83 thoughts on “Epithet Erased | EP1 – Quiet in the Museum!

  1. I expect the comments will be full of people hating on the animation style, but I really loved this. Molly is adorable and the other characters have their own kind of charm as well.

  2. I am Soo hyped, ever since early November jello slowly made me hyped for this series. I hope this will be one of my top 5 favorite TV shows can't wait ( thanks jello)

  3. I thought it was animated in the style of normal cartoons but nope, the style keeps changing and the characters like paper pictures that swap faces and poses every once,in a while.

    Still like it tho

  4. Thank you for this.
    As a Canadian who is not able to get VRV, this is the only option to watch it other than either streaming it from somewhere else or torrenting it.

  5. I don't really care if it's not 'animation', it's something to be entertained by so I'ma watch these as they come out anyway

  6. Is epithet erased just a table top rpg because they have character cards, damage numbers, magic, and a top down view with with tiled floors. My theory is that this is all just a game being played, also they narrate their actions like players telling the dm what they're doing

  7. COPPA will be killing content on YouTube especially animation like this here's a video on it by a actual lawyer
    Sharing it to all my favorite channels in order to warn them

  8. So excited for YT audiences to see this! And then afterward go check out Anime Campaign, Jello's tabletop game that the show is based on!

    Epithet Erased has:

    Solid worldbuilding
    Charming characters
    Gorgeous music and art
    Sharp, intelligent humor
    Interesting character dynamics
    Unique format
    Doubles as an audio drama

    Trust me. You guys are in for a treat. 😉

  9. Bruh I just say this on vrv and it is HIARIOUS like holy shit it hit like every little blip of my generationally fucked sense of humor. Absolute favorite part so far is the little tiblet "80% of her diet is headache meditation" that fucking KILLED ME

  10. I'm sure it's already been answered, but is this going to be a released on VRV first and YouTube later kind of series, or a released on VRV with certain episodes on YouTube kind of series?

  11. Thank you for finally realising that there people outside the United States too. So considerate of you. (Still kinda hyped thou)

  12. Hey anyone in here use vrv? I wanna try it but I also wanna if they offer ova to some anime series that do it(for those who don’t know what an ova is; it is an addition to an anime or tv show that doesn’t air and is usually only found if you buy the dvd, kind of like a bonus but sometimes they leave out important plot info so that’s why I’m asking if vrv airs ova’s as well.)

  13. I love this paper Mario type series, yeah it's budgeted but in the best way. Animation is hard but making a good story is worth the time and effort

  14. I was worried that it was only going to be on VRV, happy to see I was wrong, otherwise I would have missed out.

  15. I always love a superpower series that’s all about using the powers creatively, rather than who can punch the harderest. I also love any series with voice acting as good as this.

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