Epic Assault Rifle – Odin – Guns of Boom

The All-Father of assault rifles is available
once again. Odin. It’s an assault rifle that simply has no
faults. Let’s see what it can do. Odin deals heaps of damage. It is a highly versatile weapon, that’s
reliable in any situation. The damage stays the same no matter the distance,
so it ’s as deadly up-close as it is from afar. Odin has the longest range out of all the
top assault rifles. And the collimator scope makes landing headshots
a piece of cake as it automatically switches into Burst mode. With its heavy headshot bonus, Odin is the
perfect headhunter’s dream. And if that’s not enough: every shot slows
your enemies down 20% for 1,5 seconds. There really is no downside. So dominate in every way possible. With the Odin.

100 thoughts on “Epic Assault Rifle – Odin – Guns of Boom

  1. Hey guys! Odin is back in Battle Cases. And now we have a completely new mechanic: you get guaranteed 🔥300 Odin fragments🔥 after filling the special bar by opening cases. So, are you pumped to get it? 🙂 -Stanis

  2. Woooo no me lo perdere lamentable mente desinstale el apk sin querer y ahora volver a empezar 😤😥 pero que mas da lo que no te mata te hace mas fuerte 😉 gracias gameinsigth 😎

  3. Hi Game Insight can you please give me the Odin 2 free or a lot of tokens because i can't play this week et a would the Odin so much i'm very sad and i love this game…. Please i love you

  4. Everyone love the odin I've allready bought the firefly xD. Okay odin are for guys who go for the good sight is truely better than from the firefly.But firefly has alot more damage when it turns red.

    Its impossible.
    If don't now to get 1 epic case it must do 200 match and be always first.
    I know that you have do that to promote the pay2win so people will buy the fragments.
    The idea is good very good but it can be more and more and more good if u let us more time

  6. Thanks gob
    I battle with LifeSteel for a long time, but I got odin at this battle cases event, I made it to the highest grade.
    There should be dissatisfied gunslingers, but we recommend seveing battle coins as much as possible.
    If you save 16Kbc, you can get Odin, Dragons Fire, Firefly, Avranches, Dolores etc to the highest grade.
    Waste is no good

  7. I spent 5200 coin on pre battle case event to get odin i got 300 for odin and 900 for thunder it was a waste of time waste of hard work played day and nigth but nothing if i had saved them and open battle cases now i would have gotten odin lvl 2 cause i will have more coins

  8. Hey stanis, stanis I have a request please answer :
    Can you guys please add a option to gift gold?….Please 🙏
    So that a player can gift other players gold.

  9. Pls upload new guns of boom background music I like the sounds when battle is loading (aaaaaa aaaa) something voice like it plz upload

  10. Me costo pero en estas ultimas cajas de batalla jugue como loco y conseguí el odin y lo pude mejorar, a nivel 1 tambien es una maquina 😆

  11. Hello Guns of Boom team. Your game is awesome, fantastic graphics, thrilling gameplay. But the problem is "Gold", it is very difficult for a middle level player for getting gold to buy/upgrade weapons, and also for every new event you are asking for a contract to collect those rewards which costs again 500 gold per week. It was about 2-3 months for a middle level player to collect 500 Gold coins. So, what I am requesting is in the next update, please reward atleast 5 Gold coins along with Gunbucks. It was a pleasing request of every Gob fan and if it done, it will be the very helpful Update ! Thanks GOB !

  12. I play really hard for this assault rifle and every time I say ( I cannot do this) it is so hard.😭😭😭😭😭

  13. I played a shitload of games when this was in battle cases and have decent stats on w/l and k/d but still got nowhere near getting all 1000 fragments. Please bring it back to battle cases ASAP, can’t stand the sunburst!

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