Forschung am Kunsthistorischen Museum

A museum like the Kunsthistorisches Museum
has many faces. Besides exhibiting, collecting, communicating,
research is one of its key tasks. Discover with us what exactly
research at the museum is all about. Research is the quest for the second half. We ask the objects: What do they say? What did the owners and makers intend to say? And the objects still
have something to say today. We pursue this exciting quest
at the museum today. Here we are at our scientific laboratory, where materials,
artistic techniques, ageing processes and conservation methods are researched. Research means:
discovering what others do not see, what is hidden,
and based on this, understanding what happened
or anticipating what will happen later. The idea of the museum
reminds many of their school days: Going to a museum
to learn something about the past. It was only later that I realized that museums are also
about the present. The objects we see
have a lot to do with me, with my here and now. I find out something about myself
because the objects were understood, because new questions
were addressed to them, because they were not
left in the past, but brought into the present, and arranged and viewed in a new way,
touched and given a voice. Research at the museum achieves all this. If you want to find out more,
take a look at our homepage, where we present many of our projects. Or come and visit yourself!

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