Female armor in games

♪Intro music♪ Epic NPC man ♪Medieval music♪ Thank you hero! You saved our town I can offer you the breat plate of Argon or the Staff of Netherwind Breast plate (metal chain sound) Here you go hero and thanks again! We appreciate you… Ah Hello adventurer Ah Thank you for saving our town I can offer you the (clears throat) the breast plate of Argon or The Staff of Netherwind! Breast plate ( clears throat ) The Staff of Netherwind! Breast plate ( clears throat ) The… ( metal sound ) The breast plate got the same hitpoints Why dont you try it on now? What the fu**? Epic NPC man (whispering) Guys , did you know that you can subscribe to our channel? Yeah And if you want your gamer tag in the next video you can put it on the comments below And the one with the most upvotes , we will put it on one of the characters So keep naming Bye What?

100 thoughts on “Female armor in games

  1. YouTube recommends this video for me in the "up next":
    (Female armor: Fantasy vs Reality, by Shadiversity)

    Well played, YouTube!

    P/s: Shad has a follow-up video about boob plate (fully cover, but boobs-shaped)

    Both video are good.

  2. well… at least its the same armor bonus, means gender equality. By the way.. you need an NPC to equip that armor… it happens to be me.

  3. yeah the chain mail bikini is the kind of blatant objectifying that is very annoying. HOWEVER, lets remember that authentic medieval armor showcased what was considered attractive in males back then, ironically a tiny waste and, unironically, a huge….. codpiece. So when developers miraculously decide to make female armor that offers full coverage but still has a female aesthetic to it (such a breast plate that emphasizes the shape of female breasts), that may not be as unrealistic as many of us think. If armor was made for women back in medieval times it would have likely emphasized what was considered beautiful in women. The guy in this video link I'm going to post sums it up pretty well.

  4. I've always hated that. Though my friend loves it cause it makes her feel sexy ingame…..okay

  5. So she's complaining about a armor that's just as tough as his and has great mobility i'm sorry but I fail to see why she's upset.

  6. 0:55, All I ever hear is the following
    Yeah! This could be C man! It sounds like semen.

    Anyone else hear this too?

  7. i mean really it’s got the same hitpoints, also i bet if you could pick between the guys armour and girls armour, literally all the male characters would be wearing the girls armour cause it would look funny.

  8. There might be easy to think the reason is objectification and sexualisation. It is. But a part of the reason why developers have tended to do this kind of historically inaccurate armours is to visually distinguish different type of merchandise/ armour and units. In reality in a real wars of the past and current trops looks very much like each other. Women that wanted to be part of a battle or war would most have had to use armour primarily done for male psychology. And for the untrained eye the different units would have looked very similar to each other. It was in movies directors started the trend of visual storytelling in order to guide the viewer in narratives so it made sense to exaggerate differences between armies, notable persons etc. Videogame industry followed that trend. An example is one army using round shields and the other square. I for one prefer historical accuracy but I wonder how the usability of the games would suffer. A problem historically has been friendly fire in the chaos of war…

  9. Technically it should look like a proper breastplate when held or in inventory and only change to armor bikini when worn by a lady player.

  10. From the perspective of movie/videogame makers, the whole upper body of a woman is absolutely invincible, except the breasts!

  11. Male armors (100% Armor = 100% protection), Ladies armors (99% distruction + 1% Armor = 100% protection… 😎

  12. Because few men will attack that girl 💁🏻‍♂️ It’s quite logical. Why do you think the amazons were so famous as warriors)

  13. I am a dude and play as a female in skyrim and I don't have a problem with armor looking like a bra. The armor is the same looking for guys or girls lol

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