Full Body Armor Can’t Protect this Armadillo from Humans

– [Voiceover] This is Ping, a southern three-banded armadillo. Predators, look elsewhere. You’ll have a hard time
cracking open this critter. Like all armadillos, they
are covered by bony plates that make up their shell. But the southern three-banded armadillo is the only armadillo species that can roll themselves into a near-perfect ball when threatened. These little guys are native to central South America and prefer dry vegetation. There, they feed off insects that they dig up with their
sharp, powerful claws, and gather with long,
sticky, straw-like tongue. But even body armor can’t
protect this species from numerous human-made threats. On top of a dwindling habitat, they are hunted heavily
for food and the pet trade. This is the southern
three-banded armadillo.

27 thoughts on “Full Body Armor Can’t Protect this Armadillo from Humans

  1. Wow, that's really cool. Sucks about the human danger part though. You guys should go into a bit more detail about that.

  2. I have a armadillo under my sheddddd… I'm in Florida and every body says it's a possum but I'm the only person who actually went face to face with it and it also attacked my cat… is it illegal to kill them? And will my cat need shots?

  3. Has anyone else seen those weird looking humanoid things for sale when you search reptile?

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