9 thoughts on “Florida group hopes to ban assault weapons

  1. I have a few questions;
    What constitutes an Assault Weapon?
    Is it a modular rifle? The grip? The magazine? The color?

    If I close my hand and make a fist…isn't that an Assault Weapon? (10 fingers are okay…arrest anyone that has more)

    If a weapon is banned, do you believe that criminals will give theirs up?
    I thought that they don't follow the laws, but I may be wrong. Maybe their just misunderstood.

    If the bad guys don't give up their Assault Weapons, how will I be able to defend myself against them?
    Maybe you can pass a law that says that they are required to pause in their assault so that I can reload.
    Oh wait…they don't follow the law.

    This is ridiculous.

  2. It's her fault he died because of their illegal unconstitutional weapons free zones,these fools put targets on these kids making their areas vulnerable to attack by criminals.

  3. Ban rifles, next shooter use pistols. Then what. 400 million guns in America banning won’t work. The only thing that really would is not arming teachers, but telling the ones that carry everyday if they can pass a course every new school year. They can carry in school.

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