 beginning one week later giving everyone a break and chance to get theirselves
situated before the new epic PvP season begins. Good luck to everyone with rewards and in
the future in Season 10. Blizzard News: Recruit-A-Friend now awards bonus experience
and free level grants to level 80, which was previously only level 60. Hmmm, I might have
to take advantage of that and level a few classes that I don’t have already. This week we got two Q&A sessions from Ask
the Devs – Damage Dealing and Ask Creative Development – Round 2. Here are some highlights
and for the whole Q&A, check the info or my website for links. Q1: Have you considered reincorporating Windfury
as the shaman’s main DPS ability? Lava lash is their best ability (Cataclysm), but it
feels nerfed and feels far too predictable. – Saverhagen (LA) A1: Every Enhancement shaman loves seeing
numbers fly across the screen when a huge multi-crit Windfury occurs, reinforced by
our recent change to allow Windfury Weapon to trigger three additional attacks, rather
than merely two. Windfury is ultimately a passive ability, though, and serves as an
extension (albeit an awesome one) of your auto-attacks. In Burning Crusade, Windfury
was prominent because shaman had very few active buttons to press, and long periods
of downtime between them that some would fill by “twisting” totems. Not the most compelling
gameplay. In Wrath of the Lich King, they arguably inherited the opposite problem, having
so many buttons to press that there was never a free global cooldown, while no single ability
felt particularly impactful or meaningful. For Cataclysm, we attempted to pare down the
rotational complexity of the Enhancement shaman (removing the need to manually refresh Lightning
Shield, removing Fire Nova from single target rotations, etc.) and at the same time created
synergies that allow Lava Lash to do impressive damage. As an aside, there were several questions
that we didn’t answer about whether Enhancement DPS is too low overall. It is, and we buffed
it for 4.2: (http://us.battle.net/wow/en/blog/2723732) Sorry Shamans, your OP oldschool Windfury
isn’t coming back anytime soon. You are however getting buffed in Patch 4.2. Q2: Why isn’t there a(n) X Archaeology branch?
(X=Tauren, Aqir, Faceless One, Furbolg, Murloc, etc.) A2: This is more of a game design question
than a CDev one, but it was asked enough that we wanted to at least point out the following:
just because a race doesn’t have an Archaeology branch now doesn’t mean there aren’t artifacts
for that race, nor does it mean that the race isn’t a candidate for possible future additions
to the profession. Basically, expect future additions of more
races. Back in the day, Blizzard never made room for the addition of anything really.
Nowadays everything has room to be expanded apon in the future. Q3: What is the Argent Crusade’s relationship
with the Forsaken, in light of Sylvanas’s recent actions? A3: Although the members of the Argent Crusade
still stand by the Forsaken heroes who joined them in the battle against the Scourge, Sylvanas’s
actions since the slaying of Arthas have deeply concerned the crusaders. They, along with
certain members of the Ebon Blade, are now watching Sylvanas and the Forsaken very closely,
as similarities between her and the Lich King are increasing in number by the day. So… does this mean we may see Sylvanas in
the future as our new villian? Guess we’ll have to wait and see. As always, here is a list of my latest releases
if you missed them. Please check them out and don’t forget to comment and rate them
so I know where I’m succeeding and failing. That’s it for this week of Tarou’s Weekly
WoW Report and I hope you liked it. Stay on top of the news, economy, and updates
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How about you?

100 thoughts on “Ep.53 Tarou’s Weekly WoW Report 6/25/11- Patch 4.2: Firelands Release Date & AH Prep!

  1. im an enhancement shaman who is into hard core PVP and looking foward to kicking ass and chewing Bubble gum in season 10

  2. Hey Tarou… is theree a specific material that you would farm if you were low on money and planning to sell stuff when 4.2 comes out?

  3. This new intro makes me think I should watch it with 3d glasses. An expansion all for Sylvanas? Goodie, I love her.

  4. Hell nooooo only reason i am undead is because of silvanas. if she goes bad i will delete every single undead i have.

  5. @profminki Well im not talking about millions of golds, but like 20k would be awesome to have all the time.

  6. i have 54 days left of the recruit a friend benefits, when 4.2 comes out are they going to go to 80 or is that only for new people to recruit a friend benefit after the update

  7. The//Wrath of lich king///catacylsm=major destruction new expansion emerald Dream to heal back the Burning world of AZEROTH!

  8. @RyutaroAkaTarou For seasonal drops? Wowhead.com
    For crafting gear? In game guild panel, set it to Professions.
    For pvp gear? Wowhead.com
    For ALL ELSE? Wowhead.com


  9. does this mean that battle for the undercity will return next expansion?
    The horde really need to kill the forsaken, this is the second time that they have betrayed them and tried to kill everyone (first being wrathgate)

  10. Wow Tarou did u change servers? Cuz at the end of your intro it says Server: Sargeras (US). what about that? 😮

  11. 7 months into into an expansion the first major content patch comes out and you consider that early, thats why wow is going to hell.

  12. im still going to keep using atlas loot just because its only use is not loot items off bosses. i use it a lot for professions as well

  13. i dont think Atlast loot is gonna get replaced since it shows way more than just boss drops , like proffesion items and BOE epicx and faction rewards.. soo tarou i'd say keep atlas loot 😛

  14. @CoreGamerPS360vista I am also a warrior (Fury and Prot) but I don't pvp. I mainly raid. I only do pvp on my 70 twinks I have. and 70 pvp is so much fun.

  15. u know what? idc if i dont have best gear, as a 72, i have a set of armor, epic, that is fucking GANGSTA! and i hace 305 resilence and i dont pvp often. so what now.

  16. can you give me some gold at christmas because i am getting a better computer cos mine broke and i am just starting wow so can you give us tips how to rank up plz

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