Exploring the Arctic’s Global Seed Vault

this is a special place let’s go deeper inside we have prepared this seed wall for about 4.5 million seed samples [Music] welcome to the global Seed Vault this is a facility where we store copies of seeds from gene banks all over the world so now we are entering a long tunnel which leads into the global seed walls deep inside the permafrost mountain close to the North Pole is a storage facility with the capacity to store over 4 million different crops and a maximum of two point five billion seeds the global Seed Vault was created as a backup system for the world’s gene banks to protect humanity against any catastrophes that could potentially wipe out our agricultural diversity we are now quite deep in the mountain when we pass this door we are in the permafrost part of the rocks here now we are moving from approximately zero degrees into the permafrost section we have the permafrost here minus five in there it’s minus eighteen and here you can feel that this fear it’s silent you can hear the echo it’s a very nice place to grasp the atmosphere of being in an important place some journalists call this the Noah’s Ark or plant diversity and personally I think that’s quite a good name we call it the world’s most important room so let’s go in if the humanity can survive we will need new plant varieties and the material you need for developing new varieties our genetic diversity we have seeds from all countries in the world Kenya Mexico India Hariri Germany Colombia Costa Rica Zambia Brazil Australia here we have some nice wooden boxes from Tajikistan workers in gene banks farmers have struggled to produce all these seeds and sent them here because they feel safe when let’s send the seeds here so Albert is a safe place the permafrost here so it’s frozen even if the artificial cooling fails and so what is quite far away from conflicts here we have boxes from Russia and here we are have boxes from Ukraine and even if they are enemies abroad outside in this seed wall they cooperate and here is some wooden boxes made in North Korea so even North Korea have sent seeds here and in the seed world here international conflicts are cooled down [Music] you see this empty space in this shelf we had seed boxes from Mikado’s gin Bank in Aleppo they sent seeds here from 2008 and when the genebank in Aleppo was ruined we were able to send this in fact so they can start creating a new gene bank this system saved the seeds if they had no backup here the seeds have gone extinct this is the world’s largest collection of genetic diversity of crops what you see in here is 13,000 years of agricultural history the genes we find in here existed in the natural flora in the Middle East and 15,000 years ago and then farmers started to use these plants and I improved the plants into the crops that we have today there is in the sea what about 70,000 different varieties of barley and 150 thousand samples of rice and 140 thousand samples of wheat researchers I investigate what are the properties defined in this older varieties and I used genes for making new varieties for new purposes for new growing conditions without this material plant breeders agricultural will never manage to feed the growing population this is the raw material that we need for the future the breeders need to make new varieties to increase the world’s food production the work gene banks do every day conserving their seats preparing the genes for future food surprise is a very very crucial and important work I’m quite good feeling when I’m in here and know that this is a resource that the future will need seed goes extinct everyday and personally it’s a big motivation to think about all the work that has been done to bring the seeds here and it feels very good to be a part of this global effort for future food supplies and conserve them in a safe place [Music]

100 thoughts on “Exploring the Arctic’s Global Seed Vault

  1. If only humanity could stop all these conflicts with each others and work together like this. Our world would be a much better and brighter place to live in harmony and peacefully….

  2. Omg wow, I have a moving screen pic of this place at night. It's so pretty I love it so much, and today I see this video of it. amazing.

  3. But one very important type of seed is still missing >..> All those African seeds that are being stroked out when they get horny.

  4. I think when we lost the plants in earth and the plants that is stored there can't work. Cause that means the earth itself dont already have the capability to grow a plant. If artificial is at hand then the plant grows unhealthy as compared to nature. So a chance that many would just rot and what's left is not enough to support us. Unless, they create a gene that can withstand harsh conditin or accustomed to artificial.

  5. seeds die over time,
    there's less chance a frozen seed for 40 years can gerninate. All that remains are the genes available to food giants (eg. Monsanto) to manipulate, engineer and in most cases take as is and patent.
    By the way Monsanto is one of the major financial contributors to this project.

  6. They have coca(cocaine),opium,weed,a multitude of seeds that are capable of producing drugs…the importance of diversity.

  7. All this is is proof of the government secret agenda and shift. Our civilization gets wiped out repeatedly almost like our planets on it Universal Purge

  8. Theses seed banks are intended for the elite once they wipe us out or extremely lower our population plus with all the spraying into the atmosphere the plant and seeds of today are contaminated so makes sense they wanted to preserve them,for all that do not know the elite governments are wiping humanity out in many ways ,you all are asleep to reality

  9. I'm curious if they care about preserving plants from nature that don't have a direct human use. It seems they have the space & I'm equally concerned about thousands of rainforest species as i am wheat & lettuce

  10. came straight to comments,as an ex pothead did you know the original mohwi wowie seed has gone extincted,their are clones and older generations of the palnt but nothing like the 1960"s

  11. When he said that they have seeds from all countries in the world I never thought he would mention my country 😂😂 Kenya. Let alone being the first on the list

  12. This is not for us…its for the rich folks for when they leave us poor people on earth. He said they're making variants so they can exist is abnormal conditions…….HELLO SPACE! Get with the program folks.

  13. this man is so polite with all the Conflicts between the Countrys in the World and know how to put them safely in a" box ".. lovehim for that 😀

  14. Who else thought they should not keep the Russian and Ukrainian seed boxes side by side? Guess one of them approaches the seed vualt first and destroy the other box.

  15. . Update ::: Squirrel Has Breached The Vault … Have too Start Over… …little bit of a giggle and a he h e

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