EXHIBITION VISIT – Rob Scholte – Embroidery – Museum De Fundatie

I am here at the “Embroidery” show by Rob Scholte Where many of his seperate works hang together as clouds and in fact form new constellations, new collections This was once an embroidery work of a windmill and Rob Scholte turned the embroidery work around so all the loose strands show themselves expressively, I would say This work caught my eye as a sort of semi-abstract painting of a figure lying down with a hat it’s almost really like a painting this I have the feeling that works that are made after unknown sources so no known paintings which I know make a different impression on me than for example pieces based on the Nightwatch or a Vermeer or so which is very well known then I see a well known image mirrored but with let’s say the characteristics of a turned around embroidery and this I see differently So I find this an interesting difference unknown works become to me a sort of I would almost say, an abstract cloud of colors and strands while recognizable pieces make me take notice more of the seperate images like how did that Vermeer turn out colourwise or how is in that piece embroidery a deforming aspect maybe a very stupid association when I see this horse it’s like I see a sort of let’s say, a computerdeformation with those different things you see here as if a few pixels are positioned wrong sometimes you see all of a sudden a very sugarcoated scene I like those colours beautiful on the left I will surely look different when you see it as it was intended Here we have a horses corner I like this little piece you know these are horses, also because of what’s around it I recognize them but it almost becomes an abstract painting I find this a very beautiful small thing this way when you walk over this hastily you would almost forget that in those hallways on the border of the exhibition also much beautiful is to be seen We just saw dancers landscape… a turned around embroidery piece which looks painterly and which also pretends to show a glass in lead window it depends on which medium you prefer how you want to view it this work of Pipo reminds me of an earlier painting by Rob here we have three times no multiple times the Nightwatch by Rembrandt, mirrored I don’t see it at every Rembrandt which Rob turned around but this version of the Nightwatch makes me think of the impasto by Rembrandt himself my compliments for the person who once made this and for whom turned it around of course the nice thing is that it gives a idea of the times because here we see a Rembrandt which at this moment I don’t know how it will be in fifty years but at this moment the man with the golden helmet is not being viewed as a Rembrandt as I make an estimation of the age of this piece than can it be that this is made as a Rembrandt in the time when the original still was being viewed as such that’s what stands out walking over this exhibition the works are a selection of works of art which reflect an earlier age the forties, the fifties, or even earlier now is the Nightwatch still a famous work but anyway here we see the hands, of Durer the nice things is that this is a design which at this moment is very popular in the world of tattoos so a friend of mine is a tattoo artist and she can draw this from memory now so the funny thing is that what used to be embroidery in which a certain cultural taste showed that’s what you have with tattoos now I had to think about that when I saw this with that Frans Hals the man holding a glass, I don’t know wether it’s recognizable but with ‘The Jewish bride’ and the Nightwatch you almost have a Rijksmuseum corner would have been nice aswell I continue for a moment on the theme of the Rijksmuseum I don’t want to milk my own little idea too much we see here the Milkmaid mirrored I know that painting very well Vermeer is my favorite painter one way or the other you start to match the image with what you have in your head your memory of the real image to me personally that’s a remarkable experience in this When I see these two I find in the one on the right the head quite good in color with those strands beautiful that glance on her forehead the one one the right, was made by someone with talent, I would almost say If he had had ‘The blue lady’ by Vermeer he could have hung all the Rijksmuseum-Vermeers together I find this a beautiful wall here we also have a Vermeer and this one caught my eye this caught my eye because of the colouring I find this one quite good in that respect I think this was originally a Fragonard and… What I like personally like is how the reversal of the image of the embroidery references modern forms I used to have a Vectrex game computer and the lines in the face remind me of that a vector like design for the computer nerds among us and this reminds me of pixels which don’t stand completely correct in this you would almost see a photoshop effect I find this one very beautiful a medieval piece which is used here this just makes me peaceful here is one upside down I find this a very beautiful exhibition if you haven’t been here yet, I would surely go

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  1. Rob Sholyer:
    Wonderful exbition!
    I have three works they took long time of work . I live in São Paulo i would like to send for exbition.

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