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47 thoughts on “FRUGAL FEBRUARY VLOG 1 – Mindset, Positivity, Challenges & Compromises || SugarMamma.TV

  1. New video, yesss! Thank you Canna, I am excited to see the first vlog in this series, I always learn a lot from You!

  2. Would you like a video on budget recipes that you can make in a Thermomix? I probably going to save about $20 per week on yogurt alone! xCC

  3. Great video Canna! If you're short on time, another idea for yoghurt is to buy it in a big container and dispense into smaller tupperware containers for lunches. Cheaper and less waste!

  4. Hahaha, I was eBay browsing when ur video notification showed up. 😬😅 I’m doing the challenge but my old habits are strong.

  5. Awesome Vlog Sugar Mamma!
    You have inspired me to create my own YouTube channel and start uploading and push my fear of judgement to one side!
    I've now uploaded 2 videos and have a very humble following of 100 subscribers and I couldn't be happier!
    If anyone wants to support me i'd really appreciate you checking out my channel!

  6. Being sick is so costly nowadays. Hope Giuseppe feels better soon. Good luck with your frugal February! You're so brave for not letting this project go. 🙂

  7. Banana muffins tend to come out really well and are pretty sweet without sugar and you can find recipes with maple syrup instead. I make them all the time for my kids lunch boxes, really handy. I think the berry ones are trickier because they can get soggy. Just Google banana muffins – most recipes are good I find. Nigella Lawson's one uses oil instead of butter too.

  8. Love this frugal February vlogs.
    Even though I live frugal all year round, haha, they still give me a confirmation that I do a right thig and make me feel proud of my lifestyle :))
    Do please more of them :))))

  9. Great video as always. Here in Belgium februari is tournee mineral means hole month no alcohol, so that money goes to 1ooo euro project. I also included no coca cola for my kids in februari so that goes also to my project. And I use what I got in pantry, freezer and fridge. We are now the 7th and I spend only 16 euros. Go me and thank you canna, love from Cindy of Belgium xxx

  10. Canna, Donna hay has awesome muffin recipes and for children too. She has a blueberry type muffin with oats. I’m not great at cooking but Donna Hays recipes are awesome.

  11. I love your videos…but please please do something about the audio 😊…the audio is usually poor quality and the volume changes are quite frequent.

  12. I love how well you've managed all the challenges and how positive you've been through it! It is my first frugal February and the vlog helped me with my attitude! I hope Giuseppe is feeling a lot better by now. Huge hug from Barcelona!

  13. great tips! I just did a no spend challenge last month and reviewed it on my channel. I love the idea of frugal february i should do that next!

  14. Not to be nosey but as your a single mother as well can you make a video about children’s expenses. How you and Rocco’s father spilt the expenses or the best way to approach a situation like that?

    I love all your videos and been a follower for years. 💖

  15. You threw me off with the berry muffins. I was expecting to hear you say banana bread. It’s one thing I associate with you. Lol. Have you stopped eating it? I’m enjoying frugal February. It’s pretty easy for me this year because I just had a baby 3 weeks ago and I’ve been housebound taking care of her and not buying anything.

  16. I hope Giuseppe is doing better! Please let us know how he is. I love your Frugal February series and look forward to the rest of your posts. One quick question – what lip gloss were you using in this video? I checked out the link, but that was for a different product as it was packaged completely differently and had an applicator.

  17. Poor giuseppe!! My dog has had Elbow dysplasea last year and had to undergo surgery being only 7 months old. Arthritis cannot be cured but you are able to help him feel better by feeding him some adds!
    I use „dexboron forte“ and alavis 5. i hope you can get it over in australia. I am from Austria in Europe.

  18. My sister bought refillable pouches for my niece bc she felt bad for throwing away so much plastic and money with these pouches

  19. huge way to save money is def stack up on groceries and home-cook… its crazy the amount of $$ we waste eating out.. i also used to smoke lots weeds, i've stopped all of that since last December i've saved a lot of money.. i actually have money to save now for emergencies

  20. I can so relate! Veterinary care is where I usually blow my budget, too. But super proud of you! Did you try the muffins again?

  21. Hi, I to have a Thermomix and love it. It has saved me so much money, everything is fresh, I know what is going into all my meals, can cut down the sugar and it saves so much time.
    I use the automated recipe for yoghurt and it’s lovely. Make it over night because it takes 8hrs and then set it in the fridge. When I eat the yogurt I add berries or banana to give it some extra flavour. 1L of yoghurt made in the thermie will only cost about $2 to make.

  22. Hi Canna, It's about time Tom stop being "surprised" with Frugal February haha but I get his dilemma with it for the lunch with clients/friends. Does Australia have limits on how many bank transfers you can do? You say you immediately transfer and in the US we are limited by law to 6 per month. or do you do a bulk transfer and keep notes on how much you've saved?

  23. canna did you ever experience a splurge instinct after a period of frugality? i'm doing frugal february but i know next month will most likely be crazy march than manifesting march 😨

  24. Very inspiring video but I don't like the huge scripts that you place in the video as it obscuring and detracts my concentration.. Maybe you can reduce the size and frequency of these questions you put up in huge writing? Xxx

  25. I make the “scrummylane” Greek yogurt blueberry muffins with local organic frozen blueberries from my fruit shop, you can half the sugar and oil and they still work perfectly. I have even forgotten to put the eggs in, scraped these out of the muffin tin and stirred in the egg and they still came out ok so I think they are foolproof!

  26. I like your candidness and that you honestly communicate the every day challenges and successes of trying to make Frugal February work. That makes your videos relatable.

  27. I love that Giuseppe (chocolate bar) is going feel a little better. You need your morning workout buddy. I am doing so good this year Frugal February. I started in January

  28. I love how you stand your ground on frugal February, it's admirable. I just love your frugal tips.
    Greetings from South Africa

  29. Oh yes please to the thermomix video. I'm thinking of getting one and I'd love to see a video on it. Thanks for all the great videos. Hi from the West of Ireland 🙂

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