Funniest!! Battlefield 1 Moments EVER !!!

In the that infant is in his own he’s gonna kill himself Automatic is burning above those stupid Bank language, okay This will mean for tree bearing the rock on the right Roger how many George V from This medical river Was alone against the whole team on e And I stopped shooting because I Yeah, you thought you’d already killed him. Yeah, I hate it. Oh Yeah, that’s not reloading You have someone now that connect mates Nice one more. Oh nice It’s one more coming Oh same position you need much I have men sprint what that runs right through? Oh That’s my best looking yeah. Oh yeah both sides in one Oh Gasps I’ll wait I don’t have to worry about guess there’s some girls in there Goes broad stiff again Yeah, hunter double, can you revive me or are you gonna stand four meters away from me you can shoot straight through Exciting eyes four meters Four meters I think he’s gonna do it hunter double. They’re coming from the right from five meters like me on my body He Did it props to me try the truck yeah after the tank Hunter self Got him Yeah went like packing for root three times thank you the seconds ago and went from D to steer Everything I was climbing it was making me jump in the sky a weird Now a again Hey I Think no night nice touch You two guys they flung food fires in the world Camping’s Thank you Noise The planet bill that he’s dead Some people are angry at instument you think Nah, oh shit I’m back they destroyed our Our other a a what Bottom Oh fucking behemoth like he’s already dead. Yeah, that’s that’s what killed me Oh Landship, oh Hi rescued by a horse, well, he was killed by the girl Girls these girls are I don’t know Where’s the I don’t know if they are girls anymore, but it’s written on it. Search must be true. Okay? Well, I didn’t I didn’t see it on reddit so I don’t know it is true All right, if it’s not on reddit than you can trust it First words Snipers on D get post my first Where are the guys this guy’s some we’re done Bianchi Mattias, okay Okay, so that yeah Oh another one on this side Darica the Sun Stein Right, bye girl Fuck the horse another horse of another horse Amount of forests. Yeah, it’s insane. Yeah, I Love it to kill boards is related it a rocket beyond the ayats All this other guy again with his lifetime I Hit him I hit him with a bow, yeah Boom boom. Yeah, you see I

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