FALL 2018 BOOK RELEASES // BookExpo & BookCon Haul!! [CC]

I’ve chosen a day to record videos where
there seems to be a lot of hammering and noise in general so I apologize but
today I have for you a book expo haul. so something you might know about me is
that I don’t like a lot of book halls just cuz I don’t like talking about
books unless I know what the books are about and I feel like I don’t fully know
what a book is about until I read it. but I like doing book expo hauls with the
books that I got while I was there because there are titles coming out over
the next like eight months ish, maybe a little less actually maybe like six
months and it’s just good to get them on your radar and you know
get it out there and show you what I got. these are all in order of publication
dates so then the ones that are closest to publication date to the ones furthest
away, so let’s get started because there’s a pretty good stack here. I’m
really picky at Book Expo. I don’t just take books I only take things that I
have researched beforehand generally and I’m very excited about reading and if I
get other books out the event I usually kind of try and find someone to give it
to who it’s more interested in it. that’s just how I like to go about doing it the
first book I picked up is from swoon reads which I believe is a Macmillan
imprint and this is To Be Honest by Maggie Ann Martin, this is the only book,
having said that I usually only pick up books I’m excited about, this is the only
book that I didn’t know too much about. this is basically just about a girl who
has a tenuous relationship with her mother who’s always making comments on
her weight because she is plus-sized. I don’t know how she identifies like if
she identifies this fat or whatever but she is bigger and it kind of has a
strain on her relationship with her mother for whatever reason and so this
is a lot about that relationship. I believe this comes out in August. the
next book I have is from scholastic and it’s City of Ghosts by Victoria Schwab.
if you know Victoria Schwab’s work you’re probably already excited about
this. she has such incredible books. this is a kind of a ghost story. it’s a middle
grade book the main character I believe had a near-death experience and can now
see ghosts is the only kind of brief synopsis I’ve been given. I feel like
with ghost stories and things that I want to go into it with a bit unknown um
but I am quite excited for this. I haven’t read a lot of middle grade this
year so that would be fun to pick up probably closer to its release date.
actually this comes out on August 28th, I’ll probably read it closer to Halloween if
I’m honest. another scholastic book up next also coming out on August 28th
and that is That’s Not What Happened by Kody Keplinger. this is about it’s three
years following a school shooting and it follows a girl who is a survivor and her
dealing with the loss of her best friend who didn’t make it out. there are a lot
of rumours about what happened on the day of the shooting and Sarah her best
friend was killed in a bathroom stall and everyone knows that Sarah’s story
but that story is actually not what happened. this is about her kind of
trying to decide whether or not to set the story straight or let people be
happy with what they think happened. kind of hard to describe but it sounds really
great it’s gotten really good reviews so I do want to pick this up soon. the next
book is one I was really quite excited for I haven’t run anything else by
Courtney Summers but Sadie sounds really cool. this is another one that I
purposefully don’t know too much about because it’s a thriller and I don’t like
going into thrillers knowing anything because I feel like that’s half the fun
of it. but it is a young adult thriller and I do believe it has queer elements
as well so that excites me because that’s not something I read about a lot
and I feel like I’ll pick this up when I really want something quick and
fast-paced so probably sometime this summer. oh I also think this has like a
podcast element so it’s like a podcast serial kind of storyline to it as well
which i think is interesting. next on September 11th is Evolution by Eileen
Myles I actually picked this up because Eileen Myles is one of my best friend
Cassie’s favorite authors and this is a new poetry collection from her and she
wanted it so this is actually being sent off to my best friend but I figure if
anyone’s interested in poetry I’d get this on your radar. it comes out on
September 11th. Eileen Myles wrote Chelsea Girls which I know is a really
like big staple in queer literature I haven’t read it
um but I it’s been on my like list of eventual reads for a very long time so I
might actually like skim through this a bit before mailing it out. next is
probably one of the first books I’m going to read of this stack because it
is a sequel that I’m quite excited about it’s Wildcard by Marie Lu which is the
follow-up to Warcross, which I really really liked. I thought it was a really
fun book, I didn’t love everything about it and I actually kind of saw the plot
twists coming but I still loved reading it so I’m really gonna get into this
soon. probably my second book I read if all goes according to plan.
and I’m not going to tell you the plot of this cause it’s a sequel so if you’re
read Warcross you’re probably excited for Wildcard and that comes out in
September I think I have the exact date here September 18th. the next book I have
is Here to Stay by Sara Farizan. Sara Farizan on is the daughter of Iranian
immigrants so sure it’s a lot of books told in Iran or in Iraq and a lot of
them are queer. so I’ve read one of her other books and it was called if you
could be mine. I didn’t love it but I loved that it was so different from anything
I’ve read before that I really enjoyed that, so I really want to read more of
her work because it does provide such a different perspective especially in the
queer YA world. this is another book about kind of anti bullying and anti
Islamophobia it takes place here in the States but it deals with a lot of
modern-day issues of Islamophobia. basically it’s from the perspective of
the main character named Bijan and he gets through school, he does well in
school but is kind of under the radar. He doesn’t have a ton of friends isn’t like
a superstar then he gets pulled off the bench on his basketball team and makes a
winning shot and becomes kind of a celebrity in his school and what comes
of that is a lot of Islamophobia and bullying and people not happy that he’s
become a star over you know the presumably other white students in the
school. a lot to deal with friendship and things like that I think it’s a really
interesting setting book. different perspective, I read a lot of books
recently dealing with Islamophobia but they were all been from the perspective
of women or young girls so this is gonna be a little bit different and I also
really like this cover I love fully pop art style of it. and it’s quite short
that comes out on September 18th as well. also on September 18th is A Heart in a
Body in the World by Deb Coletti. they like one sentence synopsis I read that
made me like seek out this book was a girl tries to outrun her demons in this
searing universal novel about the impact of gun violence, everyday sexism, rape
culture and internalizing and overcoming guilt. and that sounded really
interesting to me like it hit a lot of my kind of buzz words and things like
that it’s about a girl who’s running from Seattle to Washington DC that
across the country from what I understand to run away from something.
sounds like she becomes a reluctant activist after something happens to her
and she feels guilt and shame and is running away from that. so not entirely
sure it’s kind of vague on what exactly has happened but it sounds really
beautiful and yeah this is something I was really interested in. Plus this cover
is fantastic. I love things with like abstract faces it’s kind of my my jam.
this next book is my most anticipated read of the entire year and it’s Muse of
Nightmares by Laini Taylor. I am the city of weep. when I got this in my hands I
almost cried. I got it at a Novl event and it is signed which is beautiful. I’ve
met Laini a lot of times and every time she’s just so kind and sweet
and always has a great… we always have a great like conversation, which is
amazing and I’m so excited this is the sequel to Strange the Dreamer. I don’t
know what else to say, I’m so hyped and it looks deceivingly small but it is
actually like over 500 pages so don’t don’t you worry. I’m gonna hop into this
very soon, probably today. next book I have is actually signed as well cause I
went to a signing and it’s Dry by Neal Shusterman and his son Jarrod Shusterman.
I’ve ever had anything by Neal Schusterman since high school when I
read Unwind and I like that book still haunts me and it’s something I still
think about which i think is a mark of a great author. I do want to read Scythe
because everyone freaks out about it and loves it so I’ve wanted to get on that.
it’s basically the story of when the California drought escalates to
catastrophic proportions and how that affects the state and like the country
as a whole and follows our main character Elisa and that sounds really
really interesting. it’s kind of like dystopian which I have not read in ages,
I can’t remember the last dystopian I read so this sounds really interesting. I
want to get on that this summer this comes out in October. I think I forgot to
say when some of these come out actually. this comes out at September 18th, Muse of
Nightmares comes out on October… October 2nd. this comes out October 2nd, as well.
next book I read is another one I was very excited for because I got Nic
Stone’s first book at Book Expo last year and I read it and loved it and that was
Dear Martin. this year I have her sophomore novel and that is Odd One Out.
this is kind of one story told from three perspectives which is one of my
favorite things I love multi-perspective books especially when it’s following the
same story and seeing it from different points of view.
that is something I just love in literature also in film and television
shows it’s kind of following a love triangle is kind of the vibe I’m getting
but not in like a cliche way it’s just telling this story of these three people
who are all in a bit of a love triangle and it’s great because the love triangle
is between two girls and then one of those girls and a boy so it is queer.
which is great I love all queer stories. not all queer stories but love a new
query story. speaking of queer stories, I assume, this
is Blanca Iroha by Anna Marie Mclemore who I have not read anything by yet
which is criminal because I own two of her books. I own when the moon was ours
and wild beauty and they’re both so high on my like to be read list but just
having got to it which is tragic. so that’s one of my goals this year is to
read both of those and this, as well. this seems to be something that Anna Marie
Macklemore writes a lot about which is family dynamics and this is the story of
sisters, kind of sisters who are both rivals and also opposites but also
sisters so still family, it involves like generations old spells
and people being turned into swans and I don’t know exactly the plot but first of
all this cover is absolutely stunning like I can’t wait until that’s embossed
and in a hardcover, but I know this is gonna be beautiful. she writes really
great kind of fantasy, magical realism type stories so I’m excited about this. I
feel like I said that I like to know the books I want in advance but then have
given really vague summaries. I know the authors and like the genre of
stories but I don’t like knowing exact plots for the most part. I just realized
that it’s Blanca and Roja. I don’t know if it’s supposed to be Y, like Y, as in
the Spanish ‘and’. anyway this comes out on October 9th. next book comes out on
October 16th and this is the book that I waited the longest for and it’s A Very
Large Expanse of Sea by Tahereh Mafi. there are only 75 galleys of this given
away at Book Expo and I was really tired and felt like sitting anyway plus this
is one of my most anticipated reads, so I was like perfect,
two birds. and this is Tahereh Mafi’s newest book. this is a young adult novel
I’ve only read one book by her, Shatter Me, and that was years ago and I
didn’t really like it, but the plot of this sounds so good to me. it’s in 2002
the year after 9/11 obviously and it follows like this girl facing
Islamophobia following the terrorist attack. and something I’m super
interested in is post 9/11 America. I wrote a lot about it in my
dissertation, I studied a lot of stuff revolving around it. I focused a lot on
television following post 9/11 or following 9/11 when I was in university.
it’s something I’m super interested in, so this is one of my top reads that I’m
excited for this is probably like right after Wildcard. It goes Muse of Nightmares,
Wildcard, this. that’s my plan currently. I have a cold and I’m talking so much and
it’s hard. my second to last book of Book Expo is This is Kind of an Epic Love
Story by Kheryn Calendar. I actually read Kheryn calendar’s previous work earlier
this year and that was Hurricane Child and this follows a like a young queer
girl in the Virgin Islands in st. Thomas.
so that was a beautiful little story, really short but it was a great middle
grade and this cover is beautiful. yeah, so I really liked Karen calendars work
from that and they released this YA book which is about a film buff, aspiring
screenwriter, I don’t know it just sounds like a cutesy kind of rom-comy book. and
especially after some of these heavier books, that sounds like a good time. so
that’s what I picked up and the final book I picked up– I actually got a couple
other books that are being mailed to me from Novl and also HarperCollins so
I will actually if you want to follow me on Instagram I think I’m gonna do a book
haul when those books arrive, but the final book that I have for this video
haul is Nova Ren Suma’s A Room Away from the Wolves.
the little summary of this book I have is a spellbinding ghost story set in a
refuge for troubled girls deep in the heart of New York City, which sounds
beautiful. and with that I am done. as I said, please follow me on instagram if
you want to see any other book calls I usually show when I get book mail um but
I am gonna do like an unboxing on my Instagram of those other books if you’re
interested in that. there are some cool ones that I can’t wait to talk about.
thank you so much for watching. Let me know if you’re interested in any of
these, what ones you’re adding to your TBR, and anything that you’re excited to
pick up. I super recommend pre-ordering any books that sound really interesting
to you, because it helps the author helps the publishers figure out what people
are excited about, what people want more of, so do that if you want to. you can
pre-order it at your local bookstore or reserve it in your library – cool thank
you so much for watching and I’ll see you in my next video

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  1. Kayley, go read an Anna-Marie book!!!! A Heart in a Body in the World sounds really good and I hadnโ€™t heard of it before.

  2. I donโ€™t watch many booktubers, but I do always love your book recommendations, esp. the queer ones! ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. ๐Ÿ™‚ I like your book reviews. I read both Strange the Dreamer and Uprooted on your recommendation. Naomi Novik is going to be at Denver Comic Con this weekend with ARC of Spinning Silver, I hope to get at least an autograph.

  4. Ooo these sound so good! Islamaphobia themes are especially interesting to me as an Arab. Thanks for the great recs ๐Ÿ’›

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