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Hello viewers, welcome back to another episode
of Fallout Fives. Today we’ll be looking at the Greatest armor in Fallout 1.
The robes are a great example of how usefulness can sometimes outweigh protection. In all
honesty, protection isn’t one of the robes strong points, and you probably won’t be wearing
the robes during any battles, but not fighting is precisely the reason why you’ll want it.
Although different armor pieces provide varying levels of protection against different types
of attack, I’m fairly confident that the robes aren’t the absolute worst in the game. Overall,
the leather Jacket provides the least amount of protection, but still deserves a mention
for being great early game armor. I guess that’s a one-up for the robes, well not really,
I still wouldn’t use them in combat. As I said before, the robes are more useful
than protective, specifically as a disguise. The robes are worn by the children of the
cathedral, a faction who are friendly with the super mutants, and thus wearing the robes
will allow you to traverse among them unimpeded. This becomes very useful during the end game,
specifically in the Mariposa Military Base and the Cathedral.
You can fool every grunt mutant you come across, but you can’t hide away from the leaders,
and I don’t think the disguise works against mutants in random encounters. If you’re playing
a character with low combat capabilities, the robes are almost essential, but regardless,
they’re useful for a multitude of character builds.
Accessing the peaceful resolution requires you to have the robes equipped, and the detonation
resolution is made a lot easier with the them. The application of the robes has allowed speed-runners
to beat the game in under 10 minutes, and I even saw a video of someone physically beating
Frank Horrigan to death wearing the robes. The Leather armor is the best early to mid
game armor piece available, providing a good amount of protection against the types of
attacks you’ll be facing in the early to mid game. It also appears to be one of the most
common armor pieces in the game, along with the Leather Jacket and the Metal Armor.
It’s got to be said that the Leather Armor isn’t all that better than the Leather jacket,
providing only 5% more protection against normal type attacks. However, I figured that
the small increase is enough to dismiss the Leather jacket, if anything because you can
obtain the Leather Armor within a couple hours of playtime. That’s not to say the Leather
Jacket doesn’t have its upsides, like how it can be used to pass certain speech checks.
As I said, you can obtain the Leather Armor within 2 hours of game-time, and it’s usually
the armor you’ll use until you can find either the Metal Armor or the combat armor. It’s
got all of the important properties you want in an early game armor piece: It’s light and
effective against ballistic damage. It doesn’t help you much against energy damage, but you
wouldn’t typically be using this armor in a scenario that requires it.
I feel as though you could use this armor up until your encounter at the Military Base,
where it would probably be more beneficial to switch to the Metal Armor, for the sake
of reflecting laser damage. However, there’s a large amount of game to be played up until
that point, so you won’t have to worry about your armor for a while.
The Combat Armor is the best all around non-powered armour, and can be effectively used all the
way into the end game. It’s also the armor universally worn by people who you don’t want
to mess with, who you know will have a big gun.
The combat Armor can be obtained fairly early in the game with a high strength character,
if you can manage to obtain it in The Glow without running down the water chip timer.
Naturally, it can also be bought from the Hub, although you almost certainly won’t be
able to afford it in the early game, since it can cost upwards of 30,000 caps with a
low barter skill. Realistically, you’re going to obtain it some point after retrieving the
water chip. If you manage to enter the Lost Hills Brotherhood
Bunker, you can easily obtain a brotherhood variant of the Combat Armor, which is superior
in every way, however it’s easy for first time players to get locked out of the Brotherhood.
Regardless, the standard armor is more than enough to see you through to the end of the
game, providing adequate protection against all attacks.
It’s leaps and bounds ahead of the Leather Armor, and even beats out the standard Power
Armor in a couple of instances. Resistance to all types of attacks are floating around
the 40% to 60% mark, which is much better than any armor you can obtain before it. The
Brotherhood variant fairs even better, with resistance floating around the 50% to 70% mark.
Although the Tesla Armor is likely to be the final piece of armor you find in the game,
it’s actually not the most powerful, although you’ll find that it’s very useful against
the enemies you’ll soon be facing. You’ll find the Tesla Armor on the third floor
of the cathedral tower, on the same floor as Morpheus. If you play your cards right,
you can steal the armor and get Morpheus to take you straight to the Master, which is
a quick route to beating the game. If you’re playing the cowboy style, you’ll need to fight
your way through the floors of mutants, and then again through the three floors of the
vault. Once you’ve obtained the Tesla Armor, you’ll
be able to shrug off most damage caused by laser, plasma and electrical weapons, which
coincidentally are the types of weapons you’ll be up against at that point in the game. It
wasn’t really coincidental, the armor was obviously placed there to help the player
with the end game enemies, with only explosive weapons being effective against it.
What the armor is most useful for, is the final fight against the master. With a 90%
damage resistance to lasers, the Masters attacks are ineffective, leaving him offensively stranded,
with no way to defend himself. At that point, the only thing you need to worry about is
the hordes of mutants swarming you, but again, their energy attacks aren’t too much to worry
about. The Hardened Power Armour is unbeatable in
overall protection, and gives the player additional buffs that no other armor can offer. It’s
one caveat is that you need to have gained access to the Brotherhood Bunker, but I think
that most people are able to do this. The hardened Power Armor cannot be found,
it has to be made. All you require is a normal Power Armor, and the Chemistry Journals which
is sold by the librarian in The Hub, but only when you ask for them. Bring both of these
items to the Boneyard, and Miles can craft the Hardened Power Armor. This specific route
requires you to fight Deathclaws, but I think that it’s worth it considering the protection
bonus. The Hardened Power Armor is the best all-rounder
in the game, giving a good amount of protection against every attack. It lacks slightly against
plasma, but that’s its only weakness. It’s also the heaviest armor in the game, weighing
a crippling 100 pounds, however this is slightly mitigated by the +3 strength buff, which gives
you 75 lbs of extra carrying weight. You also gain an additional 30% radiation resistance,
which in all will help you conquer The Glow if you haven’t already.
Its damage resistance varies, with its lowest three all providing 50% resistance, and it’s
highest offering 90%. It just so happens that the 90% resistance is offered against lasers,
which will render The Masters weapons useless. The Power Armor has the added benefit of providing
a higher damage threshold against all attacks, which means that some hits will just ping
off your armor. Thank you all for watching, and I’ll see you
on the next Fallout Five.

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  1. You mention that you saw someone kill Frank in Fallout 2 using robes as armour, but that was probably Bridgekeeper robes that had superior protection, they have same stats as combat armour minus radiation resistance, you get them from special encounter with a reference to Monty Python and the Holy Grail movie.

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