Full Film Action The Hard Way 2019 | Michael Jai White | Subtitle Indonesia

[Cody]There. You see him?
Vig’s there. Right there.Stop the car.
Stop the fucking car.
Cody! [gunshot] Hey! Come on. Cody. Cody, come on! Hey, hey! Cody! [Cody] Hey! Freeze! [gunshot] Motherfucker! [car alarm wailing] [car alarm beeping] [woman screaming] No, fuck! Cody, Cody? [heavy breathing] Oh, fuck. Hang in there, buddy. Hey, hey, it’s me. Where are you hit? Hey, how bad is it? How bad? Anterior vena cava, bro. [groaning] Let me see. Let me see. Jesus Christ! Look at her, man. He killed that girl. – That son of a bitch.
– Hey, save your energy. Oh, fuck. Lacy, Lacy.
You gotta take care of Lacy. – I got it. Don’t worry about her. OK?
– Yeah. – Don’t worry about her.
– Yeah. How’d you get the fuck into this?
What happened? – Tell me. What happened?
– Toro, man. Toro. I took something from him.
I took something from him. POLICE [sirens wailing] What are you saying? What are you saying? Bro, we’re friends. – We did some stupid shit together.
– Yeah, we did. Yeah, we did. [tires squealing] Tell John… [stammering] Tell John
I left something for him. What? Where? Tell me. Come on, Cody, where? John’ll know. John always knows. Enough, enough.
Come on. I got you, I got you. – Tell John… Tell him I’m sorry.
– Enough. It had to be… the hard way. Fuck. I got you, buddy. Fuck. Fuck! [tires squealing] [indistinct radio chatter] [jazz music playing] [faint electronic beeping] [in sign language] Where’s this guy? Name’s Ivo. From the Ukraine. He’s pretty good. But he’s done in six moves. Make that four. [electronic beeping] You know, a closed mouth
don’t get fed, right? Yeah, you. What’s on your mind, neph? Speak on it, and then dump the trash, and lock the back door
like I asked you to a half hour ago. It’s just… I grew up hearing
all these stories about you. And I watch you
playing chess with someone– And it doesn’t seem to match up
with the dapper dressing, golf and chess-playing negro
you see before you? I mean… Afghanistan, special ops, all those
crazy black Rambo Fallujah stories, all the street fighter stories. Look, people tend to exaggerate things because they have a need
to believe in “myths”. But the truth is, I am no “Superman”.
I’m not even much of a fighter. See, it’s your Uncle Cody.
Now, he’s the real bad ass. You’ll see that when he comes back here
for good next week. And since he’s my new partner at the bar, you’ll get a chance to hear
all of Uncle Cody’s tall tales first-hand. But for now, you need to
dump the trash like I asked you to, so I can get you back home. Because I do not want to hear
my sister’s mouth for keeping you out too late. [door thumping] Our beloved Carmine’s
is now a fucking mooley hipster joint. Hell, no! Not on my fucking watch! Who owns this joint? Tell you what. I’m a businessman. So, I offer 20K above what you paid, you pack up, set up in Bushwick
or somewhere the fuck else. And all is well. Capisce?No capisce. You gentlemen have a good night,
we’re closed. Hey, asshole. Do you know who this is? Relax, Paulie, I got this. What’s your name, wise guy? Payne. How fucking appropriate. Listen, Payne,
I don’t think you fully understand. See, this place is what you call
sentimental value to my community. Many a great man
have drank, bled, and died here. Now, you take the deal before I take it off the table,
beat your ass with it. Ah, ah, ah. Ah, ah, ah, ah. [electronic beeping] Checkmate. [electronic beeping] You know… I feel you on the… sentimental thing. You see, I know the pain of a son whose father was nearly murdered in a bar
he wasn’t even allowed inside of. And for that man’s son… to grow up and one day
own that very bar… You see… first… you should have
taken no for an answer. Second… you already fucked up by shoving
my nephew when you first came in here. I was gonna let that slide because he needs to
toughen up a little bit. And third… I heard that mooley comment,
not cool. Judging by your little jailhouse shuffle
and them fucked up clothes you’re wearing, you’ve been locked up for a while. Well, let me hip you to a few changes since you’ve been gone. Faucets now come on by themselves
when you put your hands underneath. We’ve had a black and an orange president, and this… ain’t Carmine’s no more. – [Paulie] Yeah!
– [John] Oh. Uh-huh. You clearly have no fucking idea
of who you talking to. Hmm. And clearly, you do not understand
the degree of a fuck that I don’t give. – Oh.
– Hmm. Huh. So… I’ll tell you what I’m gonna do. I’m gonna break your jaw for you, lump you up for GP
and then toss your ass out the window because I’ve been thinking about
changing that window out anyway. I’m gonna sleep Paulie string bean
over here last, so he can tell you what happened to you. That’s after the cops throw you
back in prison for parole violation on account of that .380
you’re carrying on your right hip. But, hey… you were smart for coming strapped. But you made one mistake. Yeah? What’s that? You let me get too close. – [Tony grunting]
– [foot thumping] [gun cocks] Catch, motherfucker. [Tony grunting] [Tony grunting] You stupid son of a bitch. You broke my jaw. No. No! [groaning] [car alarms beeping] [boy] I thought you said
you weren’t much of a fighter. I’m not. Fighting is the violent exchange
of physical blows. It’s technically not a fight
if I’m the only one giving the blows. Get a broom. Cops will be here soon. [phone buzzing] If you teach me how to fight, I promise
I won’t tell my mom what happened. I told you I don’t fight. Your Uncle Cody’s gonna get you right. Payne. When? I’ll be there as soon as I can. Thanks for the call, Arnold. Uncle Cody is not gonna be here on Monday. [police sirens wailing] [car horn honking] Mr. Briggs is waiting for you upstairs. [indistinct chatter] [Arnold] Make sure everything
is locked up downstairs. [man] OK. Arnold. Never expected to see you
in Europe again, John. Yeah, makes the two of us. Come on, I’ll show you in. Updated a few things
since you were here last. Yeah, I see. How long you staying? Just until I bury Cody. [Arnold] You need anything, we’re here. [John] I appreciate that. I’m making the funeral arrangements
for Thursday. [Arnold] Blanche and I will be there. [John chuckles] She’s still putting up
with you after all these years? – [Arnold] Yeah.
– [John] Bless her heart. [Arnold] You’re not bringing him home? He would’ve wanted to be laid to rest here
with the others from his team, Arnold. You should know that. Things change, John. You should know that. Yeah. You run the whole unit now. Not just the unit.
I run all the old units, John. I got the whole basket. Climate’s changed since you retired. U.S., Israel… Hell, even the Brits trying to disavow us.
Shut us down. I don’t want a problem with you, too. You ain’t got to worry about me, Arnold. Well, I don’t want to
relive the past either. Let’s just take care of your brother. You good? – One hundred.
– Good. So… can you tell me what happened? Where do I start? [Mason]Cody! Come on! Come back![woman screaming] [Arnold]It was the girl.She was the last straw.[car alarm beeping] [Cody grunting] Hell, even Cody’s partner almost cracked
and he’s seen some shit. [Mason] Cody? Cody? Fuck! Hang in there, buddy.
Hang in there. Fuck! Yeah, Mason Bellows, yeah. Yeah, based out of Africa.
Good soldier, bit of a loose cannon, but damn good sniper.
Him and Cody made a great team. So, what can he tell me
about the investigation? Stop it, John. Come on, man. Mason and Cody were part of a task force
created to infiltrate a new drug syndicate that’s getting roots here
in Eastern Europe. Brutal as hell. But I don’t think
they are even set up yet, that’s why I signed ADS guys to it,
so I could supervise them. And? “And?” You’re retired, John. You run a bar. Let’s keep it that way. [lock clicking] [door creaking] My condolences. Vali Bibescu. Bucharest PD. I worked with your brother.
Cody was a great guy. Were you two close? As close as you get on a task force.
Me, Mason, Cody… Darling, would you please
wait for me inside? [man] You can go in, get off your feet. [woman] Yeah, sure. – I’m so sorry for your loss.
– Thank you. Look, I know your background. Everyone here knows your background. Either they worked with you
or Cody or both. There is more to Cody’s death
than what it looks like. And it has to do with the murder
of his confidential informant. Let me get settled first,
handle Cody’s affairs. I’d like to sit and talk with you
and Mason as soon as possible. OK. Thanks for coming, Vali. Just wanted to say
I’m sorry for your loss, man. You going back to New York? Nah, man, I think
I’m gonna hang around for a little while. Payne, I was there when they took him. “They”? A lot of devils in this town. Well, do you know where they are? Yeah. [eerie voice]Do you feel it…on the wind?In the air?The gates are opening.Devils rising.Wait for me by the door. Guys, there’s a lot of heat still on us. You better keep an eye out
and call me for any problem, right? – OK.
– You got it, boss. [man] Who the fuck are you? [man grunting] [panting] [groaning] Fuck. Oh, fuck. [phone beeping] [phone ringing]Vali, it’s me.I’ve got two problems
I need to get rid of. – Where are you now?
– I’m at Frankie’s studio. – I was tailing Vig.
– Shit. OK, wait for me there. I’m on my way. Hey, come on, man.I gotta get to the freezer.
Get rid of these two problems.
– We gotta meet in the morning.
– OK. I can meet in the morning. And bring the tape.It’s time we show Briggs,
blow this thing wide open.
– OK.
– Watch your back, Vali. Be safe. What are you doing up here? You just missed
an exciting round of board games with my sister and her husband. Sorry. Mason, about work. Hmm. Don’t forget you have to drop them off
at the airport in the morning. – Their flight is at 8:00 a.m.
– Damn it, I completely forgot. Don’t worry, I’ll do it. And your daughter is in the middle
of one of her marathon showers. Let me get her, so she can say good night. – OK, I leave that one up to you.
– OK. [dance music playing] [woman] Roxy, come downstairs.
You’ve been in there for over an hour. [music stops] Be right out! [dance music continues] Sure… Hmm. OK, what do you wanna do? Mm. No. You don’t seem yourself lately.
Ever since Cody… You know, I never like talking
about job in too much detail. I know, I know. Just try to enjoy the rest of the night. [people laughing] – [Anna] OK…
– OK. I will. [chuckles] – [doorbell ringing]
– [Anna] No. [indistinct chatter] [Anna] OK, um… I have no idea. Street lights are off for some reason. I’ll go call the city. [doorbell ringing] OK. What’s going on here? [women screaming] [masked man] Hey, Vali.
Guess what we are here for? Where’s the money? [woman screaming] Where the fuck is it? [woman] Susan, don’t! Susan, Susan, no, no! [man] Stupid fuck! [grunting] – [dance music playing]
– [Anna screaming] Help, no! Mom? Dad? What’s going on out there? [Susan choking and screaming] [man 1] Make sure no one else is upstairs. [man 2] I got it. [Susan screaming] Mom? Dad? [door handle rattling] [screaming] [man grunting] Come on. [grunting] Stop! Stop it! [sinister laughing] Damn, Mason, what the fuck? You’re filling it up in here. Yeah, it’s not me, sir. It’s pretty fucking rough out there. Well, shit’s a lot bigger
than we both thought. – Yeah.
– That has to end. I need you to tell no one,
and I especially don’t want Payne to know. Sir, he knows the ropes,
and maybe he’ll be able to help us. He just lost his brother.
He’s gone through enough. Yeah. Well, shit. I want to see you in my office
first thing in the morning. You go silent for the night. Button it up. That’s an order. Yes, sir. [phone beeping] Fuck it. [phone vibrating] – It’s Payne.
– It’s Mason. We need to talk.When and where?[dance music playing] – Hey, what’s up, peaches?
– Hi. Hey, smiley. Hello. I’ll take a whiskey neat. – Now I know you are a tourist.
– Is that right? – You’re from States.
– What gave it away? Me? I’m Monica. Originally from Slovakia.
Came to Romania for school and stayed. I wanted to be a doctor… ended up as a dancer. Heard that story before. [male announcer]All right, all right.I wanna thank everyone
for coming out this evening.
Now, if you all could turn
your hungry eyes
towards the main stage for the next event,we have the mysterious Sky
and her budding Angels.
Someone looks like
they may be in some sort of shit with Sky. Careful.
I heard she wanted to be a lawyer. Yeah. I heard that story, too. [Mason dialing] It’s me. [Arnold]Mason?I thought I told you to go to ground. Yeah, I know. But I called Payne.
I’m about to meet him right now. Stop. Now I know I told you
to keep your mouth shut about– I know exactly what you told me, sir.OK, I know it’s Cody’s brother.
That’s exactly why I know I can trust him.
– Mason–
– I can’t do this on my own. This is Mason, isn’t it? [man] Hey, stop it! Isn’t it? Yes, sir.Good. Where are you meeting him?New York? Is that where you’re at? What?
You can’t let an ex know where you are? Baby. Sky… New York is not good for you. Yeah. Baby, look… you are a flower. – Mm-hmm.
– And flowers don’t bloom in the concrete. Yeah, well, I guess you’re right.
I kind of like it here. You know, no hassle from the real world. Mm-hmm. Our fairy tale, I miss it. Yeah. That’s your fault. See, you let me get too close. [whispers] Oh, yeah. Hey, babe. Where is he? OK. Payne, thanks for coming.
It’s good to see you. Wait a minute, John.
You didn’t come here to see me? – Of course I did.
– Hey, I’ll leave you with this. No way, no fucking way.
You didn’t come here to see me. You came here for work, didn’t you? – Babe…
– Look, forget it. Forget it. Fucking bastard. Same old problems? [man] Hi. Let’s have a good time. Come on. Good to see you. Guessing you’re here ’cause you wanna
know what happened to your brother. So, what do you know? Not enough. Well, let’s start there. [man] Don’t fight. Come on! It’s about a girl. Always is, isn’t it? [man] Let’s go, let’s go. Come on. Give me a minute. Please stop! [Sky] No! – Sky! Hey! You OK?
– John! John. Hey, you heard her, right?
Get the fuck out. Let her go. John! – No!
– Hey! [in Romanian] Wait for your turn. [groaning] [man screaming] Hey. Let him be a hero, yeah? That money they paid you
to walk away and shut your mouth. Hmm. Have a nice day. [groaning] – You good, Sky? You good? OK.
– Yeah, I’m fine. Hey! No means no, motherfucker. Now get your shit,
get this earless motherfucker and get the fuck out of here. Yo, man, your ear. Oh, my God. Oh, my God. All right. – You OK? How are you feeling?
– I’m OK. – Yeah, I’m fine.
– OK. All right, now, go home, clean up. – I’ll see you later, all right?
– OK. – Go ahead.
– OK. Hey, you OK, man? – I was about to come check on you.
– Yeah, it’s all good. Somebody just wanted to lend me an ear. This is Macallan 25 from Luther,
our bouncer. Thanks, babe. Thank you. Right now, you’re the only one
I know I could trust. Same. Hey, look. Your brother and I
were working the Toro case. It’s all there, man. Now it’s just me and Bibescu. Vali, yeah. I met him at the funeral. – He wanted to talk to me about something.
– For good reason. Look, Vali uncovered a tape of a hooker getting killed
by a scumbag, Joe Vig. He’s a capo in the Toro syndicate. He’s a dark, sadistic fuck. Anyway, the tape shows they handcuff her pimp to another hooker
barely out of her fuckin’ teens. The sick fuck blows them both up on tape. Vali shows the tape to your brother,
Cody does not take it well. Goes after Vig. [Cody]There, you see him? Vig’s there.
Right there.Stop the car. Stop the fucking car. [Mason] Cody! Hey! [gunshot] Freeze! [Cody grunting] [Mason] Cody! Come on! Come on! So, where can I find this Joe Vig? Behind me. Red shirt. You see that slimy fat fuck
he’s talking to? – Tattoo?
– Mm-hmm. That’s Frankie Fine. He runs a club for him. He’s also got a dance studio
down at Postei. And Joe Vig, he comes in
every Monday, Thursday nights to check on the new talent
that Fine brings in. They say they’re using the dancers
as drug mules for Toro. All the girls here, dancers, singers,
all of them looking for a way out. New, fresh fucking face they can use. Now, your brother said
he had evidence proving that Toro’s behind
the whole fucking thing. Said he got mailed the evidence
by an Ash Polaski. Problem is, I think
your brother hid the evidence. I’ve been looking, and I can’t find shit. [Frankie] Yo, yo! Uh, listen up. Any of you young ladies in the crowd, if you think you have what it takes
to be on my stage, come see me,
right here in the cabaret club. We have a meeting with Briggs
in the morning, Vali and I. We’re gonna show him the tape. Here… Cody’s gun. I hope you have better luck
finding what he left than I did. Listen, Payne, for real, you watch your back, OK? See you. What are you doing here, sir? What part of going silent tonight
did you not understand? – Fuck.
– So, what was this? A fucking social call?
You and John just blowing off some steam? Yeah, I guess that was it, sir.
Yeah, that was it. And frankly, I’m starting to feel I’m the only motherfucker
trying to solve this case. Enough! Look, this thing’s turning into something
bigger than Cody’s death. Bigger than either one of you
could possibly fathom. You got it? Yes, sir. [phone ringing] It’s Blanche. I guess
you should take your fucking call. Blanche. I told you this case is a nightmare. Blanche, I know it’s the holidays.
Don’t you think I’d rather be at home? Give me a second, hon. Don’t fucking test me, Mason. I’m out of fucking reasons tonight. I’m on my way home, babe. We’re on the same fucking team, Briggs. We are on the same fucking team! What the fuck is that? Fuck! Fuck! Oh, fuck. [groaning] [eerie voice]All around you…Brother, your hiding places never change. Thumb drive. Nice. [Ash groaning] [Joe]You had no business
to open your mouth about us, Ash.I thought we were amigos.But Cody says something different.Not to mention you pissed off Toro.You ratted me out, Ash.– Where’s my money?
– [Ash]Please. Toro, please…[Joe]Take his lying teeth.[Ash groaning]Hold still, you idiot.
You almost made me rip out your tongue.
And I’ve not come to that part yet.Should I go for another incisor?OK, OK. Hold still.
I’ll just take your molar!
[Ash screaming]Jesus, man.With all those teeth missing,
you look like a fucking jack-o’-lantern.
Makes me want to
put a candle on his mouth.
I’m sorry.Please, Toro, please.Consider this your first warning.Next time, someone else might be
on that chair that has to pay the Vig.
[Ash]Please, Toro! Please!
[man]That’s enough.No, no, no![muffled voice] [Joe]You really disappointed me, Ash.[Mason]Now, your brother said
he had evidence provingthat Toro’s behind
the whole fucking thing.
Said he got mailed the evidence
by an Ash Polaski.
[muffled voices] [Ash]Please, Toro! Please![man]That’s enough.
– [Ash]No!No, no, no![John] And what did you leave me on this? Password.Right now, I’m not sure who I can trust.So much shit going on,I’m still trying to figure out
why they haven’t come to kill me.
I’ve got the five million
that Ash Polaski took from Toro.
All of it,
for negotiating when the time is right.
Before he died,
he gave me a key to a lock box
stashed at Mogooaia Palace,
an old castle on the outskirts of town.
In this situation, the only person
that I trust is gonna be my brother, John.
I’ve hidden the key with this recording.John…I know you know what to do.[John] Five mil. [indistinct chatter] Good evening, ladies. Gee, I hope I didn’t startle you. Joe, what’s up? The guy tonight at the club, back table, you both seemed to pay him
some really good attention. Who was he? He was just a customer. – Sorry?
– He was just a customer– Oh, I’m sorry. Did I hurt you? You think I’m fucking stupid? Do I look fucking stupid to you? I asked you one simple question. – Joe, he’s my ex, he came to…
– To what? To your rescue?
Breaking off arms and hands? Just a customer, huh? I believe you owe the house some money
that was taking off some patrons. Yes. I see everything. And so do the security cameras. Now, talk to me. – I don’t– I don’t know anything about it.
– No, no, no, no, no. You see, you don’t lie to me, bitch! Sky, run! No, not here, man. Go get them. This is gonna be fun. [Mason grunting] – Ah, fuck!
– Mason, what the fuck, man? [groaning] I gave you
the fucking keys, bro. Hey, get me up. Ah, fuck! What the fuck happened to you? Oh, you know, usual day.
I got hit by a car, fucked up by you. – Fuck.
– You could’ve knocked, man. I almost killed you. Well, join the line, man,
everybody’s trying to do that lately. Oh, fuck. [sighs] Is that Joe Vig? No, he was still at the club when I,
when I left. It was someone else. Someone else, huh? Yeah, fucking guy in a cowboy hat,
I couldn’t get his face. Toro, right? Yeah, it has to be.
He’s a cold, heartless fuck. You’re pretty banged up, man. Hey, you want a beer? Oh, yeah. Oh, fuck. [exhales] – Feet.
– Oh, yeah. Just like your brother. Cheers. Oh, fuck. Payne, I think they killed Vali. What makes you think that? He said we’re gonna meet this morning,
he never showed. [Vali]I can meet you in the morning.Vali always shows,
it’s just the way he is. He said he was gonna bring the tape about the girl and the pimp
getting killed. I called his cell phone. Nothing, man. Same with the house. [phone ringing] Listen, man, Toro tried to kill me twice. He thinks I’m dead. Vali would have been the last one. Nah, man, there’s one more. Me. Tell me about this Ash Polaski guy. Ash? Yeah, I guess that… He was your brother’s snitch. Well, at least he was
until they found him dead with a hole in his face
where his mouth used to be. Check it out. OK. What we got? [Joe]Not too mention
you pissed off Toro.Well, look at this. – That’s Polaski. Where did you get this?
– From Cody. Yeah, it’s enough to fry Joe Vig. I watched this thing
like a hundred times and there’s nothing on Toro. You can’t identify him,
his voice is disguised, he’s… I’ll tell you what he is, he’s the same fucking scumbag
that ran me down. Look at that stupid hat. [Ash screaming]
– [man]That’s enough.– No, no, no, no!
[gunshot] Yeah, I’ve never seen your brother
like this before that night in the garage. Look at this.
So, so out of fucking control… wanting Vig. But he was determined.
You know how he was. Fuck, man. I miss him, man. Yeah. Cody ever talk to you about his girl? Lacy? Yeah, Lacy Love, all the time. How about her sister? [indistinct chatter] [girls laughing] – This place is good.
– Mm-hmm. Can we take a look at this last one
before you have to head back? – Yeah, sure.
– Please? But would you be upset with me
if I wait for you here? – No. Yeah.
– Yeah? OK, go on then. Love you for taking me to lunch. You’re welcome. – I am going to ace that history test.
– I know you will. She looks just like you. You know who I am, right? How long were you and Cody, uh… Married? Just for a short while. I loved him. He wanted to save me, you know? Yeah, I know. But from who? – Hi.
– Hey. – [chuckles] I know you.
– Yeah, you do. Since you were this big. – Yeah, now I’m grown up.
– I see that. – You worked with Uncle Cody?
– I did, yeah. You doing OK? Yeah. Great. I miss him. Me, too. [Lacy] Frankie’s the one
that dragged me into their world. Told me if I don’t help them
recruit girls, they will destroy everything
and everyone around me. Joe Vig is crazy,
but Toro, he’s the devil. It wasn’t until I agreed
that I found out what they really do. Traffic drugs. I wanted to get out,
but Vig made it very clear that if I stopped… they’ll go after Erin. My sister is 15, John. Who knows what they would do
to a 15-year-old girl? Is there a place you could take Erin
and disappear for a while? I tried that before. Toro did that? It might as well have been him. Vig does the hitting. It’s his thing. They gave a few hours to see Erin.
I have to get back soon. There’s a major shipment going out. Frankie has the girls. You should take care of yourself. Yeah. You too. [John] Thanks. – Are you ready to go?
– Yeah. – OK.
– Ready? Yeah. – [Erin] Are you OK?
– Yeah. Come on,
I’ll walk you to the train station. [phone ringing] [indistinct chatter]Time to pay the Vig.[Sky screaming] [Monica]No, please!
Please don’t do this! Joe![electronic beeping] [Sky grunting]– Don’t do this! Joe, please!
[Joe]Bye-bye, bitches.How does it feel
to watch the ones you love suffer
knowing you’re glued
to your screen helpless?
[Monica]Please!No![Sky whimpering] [Sky]No!Please!Two, three, four, and go! Yes. Smile. Smile brings money. Smile. Come on, girls. Bottoms up. Bottoms up. That’s it, girls. Smile. OK, I want you to feel sexy. To be sexy. Mmm, mmm? Turn, down and… [door opens] Up. Yes! That’s it. That’s the money shot, yeah. Joe Vig? Joe Vig! What the fuck?
What the fuck is going on here? Joe Vig? Who the fuck are you, pal? – Joe Vig?
– Doesn’t ring a bell. I don’t remember who that is. – How about now?
– You know– you know what? How about now? Can one of you bitches
call security, please? [grunting] – [John] How about now?
– I– I just run the club. I don’t get involved with dramas. Please, I hope you find
everything you need some other place. – Let’s take a walk.
– No! [choking] Security! Bitches! – [man] Where is he?
– [woman] Up there! He’s got Frankie! [Frankie groaning] [screaming] [coughing] [alarm wailing] [coughing] Ahh! [Frankie groaning] Oh, no, no, no. Not hammer, please. Oh, no. – Joe Vig?
– I don’t know nothing! Joe Vi– [footsteps approaching] Vig’s upstairs. Vig’s upstairs. [stammering] I swear… [groaning] Let’s go. Oh, fuck! [Joe] Hurry, we don’t have much time! Move it! Don’t leave anything behind. Come on, come on! Do you hear me? Move it. Pack it all, put it away now. Pack the stuff and move it away now! [Frankie] Vig! [shouting] Fuck! You shot me! You shot me! Son of a bitch! So, you like to hurt women, motherfucker? You must be upset about Sky and Monica? They were a blast. Tough guy, huh? You think you have the balls
to come here and get me? Do you know how protected I am? You cops are all dead meat. You just don’t know it yet. [Joe screaming] [people chattering] Motherfucker. You’re lucky I don’t have time
to torture your ass. This is better than you deserve. Please… Please don’t kill me. Look, I just run the club. Everything you see around here,
that man forced me. – I swear it.
– What man? Toro. So, you’ve seen him? He pops in and out from time to time,
but he’s always covered up. That weird voice of his… [eerie voice]Frankie Fine.
You’ll do as I say.– He only comes here for Lacy. Please.
– Lacy Love? That man is obsessed with her. He’ll never let her go.
Lacy will tell you. – [Frankie groaning]
– [John] Shut the fuck up. [Frankie groaning] Go. Get in there! You’re Toro’s girl? What? – No.
– Tell him that. You have to believe me, John. I loved Cody. Toro, he’s crazy.
He thinks I’m his, and I never… I swear to you. OK. OK, I’ll help you get out from under this,
but I know you know who Toro is. So, I want you to set up a meeting for me,
tonight at 8:00 at Mogooaia Palace
right outside the city. Tell him I have his five mil, tell him Joe Vig is dead,
Frankie Fine is dead… [groaning] All he has to bring is you. Tell him the trade is you for the money.
That’s the only way he’s gonna come. Now you say you loved Cody, right? Then you’ll do this for me. Oh, and tell him… if he fucks with me,
I’m gonna send his ass home. Oh. Hey. I was just about to call you
about Christmas dinner next week, you think you can make it? Hey, hey, um… Arnold, I need your help, man. I just set up a meeting with Toro. – Toro?
– Yeah. That’s impossible. Look, I came across something Toro wants. I’d like to make a deal with him,
but I need backup, OK? See, Arnold, I just want to give Toro what he wants
and free Cody’s wife. – That’s all I want.
– Toro has no connection to Cody’s death. You’re mixing up two different things. All this stuff with Lacy Love and… I… Arnold, I just, I just need your help. Just you, and some of the old ADS guys to cover my six,
while I make the exchange. Hey, you could have all the credit
once we catch Toro. I just need her out.
That’s it. That’s the deal. Briggs is out. It’s just us. You sure you’re down for this? Cody’s dead, Payne. Team’s dead. It’s just you and me, so, yeah, I’m down. When and where? And how many of these motherfuckers
do I get to kill? [John]Mogooaia Palace.An ancient palace with deep roots
to the history of the region.
Built over a hole in the ground
that they called the Gate to Hell.
The hole’s said to be so deep
that no one could see the bottom.
Since then, they say animal-human hybrids
were reported to have crawled out of it,
and dark-winged otherworldly creatures
flew in the vicinity.
If this is the gate to hell,
it’s time to slam that fucking thing shut.
[Mason] Payne, I have visual on you,
you’re covered. You find high ground? [Mason]Affirmative.Payne, we got bogeys.Two vans and a car.But they’re breaking off. –They’re flanking us.
– Yeah, I figured that. Keep me posted. One van headed to you.
Lost visual on the other two. Moving. Check your position. Ready? OK. Got eyes on the other two players.
Pulling up to you now. About six on foot on the ground.– I need you to spot ’em for me.
– [John] Affirmative. [Mason] Payne…Toro.Payne, I’m made. On the move. [Toro] Payne! You wanted to deal with me?
I’m right here. And I brought your brother’s little whore,
just like you asked. [Lacy whimpering] I know you’re out there somewhere,
hovering among the dead.[man 1]Anything along the outer wall?
[man 2]Negative.[man 2]Moving to the south of the palace.[man 1]Copy.[Toro] You out there, Payne? Among the dead? [laughing] A fitting grave for John Payne who walks among the dead. Did you know that, John? John Payne walks among the dead. Did you know that? How did you know that, Toro? Coward. Come out. [man 2]Still no sign of him.
The outer wall is clear.[man 3]Wait. Sir, we have something.We spotted a shooter
in the north-east mezzanine.
– You set yet?
– Payne, I got him painted. Say the word. [Toro] Payne! You wanted me and I’m here. Take the shot. This is for his family. Fuck. This is for Monica. [grunting] [screaming] You can’t hide, motherfucker. That’s for Vali. And this is for his family. Too late for running. [Mason] Fuck. All right, Toro. Let’s do this. [Toro] Where’s my money, Payne? It’s in the chapel.
Let her go and I’ll take you to it. It’s in a briefcase. Five million euro. – Fuck.
– [John] Let her go. And I’ll show you where it is. How do I know
you’re not lying about what’s inside? I get the money, you get the girl. I drew him out. Do you have a shot? [Mason] I got him. I got you painted, motherfucker. [man 1]Sir, we have the shooter located.[Toro] Finally.
Take them both out and end this. John, look out! Lacy! Briggs. Your own fucking men. [Mason] You got bogeys on your left. [door opens] [Arnold] Payne. It’s over. Throw the weapon in the pit. [John] Nice trick, Arnold. Where is the case? So… what’s going to be the story
this time, Arnold? No story necessary, John. I’m done. Everybody’s dead. Including Lacy. I’m gonna collect my five million
and disappear. Now, hand over the case. Oh, you’re gonna disappear, all right. You know,
I already figured out it was you. How long have you known? [John]Well, the hat was cute.But not many people are running around
with a pearl-handled 1911
with our old unit insignia on it.Not too smart, Arnold. What are you thinking? Think you’re just gonna disappear?
How do you think this is gonna end? “John ‘The Legend’ Payne,
killed in action.” “Toro evades authorities.” Sucks, ’cause I was damn close
to getting him. Now hand it over, Payne. Looking for me? Oh, yeah.
I’ll gut you just like I did Vali.…just like I did Vali.Here’s what we’re gonna do.Tear Vali’s home apart.Just find my money.Why did you do it, Arnold? You had the whole unit running around
in circles, coming up empty. You could’ve reassigned everybody. Why didn’t you just do that?
Why kill them? Why Cody? She loved him. I wanted her to love me. Simple. He had to go. That wasn’t business.
That, my old friend, was truly personal. What about Vali’s family? His kids? Give me the goddamn case! They all had to die because of your obsession
with a woman that you couldn’t have? All pawns, John. I got tired of being a pawn
in somebody else’s game. Decided to run one of my own. Now save me the trouble
of wiping the blood off that and throw me the fucking case! That’s for Cody, you son of a bitch. [groaning] Enough! Give me the goddamn case! I know what’s gonna happen. You’re gonna try to shoot me,
but it’s not going to stop– And then… then we’re gonna fight. It’s not gonna go your way. Then… I’m gonna make you pay… for Sky, Monica, Lacy, Vali, his family and Cody, with your miserable fucking life. Yeah, that’s right.
You should have checked your ammo.Before that,you should’ve changed
the combination of your safe.
You let me get too close, Arnold. [grunting] [Arnold screaming] [jingling] I’ll be with you in a minute. Please sit wherever you want. What can I get you? Well, hello, Adina. Well, I am Adina… Smith. Not to be mistaken with the other Adina
who works on the night shift. That’s good. Yeah. My doctor says it’s a good therapy. You know, going outside,
talking to people. [sighs] Interacting. That’s good. I’ll keep that in mind. You mentioned a doctor, uh,
what happened to you? An accident. A car accident. My husband would’ve killed me if he heard me giving out
all my information like that. Sounds like a very smart man. He was. But he left me a gift. Um… Oh, wow. So, what can I get you? I’ll just have coffee. OK. Oh, Adina, may I borrow your pen? Sure, John. I’ll be right back with your coffee. All right. Oh, and Lacy… everything is gonna be just fine
real soon. I’ll be right back to take your order. [John]If you ever find yourself
passing through New York,look me up.The place that used to be called
House of Payne…
is now called…Cody’s.Until then…John.Cody would’ve wanted that, bro. Yeah, and now it’s done. [John]So, you’re gonna stick around?I’m thinking about it. You? Nah, man. I’m looking forward
to the peace and quiet of my own bar. Right. Well, now I know where to get a free beer
when I’m in New York. Yeah, for sure. – What?
– Peace and quiet, huh? Well, I heard you redecorated the bar with a couple of goons,
before you came out here. Huh? Zito brothers. Mm-hmm, I know. What I heard was
you beat one with his own gun, the other you threw through the window because you wanted to
change that shit anyway. And my favorite part, you told them
how you’re gonna kick their ass before you kicked their ass. Does that ring any bells? Well, you know,
people tend to exaggerate things – because they have this–
– Yeah, I know, did you-didn’t you have the fight already? Fight. Well, hey, a fight
is a violent exchange of– Listen, man… peace and quiet, my ass. You want that beer or what? [Mason] So, ADS, they asked me
to take over from Briggs, can you believe that shit? [John] Oh, yeah? [Mason] So, I guess if you ever get tired
of serving drinks, give me a call.

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