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  1. omg I read how hard can love be this month it was INCREDIBLE I loved it so much, and it's prequel am I normal yet. it was sosososo good

  2. YAY I love the school of life books, such good advice. Their youtube channel is amazing too 🙂

  3. Yours are the only favourite videos i look forward too, I don't know why I care for your opinion so much but I do hahaha

  4. YES JESSICA JONES!!! There were so many times I slammed down the pause button cause I needed a breather haha! It even gave me some crazy dreams for the next few weeks,…. very interesting dreams….

  5. Out of curiosity, do you take any vitamins? It probably wouldn't hurt. I use to take a vitamin back when I was in high school/middle school. Then stopped for some reason. It probably wouldn't kill me to start taking vitamins again.

    Also, one thing I've noticed is British say "ill". Americans say "sick".

  6. Came to say HIi😁 Loved the vid. Wish I could buy the phonecase because I'm obsessed with space and I love books but I don't have any money rn 😔 I always enjoy your favorites. Much love 💙

  7. I can imagine what you mean about there not being enough focus on LGBTQ+ and Jewish struggles and hardships at the thing you went to, but for me as a queer person (but not Jewish so can't speak about that), it often feels like there is so much emphasis on past and current struggles, that it can start to portray the idea that we are completely defined by hardship, and not at all by positive relationships, community, creativity, contribution to society etc. Almost like what defines us is what other people think of us, rather than what we think of ourselves. So I'm really pleased to hear that you went to something that was more celebratory 🙂 Perhaps the goal should be to show a variety of perspectives, and have a balance, like a lot of things in life!

  8. I love your favourites specifically this month !! I'M JEALOUS THAT I COULDNT BREATHE THE SAME AIR AS EMMA WATSON.

    Thank you for picking me for a winner of BOOKS IN SPAAAAAACE, I absolutely adore it🙌🏻xx

  9. I loved your blog posts on HTBS and the evening with Gloria Steinem and Emma Watson! Too tired to add anything intellectual but yay for intersectionality!!

  10. I watched this earlier on and I was like oh maybe I should go and check out Jessica Jones!!! What the hell! Watched the first episode and I just want to know what happens oh my god! And I didn't realise what it was about like at all! I think you've got me hooked 😉 xxx Also btw you were soooo good on the radio last night and loved the snog marry avoid with your parents! Your dad was very smart about the Donald trump thing;) playing Orla too eh 😉  xx You're a great radio host what can I say 😉

  11. One of my favourite things this month has been your blog! It's fab to read in depth on your views on books, films, events etc 🙂 Really enjoying – keep it up 😀 xx

  12. I seem to only buy books you recommend at the moment, the last few books I bought were Asking For It, Trouble, A Manifesto on How to be Interesting and Am I Normal yet? Probably because I LOVED Trouble so just assume if you liked that I'll like the other things you like? I have no idea but I definitely have an addiction to your channel…
    Edit: I wrote this before actually watching (why did I do that?) but the only book I bought recently that you hadn't recommended was How Hard Can Love Be… I may be psychic

  13. I am watching this while having that phone case on my phone and I just wanted an excuse to say hey I got your phone case and I love it, that was the only excuse I had to say that and it's a pretty awful and cringey excuse but still love it and you!!

  14. OMG WATTS THE SAFEWORD AND HANNAH WITTON ARE FRIENDS. EEEEEEEEEE, MY FANGIRL HEART IS SO HAPPY RIGHT NOW. DON'T MIND ME. Also, I feel the same way about Jessica Jones- so stressful, but so fantastic and I couldn't stop watching. Rosianna did a great video last month (I think it was last month) about the series, and it's awesome. OMG, I loved Deadpool as well. I loved every second of it, and I can't wait for it to come out on DVD so I can watch it any time I want. Now I'm going to go read your blog posts-both of them sound great.

  15. OMG finally someone who also loves their birthday! All my friends don't like it or are indifferent to it and they find it really funny that I love it and I love to be the center of attention!


  17. hey hannah, would you do a video about being jewish and your beliefs etc? I'd find it really interesting to learn more about it! x

  18. Oh Hannah why must you recommend so many amazing sounding books, I'm already having a hard enough time fitting in bangingbookclub with all my reading for my degree D: Apart from that, that exhibition sounds really interesting and I'll try to visit it some time. Thanks, it's definitely not something I would have heard about otherwise!

  19. Have you read Sunstone? It's an erotic, comedy comic about BDSM. It talks about safety, consent, communication, aftercare, and explores a realistic BDSM relationship between two women. It is very informative and shows both the great aspects of BDSM as well as things that can go wrong. It has good characters and development and while it has sexy parts, it's not only porn 😛

  20. Jessica Jones was so good! There needs to be a second season right now :1
    I also enjoyed my birthday in February. I turned 22 and had a cookie cake that took me over a week to eat. It was amazing

  21. I didn't know that you had UC. I have Crohn's and having no immune system is the absolute non-favorite of life. 🙁 I hope that you're feeling better! <3 fully consenting hug

  22. dude I feel you with the medication side effects. I'm taking an antibacterial medicine for my face acne & while it has cleared my acne up, it has given me oh so wonderful mouth ulcers 😊😊

  23. Thanks for all the recommendations! I've been too busy in February to enjoy much of anything, but I've enjoyed reading your blog and watching various YouTubers online. I hope to get some book reading done in March, but things probably won't slow down for me before April.

  24. Omg I read Am I Normal Yet on your recommendation and LOVED it, so pumped for this next one! Gonna pick it up ASAP.

  25. do you have to read 'am i normal yet' to understand 'how hard can love be'? i'm not really interested in the first one so i was wondering if i could skip it

  26. I love that you keep mentioning that you have ulcerative colitis. hah it sounds weird but it's nice to know how someone else talks about it to other people. Would love to see a video about how you feel about it and telling people etc. Do you get embarrassed explaining it to people? Hope you reply! thanks Hannah! Alex :).

  27. hannah i love your content
    it shouldnt really matter but the background music is distracting for me bc it's one of the songs that ppl on yt make fun of for being overused
    idk you dont have to change it

    anyway, i HIGHLy recommend this show called sense8 on netflix that is a m a z i n g and mindblowing and just great

  28. You DO have ulcerative colitis? WOW! I watch your videos for more than a year now, and would have never thought that YOU DO. I do too have that. I wish I would have Your strength. Can I ask You questions, privately?

  29. Currently looking at equality and communities such as the LGBT one in my final major project, so I'll definitely visit the exhibition! Thanks for the recommendation!

  30. cries because that phonecase was the end of my year long search for the perfect phone case but its not made in my phone type 😭😭😭 im literally heartbroken rn

  31. I'm ALWAYS ill! this year has fucked me up, this stupid warm weather that never quite gets cold to kill of the germs is killing me (i'm on my 4th cold since November!) and they aren't even normal colds they're, i cant get out of bed colds!

  32. One advantage to being ill – husky voice. Just me who sometimes wants ill voice to remain permanent? Sorta like how Freddie Mercury took up smoking partially to make his voice sound cooler?

    …probably just me.

  33. Omg cheese this month man, tried to go vegan in January, failed miserably, and have eaten SO MUCH CHEESE in February, its been great. Not even fancy cheese, just cheddar, cheddar is so good.

  34. I saw Gloria Steinham at the weekend at the Bath Literature Festival and she was EXCELLENT. There were some excellent questions from her interviewer (Jenni Murray) about trans women and black women, and Gloria was totally on it. Loved her.

  35. Hannah! You need to read Perv: The Sexual Deviant in All Of Us by Jesse Bering! It's such a great read, also if you like audiobooks the author himself reads it which is always a treat.

  36. You recommended HTGAWM last month and I binge watched that… tried to get everyone to watch it! I'll have to check out Jessica Jones next 🙂

  37. Hey Hannah,
    I understand its a very personal thing to talk about but could you possibly do a video on your UC? I used to have it, I struggled on the immune suppressants for a while.They didn't work and after trying steroids and all sorts of other medication I had to have 'the surgery'. I now have a j-pouch which is better but had some similar symptoms to UC.
    Thanks, I love all your videos

  38. I'm exactly like you with my birthday, it's this month and I mention it to everyone I see! I'm so annoying ahah, oh well 🙂

  39. I love marina so much. I've been a fan of hers since her first album came out and she's just great

  40. I really hope you're okay with your ulcerative colitis.. I went to school with a girl who it turned out had been suffering from it for 4 years and she had been in and out of hospital quite a few times, she unfortunately died about a month ago 🙁 <3

  41. I read a lot, and my fave book was 'Me Before You'. Also, I went to the BAFTAs and that was hella cool so that's a favourite.

  42. Have you tried Zinc? We have a product called ZiCam Cold Melts (USA). You take one when you feel a cold coming on. It might work, check with you Doc.
    Happy belated birthday!
    Love your program.

  43. When you said "girl on girl" the first thing I thought about was Yes! Finally a lesbian thing…maybe because I'm really that gay….Anyways, You look really good even when you're sick! Hope u get better 😊

  44. You should read the book Queer Jews Edited by David Shneer and Caryn Aviv. It is stores written by queer Jewish people in all walks of life this book helped me come to terms when I came out but it is also just very interesting to hear the stories of people in so many different up brings in the same faith and how being queer effected there lives. There are stories by Queer Rabbis and writer and so many other interesting. There is also a very interesting story written by a jewish mother on circumcision and if it is morally right even if it is part of your faith.

  45. You should watch Spy, if you haven't already. It's got the amazing Melissa McCarthey in and MIRANDA! (also Jude Law so…)

  46. lmao when I'm sick I look like I just rolled out of a trashcan and sound like a hippo, how do you look so good!

  47. Your favourites videos are by far my favourite of the favourites videos on youtube- I just always want to check out all the things you mention!!
    Thanks for all the recommendations I will enjoy them 😄

  48. BABE I have Crohn's disease so I understand the horrifyingly embarrassing problem of shitting oneself constantly

  49. Hey Hannah! How are you? mmmm… I used to watched your videos a few years back and for some reason which i cant remember i stopped but yet again i could say rediscovered you. It may be because i understand you more, your words and content etc.. Your an amazing, intelligent and beautiful person, so glad i have found your videos again! x

  50. Hey Hannah! I've just found your channel from Doddies video. I've been trying to find more you tubes suffering from ulcerative colitis. I
    Have it too and on immunosuppressants 😔

  51. Sometimes Collins Cobuild dictionary is a fun store. Started off to see Feminist, wow, female, purveyor, feminism, femininity, Feminist, Feminine and went on to Fen and then fence and fence on and fencing .. Page over, Good run

  52. I trusted my old fb acc to my old girl, what happened from 2008 to 2012. I think she took it very seriously. I never got it back and I never spoke to her or never really tried. She doesn't have it. I think she is getting married soon. different girl I ever known here. Sometimes I am angry then, what

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