Final Fantasy 30th Anniversary Museum Exhibition: Memories Of You

This is GTV!!! Yeah, I was kind of down about not having
enough time to do FF 30 last year. But this makes up for it! Since December 18, 1987 Final Fantasy has
led the way as one of the most popular and longest running RPG series in the world. In January 2018, one event planned to celebrate
the series 30th anniversary was underway. Final Fantasy: Memories of You, was an interactive
art exhibition held at the Mori Arts Center in Roppongi Hills, Tokyo Japan. From January 22nd to February 28th, 2018 the
52nd floor of Mori Tower hosted a retrospective that immersed Final Fantasy fans in a unique
way Square Enix describes the event as… A large-format retrospective featuring the
many companions lost and left behind in the FINAL FANTASY games. Many of the series’ thematic scenes have
been recreated with interactive and immersive installations. This exhibition, used an “augmented voice
guide system.” This system times songs from each game’s soundtrack
and character voice lines to play through each visitor’s headphones according their
location within each exhibit space. This synchronicity in audiovisual feedback
creates an immersive FINAL FANTASY experience for each and every attendee. What does that mean exactly? Upon entering, guests are presented with an
iPhone and a pair of headphones. The opening attraction involves interaction
with an iPhone app that allows you to become one of the Warriors of Light. And gives the power of one of the crystals
imbued with the powers of the elements. I received an ice crystal. You enter a 4D style theater where you an
other guests are teamed up according to your elemental power and then tap the crystal to
use that power to defeat Bahamut. Upon winning the battle, you are allowed entry
to the main gallery. Square Enix describes the theme of “Memories
of You” as featuring the many companions lost and left
behind in the stories of the FINAL FANTASY games. There is an installation for each of the 15
games in the Final Fantasy Series. Spin offs like The After Years and Mystic
Quest were not included. The first six games, for the Family Computer
and Super Famicom included a slide show of scenes where the characters part ways. Including the ending text form Final Fantasy
1 and Palom and Porom turning to stone in Final Fantasy 4. The later games, which appeared on Playstation
showed animated cutscenes as well as specific screen shots and character design sketches. Physical representations of some games were
also present, the main attraction being the Aerith’s flowers in the church from Final
Fantasy 7. The Mirrored room with multiple screens featuring
the scenes form Final Fantasy X was also a highlight. At the exit of this stage of the exhibit there
are quote and autographs of some of the key members of the Final Fantasy team who helped
create the series and keep it running for three decades. At this point you surrender your headphones
and scan your iPhone to receive a custom playlist based on your time in the museum, with a custom
screen shot as a memory. Its also shareable online! The next area Featured some more physical
installations including scenes for Final Fantasy games in a miniature scale using real life
house hold items. This led way into the gift shop where you
could by souvenirs, soundtracks, clothes, bags and figures. There was also a Final Fantasy Cafe serving
up dishes based on chocobo and mog, and of course potions to drink. Though it only lasted for 5 weeks the Memories
of you was a unique experience that wont be forgotten. If you were unable to attend I hope that you
could enjoy this tour and relive your own Final Fantasy memories.

22 thoughts on “Final Fantasy 30th Anniversary Museum Exhibition: Memories Of You

  1. I was able to catch this on the last day! Right as they were closing the doors! It’s hard to put the feeling into video but it was very cool and with headphones on it felt like you were the only one there! Ask any questions you want! If you come by this video in 2019 or later I might not remember every detail but I’ll still try!

  2. What a strange exhibit. They certainly know to get creative with this stuff in Japan. Personally I'm more the boring kind who would be inclined to see an exhibition if I was learning more about the production rather than just recapturing the moments of the games. Not to talk down this experience though. I imagine it was fun to step through.

  3. I've never heard of this until just now and I'm sad that I couldn't be there myself. Thanks for capturing it on video so that I can at least see what I missed.

  4. I am so very happy that I found your channel. Absolutely fantastic unique content which is incredibly well-produced. Thank you so very much! Best from Sweden

  5. Dude, this was really cool! Loved the room with all of the screens. If only it wasn't dedicated to FFX — a game I have a love/hate relationship with. Man, this exhibit would've been right up my alley, as I've been a fan ever since the first one on the NES. Some of my fondest gaming memories are of the Final Fantasy series.

  6. Man, what an amazing sight that would have been! I would have had a hard time not tearing up from nostalgia bombs in there. haha

  7. Oh wow, another amazing museum tour!! This is incredible–I really love that they showcase the history of game series like this! Those miniatures are so cool. And all that gift shop merch and cafe fun food and drinks has me so jelly!!

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