Five Years of Harth | Hearthstone

All I can say is, “Happy fifth anniversary,
Hearthstone!” “Come in, come in, tell me about your travels!” “Uhhh, is this thing on?” “Ho ho ho! It’s good to see you again! Pull up a chair by the Hearth!” My name is Terrence stone and I’m a voice actor and a director, and I’m also the voice of Harth Stonebrew… the Innkeeper of Hearthstone! Harth is the central character in the fact that he’s basically the line between World of
Warcraft and Hearthstone. “Everyone, get in here and say hello!” Working with Terence to bring the idea of Harth Stonebrew to life has just
been a joy. I can’t recall ever hearing a voice added to a character that felt so right on from day one. It has a, just a, personification of all the attributes we
give to Harth. The sense of joy, the sense of welcoming. The almost most father-like figure. In addition to that I don’t think there’s anybody on the team that you would ever want to be screaming at you, “Golden legendary” quite like this man
can. Oh Ben, nice try on my voice but don’t
quit your day job. I’m just sayin’ I got into voiceover work in the mid-80s
professionally. I had done in World of Warcraft a character called Fargo Flintlock. “What now then?” And most recently I did Cho’gall, who was a pretty crazy
character. So I was brought in to work with a Scottish accent. “Oh welcome! Wow, what was the line again?” “We’re busy tonight, but there’s always a spot for one more.” They of course had me do three four or five different things. “Ah, this is my
favorite way to play!” It pretty much came like he is now. The inspiration for
Harth came from want to find a character who really felt as if they were
embodying the game itself in a physical person. Harth’s personality and my own are similar in a lot of ways in the fact that it’s myself and it’s my grandmother
actually. She was always warm, inviting, encouraging and that’s
basically what Harth is. The thing I love about it is that it continues to carry on. One of my favorite details to having Harth in the game is that with each and every expansion we add three or four new greeting lines to Harth so
that when you come in the game it always feels fresh and new. “There you are, back from your adventures? Welcome to the party!” What better place to come in and meet with your friends and play a fun game
than a tavern? So, he welcomes you in, he helps you find someone to play with, you can’t beat that! It’s all just it’s good-natured fun! Knowing that there’s a hundred million Hearthstone players is… humbling. I think that accounts for
everybody on this team to say that they are proud to be able to put their names
on a game that has meant so much to so many. “Alright! Last call! Got to close the tavern. Jobs done!”

100 thoughts on “Five Years of Harth | Hearthstone

  1. The only other voice I love as much as his is the guy who did Reinhardt from OVerwatch. I may not play the game anymore but I can always remember his voice in my head

  2. He does such a good job, he's so… WELCOMING. You can't help but smile with how cheerful he seems and how nice he is.

  3. Not a whole lot of thing brings universal joy to Hearthstone players, but I'm fairly certain this voice does <3

  4. The music in the end of the vid was from Leagues of Explores and Rafaam is from LOE, so that means RAFAAM CONFIRMED FOR NEXT EXPANSION

  5. i thought axl would replace him. I like him better anyway

    very interesting video. I would love to meet and get to talk with a voice actor about their thing

  6. Hearing harth every time you turn on the game is just one of the best parts, it really brings the warm nature tavern game style to it.

  7. You know… it would be nice if i would actually get a golden legendary to hear him scream at me "GOLDEN LEGENDARY"
    Cause all i hear is "WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA GOLDEN common 🙂 "

  8. I wish there was more of Terrence on youtube. I seem to like a lot of the characters he voices in gaming and anime.

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