Fine Art Senior Exhibition

– [Narrator] So the senior exhibition is a really important stage. It shows the culmination of a lot of work that students have been building
over the course of years. Through their junior
year and the senior year, they start to think how they’re
going to bring this together and really use that core series of skills to express themselves
to figure out what it is that they want to study. – The senior show space embody everything you’ve learned here and kind of all the lessons
that you now have inside of you to make the work. – People working in the
studio downtown really put in a lot of hours down there and really try to push
their work a lot further than they had been doing and
I think for a lot of people, it really shows. – That’s one of the
strengths of our program is how very much we practice. – Everyone wanted to go farther than what they could possible
do before, push boundaries, and see where they can end
up, and try their best. – I feel relieved and really honored to work
with all these people. And to even finish a lot
of your work with this, really showed me that I am an artist. – [Ry Fryar] You’ve got
to build the skillset and there’s no substitute for sheer time. Talent has a little bit to do with it, but most of it is just a bit of practice. And so the students are impressive because they’re willing to
put in that kind of practice, but they’re also impressive because they have mined
deeply into themselves to look for great ideas. – [Gabe Clarke] And if
you don’t break rules, to really understand those rules, I had to make sure I understood and could do this correctly in order to like make it intentionally. – [Ivy Rogers] To make my work, I always have to put myself into it. I can’t just build things. I have to have a reason for why I did it. – [Lexus Gore] It makes me feel happy that I can capture these
people, their essence, and then capture them
in their environment, and how they interact, and
this probably does that. – [Alexus deBraganda] I’ve taken
a lot of different elements from different years and different mediums that I’ve worked with, and kind of had them all
come together in one final, complete body of work. – [Ry Fryar] You must log the
hours to get to that point. And the students in the exhibition that we’re showing right
now have done that. I’ve seen them do that. I was there at almost
every one of these stages and they have logged the hours. And that’s why the stuff is so good.

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