Fort Campbell Kentucky Air Assault School

hi welcome back I’m Steven I’m the US
Army soldier stationed at Fort Campbell Kentucky home of the 101st Airborne
Division Air Assault and I just graduated from Air Assault school from
the world-renowned Sawatzky Air Assault school now I wanted to tell you guys
about my experience at Air Assault school it was a very special experience
it was special for me and it was really eye-opening for me and I want to make a
series of videos telling you guys more about this about my experience with it
it’s huge I can’t just cram all this into one video so it was eye-opening for
me because I was I admit a bit reluctant at first and that’s because I am very
afraid of heights and Air Assault school in vial involves a lot of heights so I’m
a bit afraid of heights but I thought about it and this is gonna be this would
be like my only chance perhaps of going to aerosol school this is the only
division in the world that is an Air Assault division and everywhere else
it’s not going to be so easy to get into Air Assault school here they’re really
pushing you to go to Air Assault school they want everybody to be here so I’ll
qualified that doesn’t mean it’s gonna be easy but they want everybody to go
there encouraging everybody to go so if I go to another division that might have
an airsoft school it’s not gonna be so easy so I had to consider that so
considering that I went in I I decided I’m gonna go for this once-in-a-lifetime
opportunity and so what Air Assault school is in a nutshell is learning
about working and working with aircrafts or rotary wing aircraft in other words
helicopters now that doesn’t mean they’re training us to be pilots no no
what they’re training us to do is to recognize these aircraft and know all
about them and know how to work around them
hooking up loads to them and and so on and so forth so there’s knowing the
aircraft what’s the name of the aircraft what’s the history of this aircraft how
many people does it carry well weapons doesn’t carry how many how much weight
can it lift all those facts you have to know about the aircraft then you have to
know about the loads that it lifts off the ground how to inspect them how to
make sure that they’re safe and how to find every single little deficiency that
you can find on a cargo load then there’s rappelling because you have to
know how to rappel from the aircraft as well here’s rappelling off the tower and
rappelling off the aircraft itself and there’s two different ways of repelling
from the aircraft there’s you know actual rappelling which is you know with
the harness and everything and you’re going down and everything like that but
then there’s also fast roping which is sliding down the rope like a fireman’s
pole which you might recognize from movies like Black Hawk Down that’s what
their training is to do at aerosol school so it was a big deal
it is a big deal it was a big deal for me and I want to share more about this
with you so please if you want to follow these this little series I’m doing about
Air Assault school you got to subscribe thank you very much for watching and
I’ll see you all around you

15 thoughts on “Fort Campbell Kentucky Air Assault School

  1. Congrats on your graduation considering you are afraid of heights. Tfs.almost sounds like you were saying aerosol tehehee.

  2. Congrats Steven! That is amazing! How was repelling the fast rope way? I would be so scared to do that. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Steven, you are very brave. As you mentioned, I am also afraid of heights! Again thank you for sharing your story 🤗

  4. Congratulations on gratuating even though you have that fear of heights. I’m not big on flying myself and neither is my husband. Lol. But sometimes it’s great to face those fears. Thanks for sharing and look forward to hearing more about this in the upcoming series. RUC

  5. Not a fan of heights either. Good for you for going for something you wanted. Regardless of the fears!! RUC

  6. Congratulations on graduating from air assault school. Awesome that you also got over your fear! Can't wait to see more videos about it. Thanks for sharing!

  7. If The Sabalauski Air Assault School ( TSAAS) Is The World Reknown Institution Of The 101st Airborne Division ( Air Assault), Why Does The Army Have Other Air Assault Schools?

  8. Congrats and welcome to the brotherhood of Air Assault wings. I myself am a graduate of class 26-14, and just graduated from WLC and got promoted less than a month before I went to AA school.

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