Fairfax 275 Celebration – Fairfax Station Railroad Museum

Fairfax Station Museum is
celebrating its 30th Anniversary in conjunction
with the 275th Anniversary of Fairfax County. Fairfax
Station goes back a 150 years and was a very
important element in the development of the county
and for the people who lived here, and for the
village that grew up around this station, it was a very
important way of life. St. Mary’s Hospital was an
emergency field hospital, Clara Barton was here among
a few volunteers who assisted federal soldiers
in that effort. So, very significant things took
place here over time. We have a variety of
activities and displays and events, special programs
for visitors of all ages, from young to old. So, take
a step back in time, visit the Fairfax Station
Railroad Museum and learn about the important role
that it played in the history of Northern

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