Final Battle for Gotham | The Dark Knight Rises [IMAX]

–only one police in this town….. [Music] [Music] [Tumbler’s missiles aim at cops] [Music] Bane:
Open fire. [Tumbler gets disabled] [Cops start cheering] [Music intensifies] [Gunfire ensues] [Intense music] [Gunfire continues]
[Intense music] [Crowd yelling] Un-named Cop:
Get close! Gordon:
Get ready! [Intense music] U-named Cop:
Aaaaaah! [Intense music] Bane:
So, you came back to die with your city?
[Music settles down] Batman:
No, I came back to stop you. [Music intensifies again] Gordon:
Now! [Truck screeches while slowing down] [Intense music] Gordon:
That’s impossible….. Come over to ‘Fifth!’ [Intense music] Blake:
Alright, you go. Get on the bus. Go ahead.
[Music settles down] You, come with me. You, too. Hey, you, you, and you, come here, come here. Everyone else, get on the bus! Okay?! You guys, you will knock on doors and spread the word. Okay: “The bomb is gonna go off. And get out by the ‘South Street’ tunnel or over the bridge.” You go, you do two blocks.
[Music gradually intensifies again] You get back to the bus.
[Music gradually intensifies again] Alright?
[Music gradually intensifies again] Go! Go! Go!
[Music gradually intensifies again] Un-named kid:
Is he back? Blake:
….Keep your eyes open. Go. [Intense music] [Intense music] Batman:
Rrrrrrrrrrrrrgh! Batman:
Rrrrrrrrrrrrrgh! Batman:
Rrrgh! [Intense music gets louder] [Bane’s mask starts breaking] [Loud and intense music] [Loud and intense music] [Glass shatters]
[Music settles down] [Music settles down] Batman:
Cover the doors! WHERE’S THE TRIGGER?!! WHERE IS IT?!! You’d never give it to an ordinary citizen!

100 thoughts on “Final Battle for Gotham | The Dark Knight Rises [IMAX]

  1. Batman could’ve just glide kicked bane so that he could’ve gotten an advantage but ok he had to deal with all that drama

  2. Me to Sony: WHERES SPIDER MAN!? WHERE IS HE!? WHERE IS HE!? YOU WOULDNT GIVE HIM TO YOUR SPIDERVERSE WHERE IS HE!? WHERES SPIDER MAN!? WHERE IS HE!? WHERE IS HE!?……….tell me where spider man is…..then…… have Disney’s permission to make money

  3. 4:22
    Really like this bit where Bane just starts throwing out punches and snarling cause he’s panicking. He’s like a wounded animal

  4. Honestly I forgot that Bane was Bane. I'm used to the juiced up super human. Here he just looks like a guy with a mask

  5. It’s funny that both Bane and Venom are similar characters and always put in “dream fights” and Tom Hardy played as both of those characters

  6. Batman Rises is the only Batman movie where I really believed Batman was the underdog in the fight and Bane was going to kill him if he didn’t actually fight for his life. Very intense. Batman is my favorite superhero because of the Batman trilogy and the older Batman movies.

  7. Batman should have had a white suit. I know it would have been a bit too on the nose with the whole "white knight" of Gotham theme but this movie did a lot of wacky shit anyway.

  8. How did the police even make it to the enemy perimiter when they could've just all open fired and shot the ever living daylights of the police. They all had rifles with lots of ammo.

  9. Bullshit GI Joe 🇺🇸 vs Cobra 🐍 hand to hand fighting. I must be one of the few who dislike movie for incessant MONOLOGUING like "The Incredibles" Syndrome joked about. SHUT THE FUCK and KILL your opponent already !!

  10. this scene is ridiculous, with all the fire powers in their hands, they chose hand to hand combat to death, even exclude the man with the cradle

  11. Can’t believe I’m one of the few who thought this movie was overrated and kinda bad. Batman acts nothing like this, he definitely doesn’t just scream to get his point across he tends to always be smooth

  12. It’s cool and all but it’s kind of funny when you think about it in real life just in a crowd of people fighting you got a guy dressed up in a bat suit and a giant dude with a face mask fighting eachother

  13. I really wished that police chief hadn’t died. Makes it worthwhile you know. They don’t always have to die to be considered heroes.

  14. Batman is so boring and weak character. Don't understand why some people's like watching Batman, seriously 🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔

  15. sort of find it odd how they all have guns, so fire from a distance, mow them down. it's a line of cops. But no, let's just walk up to them and use our fists. retarded movie logic

  16. Continuity error: at 1:06 Catwoman puts down her cat ears, yet after the shot, it's a match cut as she's still staring, yet they're not down anymore. One could say she lifted them up when it cuts away, but then why have her in the same position?

  17. Hundreds of dudes run down a narrow street with three armored vehicles and dozens of men armed with rifles. Makes lots of sense

  18. Bane: So you came back to die with your city?
    Batman: No, I came back to stop you.

    Me: Couldn't come up with something a little more witty huh Batman?? 😒

  19. Such a lame scene. Works in concept art, but definently not on screen.

    Not a single one of those cops should have even gotten close to Banes forces. Just a pile of bodies spread out across maybe fifteen feet of ground.

  20. This final battle was just terribly executed! It should have been better! Batman should have been swinging around like a bat!

  21. So weak and fake batman that doesn't even look like the comics or even have 50% of the real batman power .. Look how he totters and give weak punches and give a silly voice ..
    He should learn something from Ben Affleck batman warehouse scene, now this is the real batman !
    Who made superman bleeds while this fucking batman couldn't even beat a normal guy like Bane ..

  22. This scene is lame. Superhero batman becomes ordinary man with no martial arts training. There were super weapons flying around but they fight with fists.😒 Mehhh!

  23. I always forget about that voice. Search “Bad man” with Pete Holmes fucking nailing the impression for some genuinely funny shit (especially following this).

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