Escape the Night Season 4 All Stars | OFFICIAL TRAILER

( screaming ) Man: What I want… is a way to make
all the wrongs I did right. Woman: This is where your
friends are being kept. Man: This is gonna be
a dangerous mission. ( yells ) – I’m here to save you guys,
– Save us? You killed us! Joey killed all these bitches. Am I next? Woman: Prepare to beg. We’re at a museum of the dead.
Once the sun rises, if we’re not out of here,
we’re all going to turn to dust. There will be punishment. Ding, ding, ding.
We have a witch. ( all screaming ) What have you done
with my friends? One by one,
we’re getting picked off. I hate these monsters. You can never have too many
favors owed to you. You’re going to make
a great ally. Death is coming for you. Joey said he was coming
to save us. Well, things change, okay? Uh, no, this is the same thing,
Joey, what are you talking
about? – Oh, so this bitch is back.
– Shane? This is not the afterlife
that I had envisioned. I told her I was going
to get her out of here. I feel terrible
that I wasn’t able to do that. – Time is ticking. – Alex, no! ( music playing ) We’re back, bitches. The others… don’t understand what’s coming. ( music playing )

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