FC Bayern Exhibition goes USA: ‘Venerated – Persecuted – Forgotten’ in Los Angeles

The mission of the Los Angeles Museum of the
Holocaust is to commemorate those who perished during the Holocaust, educate the public about
Holocaust history and inspire all of us to learn from the past. To create a better future. As president Kurt Landauer was a visionary. Even though he loved his hometown of Munich,
he had an international approach for bringing the best players and coaches together resulting
in the first club championship in 1932. To this day, I can tell you FC Bayern works
on the same principles. We have a tradition of being a Bavarian family. We are open-minded and accepting and we are
proud of what we are and who we were. AJC is hopeful that FC Bayern will continue
to lead the charge in combating racism, promoting equality and diversity, fostering inclusion
in football in order to influence a more inclusive Germany and eventually a more inclusive Europe. I hope all of these, the exhibition, Kurt
Landauer‘s exemplary life, our meeting today will help to inspire people to always stand
for what they believe in. Thank you for coming together, such a beautiful
community, and to celebrate. History warns us, present remains us, future
gives us hope.

37 thoughts on “FC Bayern Exhibition goes USA: ‘Venerated – Persecuted – Forgotten’ in Los Angeles

  1. Dejad os de tonterías, y poned os a fichar,que os van a comer la tostada en Europa un año más y espérate en Alemania ,con el Dortmund fichando bien

  2. Haha Kurt Landauer würde sich im Grabe umdrehen, wenn er wissen würde dass sein FCB für den Verbrecherstaat Katar Werbung macht und dem Land dadurch hilft Imagepolitur zu betreiben.


  3. Ich liebe diesen Klub seit ich denken kann!!! Aber ich finde, dass sich am Kader nicht viel getahen hat, vor allem im Vergleich zu anderen Teams. Also bitte kauft einen Profi. In der Offensive hätte ich zumindest gerne Leroy Sané!👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍. Falls ihr das sehr tut etwas und denkt über einen Kauf eines Offensiven Sielers nach.

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