From Mickey Mouse to Frozen… Disney holds exhibition in Seoul

a special exhibition is being held in
Seoul that shows the almost century long history of Disney characters right from
the classic Mickey Mouse cartoons to more recent works like wreckit-ralph and
frozen human son tells us more Mickey Mouse awaits fans and visitors at
this special Disney exhibition in Seoul some original clips of Steamboat Willie
the cartoon from 1928 that gave birth to the world-famous mouse are also on
display characters and works created by the Disney studio are being shown at
seoul’s tong diamond design plaza the exhibition shows some 500 art pieces
including original drawings and concept art that hasn’t been seen by the public
before visitors can take a look at how the characters in the drawings all
brought to life and the efforts of the Disney creators to bring the animation
closer to reality I hope that the cream viewers of the exhibition really feel
connected to the stories because animation really is a universal art form
and the stories that Disney has told really has crossed all generations this
year is an especially big year for Disney fans as some Disney classics
including The Lion King are being made into live-action films and some of the
artwork provides hints of what could happen in the highly anticipated
animation frozen 2 scheduled to be released at the end of this year the
special exhibition will run through August 18 giving visitors the chance to
look back at their personal memories with the well-loved Disney characters
immense on Arirang news

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