Fall Book Haul | 2017

Hey guys it’s Trina and this is my fall
book haul. I’ve got nine books that I have bought, or been sent, or just
received in the past few months so I’m going to be showing you what those are.
I’m also going to be doing a second haul that will be coming up soon with all
kids books that I have recently received because you guys may know that I am
expecting my first child in… just over a month, which is terrifying by the way. But
I have gotten a lot of kids books recently and that’ll be a separate video
so keep an eye out for that if you guys are interested in it but I’m gonna get
started with a book that was sent to me by Disney-Hyperion and this video is
paid promotion with Disney Hyperion to promote the release of Follow Me by Sara
Shepard. This came out on November 7th and it is the sequel to the book The
Amateurs which came out last year. This is Sarah Shepard’s new mystery series and
I have read so many Sara Shepard books. I have reviewed all of the series that are
out so far, her YA series. The Perfectionists, The Lying Game, the entire
18 books in the Pretty Little Liars series. So Sara Shepard is an author that
I genuinely enjoy and I have done a separate review on the first book in The
Amateurs trilogy. So this is a trilogy, it’s just gonna be three books, or at
least that’s the plan for right now, and the interesting thing about this series
that I’m really into as someone that’s read a lot of her books is that each
book in the trilogy is going to follow a new mystery. Like there is an overall
kind of mystery going on, but each of them follows a whole new mystery instead
of just one long you know series following the same thing where you’re
never really getting the answers. You get the answers at the end of the first book
about its mystery. The characters that we follow in this series are all like
amateur detectives, sleuths, that have met online on a website that is dedicated to
unsolved true crimes. The first book’s mystery is about a girl that went
missing five years ago no one knows what happened to her. The last person that saw
her alive was her younger sister. It’s five years later and her sister goes on
that unsolved crimes website and meets some people interested in the case.
They all agree to come and meet her, maybe she’ll have some information that
the police didn’t really take seriously or that they overlooked. So these people
are trying to figure out this mystery on their own. Some of the
characters in this book are in high school, some of them are college age, so
it’s kind of – to me it kind of teeters between young adult and new adult. The
second book follows a new mystery. It does follow the same characters that have
met on that website and this one is about a social media star has gone
missing one night at a party. She was last seen having a fight with her
boyfriend and then was never seen again and the weird thing is, is that the
characters from book 1 notice that this social media star that went missing
looks a lot like the girl that went missing in book 1 and maybe there’s a
connection there. So these characters get involved in the case again to try to
figure out what happened in this disappearance. Definitely one that I
really really want to check out. It was on my November TBR so hopefully I will
finish it by the end of the month and have some thoughts to share with you
guys about it in my wrap-up. Next I purchased a copy of one of my favorite
author’s books. I actually pre-ordered this. That is This Darkness Mine by Mindy
McGinnis. This is a YA contemporary about a girl who’s got her life in order,
she thinks she’s perfect. Her model of perfection is she’s got straight A’s, she
knows exactly what school she’s going to go to, she’s got the boyfriend that is
perfect on paper, she never does anything bad – or what she considers to be bad – and
then she learns that she was supposed to be a twin but her twin did not survive
and was reabsorbed in the womb. And she believes she absorbed her twin’s heart so
her twin is still kind of like alive and is slowly trying to take over their body.
So now instead of being the “good girl” she starts having all these desires
to do bad things and she’s blaming it on her dead twin. So it is a really weird
premise. It is pretty dark. I ended up not really enjoying this book and I have
given you guys my review of it in my October reading wrap-up. Part of my issue
is that the synopsis doesn’t really prepare you for what the book is
actually about and around halfway through the setting kind of just
switches gears. It becomes much more about like the medical side of things. It
is set in a hospital, it deals with injuries and surgeries and I was not
prepared for that and those things just, I couldn’t stomach reading them at this
point in my life because of like personal situations. A lot of people
actually really like this and I can definitely see the appeal and this keeps
making it on a lot of lists of like the best books of the fall. If you like
unlikeable characters and weird, dark stories that end in ways that make you
go ‘what on earth did I just read?’ I think that you might enjoy this book. [laughs] Next I
was sent the Magnus Chase and the Gods of Asgard series by Rick Riordan. This
is a trilogy. These were also sent to me by Disney-Hyperion last month and this
is a series about Norse mythology. We’re following a main character who is
16 years old and he finds out that he is the son of a Norse God and he kind of
gets pulled in to this big war that is about to happen. I did read the first
book in this series last month and again I talked more about it in my October
wrap up but I definitely think that if you like Rick Riordan’s Percy Jackson or
the Heroes of Olympus series that you would definitely like this one too. Tor
Publishing kindly sent me an advanced copy of Beneath the Sugar Sky by
Seanan McGuire and this is the third book in the Wayward Children series.
The first book was Every Heart a Doorway, the second book was Down Among the Sticks and Bones. This book is coming out in
January of 2018. I am so excited for this book! I love the first two books in the
series. I love the audiobooks of this series and
I am gonna definitely be reading the print, this advanced copy coming up soon
because I want to get it read before January, and then I think I’m just gonna
go back and listen to the audiobook once it comes out because I can’t miss out on
the audiobook. I guess I should tell you guys what the series is about. So the
series overall is following different children that have found doorways into
other lands and they’ve gone through them and they’ve lived there and then
one day they are kind of spit back out into the real world for whatever reasons
and they’re having trouble adjusting to life back in the real world because
nobody believes like these lands of magic that they’ve been in even exist.
All three of the books in this series do follow different characters so
you just learn about their worlds and what you know they’ve gone through and I
just think it’s a really interesting fantastical series. Next up I am going to
do an unboxing for you guys. This box was sent to me by Freeform books. It’s for
The Belles obviously so I’m just gonna show you guys what’s in it because I
don’t often have like promo unboxings for you. I do already know what’s in here.
A lot of people have already gotten this box but here’s mine. So the book is
obviously The Belles by Dhonielle Clayton and this is, I think it’s a
fantasy, it could be like a futuristic thing I’m not entirely sure but it’s
about girls called Belles who can control beauty like it’s this magical
power that they have and our main character is wanting to be like the best
Belle in the kingdom. She wants to like be the royal family’s personal Belle and
once she gets into the palace she and the other Belle’s learn that you know
things aren’t exactly what they seem. She learns that her powers may be far more
great and terrible then she’s been led to believe and she is asked to do
something that would really like test the system that is already in place.
This one is releasing in February of 2018 so again I’m hoping to read it soon.
And then we have the goodies that were in the box. There is this golden
masquerade mask. There’s also this compact mirror in the box. Also a zipper
pouch that you can keep anything that you want in it that just has the like
book cover floral images and the book title on it. And then lastly there is
this box of delicious looking French macarons and these are from Dana’s
bakery and they are the flavors birthday cake and strawberry shortcake. I
love macarons. I don’t get them very often so I’m very excited about these.
You know, give sweets to the pregnant lady. Of course I will appreciate that.
The last two books in my haul are books that I have already showed you guys in
my monthly PageHabit unboxings so I didn’t want to talk too long about these,
I just wanted to kind of save them for last but I did get Black Bird of the
Gallows by Meg Kassel in their September box. This one is a YA
paranormal story about a new guy at school that is not quite human and the
main character starts to fall for him but bad things will happen if they get
together and like his presence is an omen of death. Some people on my unboxing
video let me know that they have read this and that they really enjoyed it so
that’s great to hear because I haven’t read a lot of paranormal romances lately
and I am still really intrigued in reading this book I just haven’t gotten
to it yet. And then in their October box I received Last Star Burning by Caitlin
Sangster. A plague has taken over the earth and our main character lives in a
safe city but her mother was a traitor so she is branded a criminal and she’s
about to be executed and her only hope of survival is to escape
the city and be out there in the world that’s very dangerous and she has to
team up with her enemy in order to survive in the world. So survival element
is always a thing that sounds very interesting to me. So these were the last
two months choices from the YA PageHabit book box and I’ll link my
unboxings of those down below if you want to see the other things like the
goodies that came in those boxes and hear a little bit more about these books.
Those are all the books that I have added to my collection this fall. I hope
maybe I helped you guys find another book that you are interested in, that you
didn’t know very much about before, or if you’ve read any of these books please
let me know what you thought about them. If there’s one that you think I should
get to sooner than the rest let me know that too.
Any of these books that I have already read and reviewed I’ll put links to
those reviews where you can hear more of my thoughts below. Thank you guys so much
for watching. I will have a children’s book haul up soon if you guys are
interested in that and yeah let me know what you guys have recently hauled. Thank you
so much for watching and I will see you in the comments. Bye! [music only]

18 thoughts on “Fall Book Haul | 2017

  1. I really appreciate that you only bought one book this season. As someone who is not able to start a booktube channel or buy a million books its nice to see some one (especially a booktuber) who hasn't bought or recieved what seems like a libraries worth of books.

  2. Oh! I think my friend Stephanie said that Blackbird book is a debut?

    Happy to see you got Follow Me. That cover font is way easier for your journal.

  3. I'm very interested to read This Darkness Mine but I appreciate why you might not like it very much. Some books just have that effect! 🙂

  4. Congratulations on becoming a mother! Im so excited for you! I dont have kids but i have to nephews (4 months old and 2 y/o) and they're amazing. Kids are amazing. ♡.
    Wish you the best for you and your growing family ☆

  5. This Darkness Mine was my first Mindy book but wasn't crazy about some aspects. However the writing style is amazing so I will definitely try out some of her other books 😀

  6. Great book haul! I’m a fellow BookTube Mom! Enjoy your last month of sleep and childlessness. Yes, it’s terrifying, but you’re built for this! Hope everything goes smoothly for you!

  7. Beneath the Sugar Sky has such a pretty cover! I didn't like the first book, so I won't be continuing on with the series but I can definitely appreciate that cover art.

  8. Wooooow This Darkness Mine sounds really weird! That plot seems intriguing, but I feel like I might be really similar in opinion as you.

  9. Really looking forward to hearing your thoughts on The Belles! As a makeup lover the premise really intrigues me 🙂

  10. you looked so amazing in the thumbnail i couldn't resist clicking. also good luck with the end of the pregnancy and birth of your child <3

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