France VS Russia. Airsoft FPS. Exhibition game! || GoPro || BattleArena

injury Snegiri VS Mitchell Team Kros Major Jhon FatMan Udav

100 thoughts on “France VS Russia. Airsoft FPS. Exhibition game! || GoPro || BattleArena

  1. we dont like clichés so stop doing racist joke about french and russian people because you know what?Clichés are racism you moron

  2. Why not make this game much interesting…. 5 mags with 40 bb/mag…..semi only….2 mags for the "pistol"….its more then enough….max 240 bb/player….

  3. lot of cheaters woulnt play it anymore and if the bullet just touch me a little bit its suppost to be a kill wierd game PUBG is better

  4. I only got a couple of minutes into it before I turned it off. The commentary was extremely annoying. Maybe shut up and report on it without the agitating smack talk

  5. Combining the footage from all the guys and different angles along with the narrators made this very fun to watch. Great fucking job 👍👍👍

  6. try this new game mode captureTheMusicBox free for android

  7. *the real PUBG*if i had a much money,i could being an airsoft collector,i can shoot my neighbor's dog,because his dog is always bother me while i want go buying an drink on my nearest shop on my house

  8. I use to love playing competitive paintball…!!! We used to play every other weekend since buying big boxes of paintballs and refilling our big co2 tanks wasn’t cheap at all…!!! But I never got to play airsoft…!!! Since die hard paintball fans use to hate airsoft and the same thing with them…!!! And since I only knew people that played paintball then that’s why I went that route… but now that I’m older and haven’t played in years…!!! I always wanted to try airsoft for the first time…!!! Especially now that I seen a few airsoft tournaments I really think 💭 that playing airsoft is cheaper overall when you talk about the ammo and co2 you have to buy every time you are about to play…!!! But hey that’s just my opinion and believe since I could be wrong…!!!

  9. What a bunch of wanna be soldiers if u wanted to feel like a soilder enlist pussy cause right now u guys are a bunch of adults playing with toy guns nothing like a real solider

  10. il on vraiment fait de la merde les notre j'èspere que cette année il seront meilleur la nouvelle équipe .

  11. IF thyt became sport already airsoft had chanse befor more fps drops and rules.. I knew it could make laki game watching,, they miss cameras on guns.. that would make so realistic.

  12. Congratulations, video .. very cool. Look at our images of the GAZA BAND event in Espirito Santo #airsoftbrazil #airsoftworld

  13. "Chargeur" …
    And the guy are saying "why is he speaking russian to his own team"

    Ugh… really americans.. you're so stupid, please stop talking.

  14. Yes it's all just a game. But the fact they copy actual military groups is disgusting. And why copy the looks. Why not just were some jackets and jeans. And there is no passion to fighting if its ment to copy the feel of war. Yes it's just a game but I just dont like the wording used for the beginning of this video. Still clicked like.

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