Friday Reads | March, 8, 2019

Hi everyone. I’m rincey and this is
rincey reads. Today i’m going to be doing a Friday reads video. I’m recording this
on Thursday. And so I’m going to kind of go through this as straightforward as
possible to reduce my editing time because I’m really tired. And I actually
kind of debated about making a video this week but I figured I could do a
Friday reads. Those aren’t too bad. So the book I am currently reading is the care
and feeding of ravenously hungry girls by Anissa Gray. This I believe is
a debut. Actually, don’t quote me on that, but it’s a relatively new release. I
believe it just came out in February. This is a book that I had started last
weekend. If anyone follows me on Instagram, you would have seen me post
about how I got sick like last week and I used the weekend to basically do
nothing but sleep and read. And it was a great decision. And so I started this
last weekend and then this week was just a week. And so I haven’t been reading at
all. So I’m only on page like a hundred of this. It’s due back at the library
tomorrow. So this is gonna be an overdue library book, which whatever. It’s also
kind of funny that this is gonna be an overdue library book because I just put
a video up this week over on book riot talking about prioritizing your library
books and dealing with that situation. And one of the things I talked about in
there is how I often turn in books late because like I don’t want to go on hold
for this again. I don’t think it’s worth it. So I might as well just keep it for
an extra day or two to finish it. So yeah, this is like priority number one so I
can return it to the library and keep my fines to a minimum. I’m enjoying it so
far. I don’t think it’s going to like blow me out of the water unless
something changes in the second half of this book. But it’ll probably be like a
three, three and a half star read. One thing that I’m noticing with this book,
and I don’t know if I’m noticing it because I’m like trying to finish it for
this due date, is the fact because — let me start over. So one of the things about
this book is I was debating about whether or not I should return it
unread, but I’m intrigued enough by it to want to keep reading it. So I decided I
was going to keep it and just like push through to the end. And one of the things
that this book does that I think is keeping me on the hook but I also kind
of hate it for doing this, it’s doing the thing
where it’s like teasing things about the characters past. So I should probably
talk about this book a little bit. I’m doing a terrible job of this today. So in this
book you are following multiple characters. The main ones are these three
sisters named Althea, Viola, and Lillian. There we go.
So Althea and her husband Proctor have just gone to jail. And so Lillian has
basically taken on Althea and Proctor’s two kids. And then viola is the other
sister who has driven back home because of this whole situation. They also have a
brother but none of the story is told from his point of view. It’s just about the
three sisters. Each of the characters have things in their past that they are
thinking about and the way that it’s written it’s like alluded to in a really
vague way. So like you know that the brother has done something to one of the
sisters but you’re not exactly sure what. And you know that the dad has done
something but you’re not exactly sure what. And I think potentially in this
book, it’s like over written. It’s done in a way that like no character who has
gone through experiences would think about things in this way. And again, I
don’t know if I’m just noting it in this book because I don’t like the way that
it’s written or if I’m noting it because I’m like slightly anxious to just see
what the big deal is. So I don’t know, I might talk about this more in my wrap-up
that I do next week after I finish the book. But yeah that’s just like a weird
thing that I’ve noticed. And I don’t know, maybe you guys have noticed that in
books as well. All right, so if by some miracle I finished that before the
weekend is over, I have two books that are out as ebooks from the library that
I should probably like prioritize since their ebooks and will get returned soon.
The first one is remains of the day by Kazuo Ishiguro. I obviously haven’t read
this. I’ve only read, oh my gosh, what is his other really popular book? Never let
me go. That’s the other one. So yeah, I read never let me go and I enjoyed that
but I’ve heard like amazing things about remains of the day specifically. So I’m
excited to pick this one up. And then I also have Insurrecto as out. And I
also have Insurrecto out from the library as an e-book. This is one that I
started I don’t know a couple of months ago now I think, as you can see by the
fact that there is a bookmark still in here. But when I
started it I didn’t have like the brainpower for it. Like this is very like
literally written and I think it’s like even just a little bit experimental as
well. It’s from like a smaller press so I feel like that’s to be expected.
But yeah, I didn’t really have the brain space for it when I started it
originally. So now I have it as an e-book, so hopefully I have the brain space for it now. So yeah, I think that’s everything I
wanted to talk about in this video. Yeah keep it short and simple. Let me know
down in the comments below what you guys are currently reading. I will be back
next week to talk about what I have been reading — to do a mid month check-in. I’m
really tired, guys. Can you tell? So I should probably just like you know wrap
it up. So yeah, that’s all I have for now and thanks for watching.

9 thoughts on “Friday Reads | March, 8, 2019

  1. Rincey! I can’t remember if it was you that read it, but it would have been some time ago…there was a non-fiction book about death/the mortuary industry. I think it specifically examined how the US deals with/exploits death to make money. Ring any bells? Lol

  2. I'm reading a book you've read a month or so ago. Death by Dumpling by Vivien Chien. I'm 34% in and I'm liking it so far.

  3. Currently reading How Long 'Til Black Future Month? by N.K. Jemisin. I'm really enjoying it and needed something to get me over the slump I was in throughout February.

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